This is not a cheap coat of paint smeared over a stressed out life.  No ma'am. 

This is a spiritual renovation....

Radical Self-Care Roadmap is the only guided DIY program of its kind that shows you exactly how to create and implement a life-friendly self-care program (in 28 days).  It walks you, step by step down the road to living your best life.  With a vibrant community by your side,  you will not only cultivate a more purposeful and impactful life, but also learn how to pay forward the benefits a thousand times over to your family, your work and your world. 

Self-care is far from selfish. 

It is the foundation of anything meaningful you will ever do.

We're not talking pedicures and energy healings.

You don't have to do it alone.

Whichever one of these women you are, you are in the right place, and I am going to tell you exactly how Radical Self-Care Roadmap will give you the techniques, the tools, the inspiration, and the unyielding community of women to support you on your journey to creating and living a life of vitality, abundance, clear perspective, and joy.

By the end of this program, you will have:

Pin-pointed what is really in the way of you taking better care of yourself (instead of spending another year just wondering why while watching your health steadily slip away)

Put into practice daily self-care that does not feel like “another thing to do”, but instead feels like it’s always been waiting for you

Built a foundation for vitality, ease and impact in your life, through small, do-able steps, and a super supportive community

Set in motion the habits and practices that allow you to wake up inspired and ready, because your energy cup is full and you’ve got soooo much goodness to get to in this life!

Seen through personal experience how powerfully these practices can positively impact your parenting, partnering and work in the world

Jump-started your physical health, your emotional well-being and connections, and your mental health and happiness

Created a personalized, practical self-care program just for you for the whole year

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28 Day Guided Community Immersion for Women

This 28 Day Guided Program starts again in late 2022. But if you are ready to get at it!  You can do the program now at your own pace, and then when it goes "guided" you'll even go deeper!  

The Radical
Self-Care Roadmap

Britt's knowledge and life experience will bring you to your knees and fly you to the moon! I feel profoundly imprinted and deeply changed. There’s no going back to who I was and I am now confidently walking the path of my own authentic calling. I am sooo inspired!

Lori jo Daniels
Artist, nature lover, fairy maker

Ginny Egland-Lyke
Entrepreneur, Health Coach

Britt’s program was a completely transformative experience. From her morning online check-in to the deep and accessible content, how I walk through the world has shifted in the most wonderful ways! Thank you, Britt, for changing my life.

What Britt’s students & program alumni have to say . . . .

Cary Goldberg
Women’s Business Executive, mama, survivor

Britt never fails to deliver exactly what I want when I need it most. She has the uncanny ability to make you feel like she is speaking directly you as she clears the way for you to, ’get what you came for.’ After years of practicing with her—and healing from cancer in the process—I’ve come to realize that what she has been teaching me all along is how to hear the voice inside myself and trust that I am my own best teacher.” 

a community-based, online “roadmap” for women who are longing to move from mediocre and living below their potential into a life of vitality, inspiration and leaving a positive impact in the lives of all they touch through conscious intention, tiny life-style changes, and self-care

The Radical Self-Care Roadmap

The Practice of Embodiment



No more dumbing down or numbing out - no lamenting your shortcomings nor limitations - this is our first step together. Everything you will do during these next four weeks will occur in your body, so we’re going to start here, step outside of what you’ve been taught and get radical! Here, we set you up for success by naming your challenges and perceived limitations and making a plan for how you can make the most out of what you’ve got - from this point forward. No looking back. No running away. We are going inside :: into your body... and into your life!


Take the Embodiment Quiz : This assessment will serve as the sparks that eventually become the full blown light in your life (aka your personalized Radical Self-Care Plan) we will create together by the end of our 28 days on this journey). Who knew that bringing a little light into your life could be easy as getting to know what’s really going on BEFORE even getting started.

Discover Your “Sweet Spot” : By asking yourself a few key questions, you will determine the best type, conditions, place and in whose company, your self-care will be the most fruitful, enjoyable and energizing for you. Knowing your “sweet spot" will not only inspire you into action, but it will also eliminate the procrastination and priorities that often back-burner your best intentions for taking care of yourself.

