Oh, these last ten days or so have been a REAL heart-breaker, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m gonna come clean with you and if you must unsubscribe or not follow me, I both respect that
and really hope you don’t leave… because part of why our world is broken and will continue to
be broken… is because we don’t spend the necessary time we need being in the company of
those with whom we disagree. We fall apart. We fall short. We fall down. We fall away. But
we, as a species, if I dare do say so myself, SUCK at falling together.

Now, if you can stay, and hear me… I am going to talk about me, just so you know…. For no
other reason than to put my “bones out” — skeletons out of the closet…. So you can do what
you will do, and I’ll say it again… you and I BOTH will benefit….. if…… you stay.

I am a person, just like you… and I happen to be in favor of separation of church and state.
Further, I am in favor of every human having sovereignty over the choices related to their
bodies, their sexuality, their convictions, and where they spend their dollars and with whom they
spend their time. I am in favor of spiritual traditions that nourish our communities, teach our
children well and give adults, namely us, a soft place to land when the shit hits the fan. And I
am in favor of you having your own opinion, and voting accordingly.

I have seen the stunningly beautiful outcome of children raised in the mormon church… (aka
kind, well-rounded, healthy happy, community conscious teenagers) and…AND. I have seen
well-grounded children raised on dirt, raisins and fairy wings. I do not see these two as
competitive, in conflict or even different. But that’s just me. You believe what you believe.
Because I also believe that you and me, we are not so different.

I am also in favor of all sorts of freedoms — freedom to believe in a god, or a big zucchini in the
sky… and freedom to NOT. I am in favor of living in harmony with one another, keeping our
voices at a level where we can maintain control of our emotions and at a level where our hearts
can stay open and we can be heard. I am in favor of not harming one another. AND I am in
favor of voting.

We are in…. A world of hurt. We are in a world that has fallen asleep at the wheel… we are in a
world that has come to see more separation that connection. And yet, we are part of this
disconnect, this disconnected world… because WE ARE this world.

From where I sit: There are no fingers to point. No guilty to prosecute. And if there are, and I
am wrong (because I could be wrong)… I feel deeply that it is the work of each and every one of
us to love more deeply, listen more closely and turn our attention toward how we can connect,
hear each other and return, again, to love, kindness, and grace.

Truth? The truth is, I have no idea if we are at the beginning of the end or if we have the power
to turn this crazy world around.

But I know damn well for sure that the only way we are going to find out is to stop pointing our
fingers and making someone “out there” the enemy, or wrong, or the reason why this world is
falling to shit — and start having the conversations. Start healing our hearts. Start learning how
to have difficult conversations, and start LISTENING to those who believe different than us…
rather than throwing our reasons, our protests, and our well-educated righteousness in the
faces of our hillbilly brothers and sisters… (you know who we are, people).

Closed Minds CLOSE hearts.

Listen…. For every HOUR you spend sitting… stewing… and watching the January 6
hearings… YOU COULD BE DOING SOMETHING USEFUL, and I GET that sometimes we get
stuck, can’t get our feet beneath us and don’t know what to do (and feeling guilty or ashamed
will only keep us stuck, btw, so I don’t recommend that either).

I’m just saying, stop that. You are HERE. We are HERE….and it’s time to turn our attention to
loving, clear, potent action. No more numb-thumbing or dumb-scrolling. You already know
enough. You’ve heard enough. And now it’s time for you to ACT. Find your organizations,
make your donations, if you’ve got skills — share them where it makes a difference, and call
your congressman. Know what your heart asks of you, and respond.

I’m just saying…. YOU, beloved… are BOTH the problem and the solution. Did you hear that?
If not…. I’ll say it again. If there’s a problem, it’s YOU… and if there’s a SOLUTION. You.
YOU. YOU!!!!

Now…. You go… if you must…. Delete me. Unfollow me. Unsubscribe. But I love you… and
I’m gonna KEEP on loving you, and I know that beneath these wasting away bodies, we are
One… I am no different than you… struggling each day… doing my best…. But I tell you, dear

If you wanna make a change in this world, the first thing we gotta do is stop pointing the finger.
Stop telling someone else they are wrong. And get our asses up first thing tomorrow morning
and join an organization that serves a more inspired dream of this country, the children, and this

If you want to know how to play well with others, I have one answer for you ::

There are NO OTHERS.

Now, go do what you gotta do… with or without me. (But for the record…. We are stuck with
each other.)

I love you. EVERYONE of you… and that’s NEVER gonna change.



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Real-Life Spirituality

Falling Together.

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  1. Sharon Reynolds says:

    Awww…Britt…there you go…hitting the nail on the head…again. i thought that we were on the upswing, freedom to choose…our mate, our child bearing, our careers, our lives. But no…here we are, once again, fighting (yes fighting) for the basics. if you’re in my boat (over 60) maybe you can ride out the storm…if you’re young…you have my sympathy. time will tell. for now… i’m just trying to breathe…and recently that feels so hard. thanks for reminding us we’re not alone.

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