Begin to Map Out Your Personal Self-Care Schedule so that you know right away how you are going to welcome self-care into your life, your home, and your family instead of succumbing to the dreadful exhaustion inherent to running the hamster wheel and neglecting to
“put your oxygen mask on first”.

Practice: Now that you’ve got a deeper understanding of what it means to “embody" your life, you’ll be given a menu of practices to choose from, and you will begin to sprinkle in little sparks of light into you life to help you take better care of yourself, others, and the world... (but YOU first!)

Reset Your Mind


Whether you start getting real with how you are using wine or Netflix to cope, or you start asking yourself some meaningful questions about what needs to shift inside of you for the world to not feel so chaotic and challenging “out there*; giving yourself an equal dose of vigilance, thoughtfulness, and compassion will shine light on how you do YOU". Knowing how your mind operates will make it all that much easier to add in life-sized practices and strategies to enhance your health, reset your nervous system and reclaim your life.


Mend Mental Energy Leaks: Your energy is your everything and by determining where you are “leaking" and how you can begin to fill those leaks, you will be Immediately energized and naturally begin to turn your attention, calmly and with intention to the things that fill you rather than deplete you.

Change Your Mind: Once you determine what isn’t working (aka your energy leaks), your vitality will increase, and with it, you will be way more resilient! You will feel -first-hand - how facing life’s pressures and challenges with these tools and your supportive community by your side feeds you, rather than depletes you. Changing your mind will change your life, I promise!

See Things Differently: Not only will you discover how challenging it is to make life-enhancing decisions when you’re “wearing the wrong prescription" but you will also see how taking care of yourself is the absolute BEST thing you can do for your family, your work, and the world. (It all starts with YOU!)

Practice: With your new perspective, you will have a clear sense of where you are, and how little it takes, to slowly and steadily, weave sparks of light into your life, so you are mentally clear, vital and resilient.


Heart Wisdom


Your heart has its own language - and when it is open and unguarded, it will inevitably tell you when you are on the right path or have gotten lost in the woods. In this module we will be looking at the heart from both where we long to be (to tap into our potential) and where we may have been (learning from the past and making the most of it).


The Five Keys to An Open Heart: Here we look at the five senses and use them, literally, to move us from stressed out and emotionally fragile (or rigid), to relaxed and able to see and access our available self-care tools.

The Link Between Forgiveness + Self-Care: The heart is free when it is open - no longer holding onto past wounds or losses - no matter if they were inflicted by ourselves, others, or the world. In this module you will look at how forgiveness plays into your ability to receive and to give energy in this life, how all of this plays into self-care and what you can do today to relax the grip life (or another) has on your heart.

The Magic of “Same But Different": Perhaps the favorite of all modules, here you discover that you can do most of the same things in your life and feel yourself brimming with nourishment, rather than feeling devoid of energy and inspiration. So you keep giving of yourself to others and the world... (trust me, here) with a few more potent tools under your belt, and you watch the powerful, potent impact you can make WITHOUT depletion!

Practice: With a clear understanding of how potent your own heart is in the big picture of self-care, you tend to the heart through the body and the mind (building on modules 1 & 2) and add another stunningly simply layer of practices to your Radical Self-Care Plan.

live from your heart...

Set Your Spirit Free


There is a super important (and often under-recognized) connection between your “spirit", your very unique way of being in the world, and self-care. Living your best life - rich with energy, clear vision, trust, hope and happiness- isn't a one-size-fits-all recipe. Building a sustainable foundation for your life is a personalized combination that infuses your intellect, reason, passions, creativity, awarenesses, understandings, and even ‘judgments' to forge a clear and personalized path that ONLY you can walk. When you walk this path, you will experience a new-found freedom and happiness like NO other and everybody benefits!


Personalize, Personalize, Personalize : Here you fine-tune your approach to self-care by getting super clear on what is truly your desire and what benefits you, versus what you may have been taught would be “good for you". Then, you pitch out what isn't working, and bring in more and more of what does... One baby step at a time.

Understanding Shame, blame, guilt and responsibility :
This section just might blow your mind a little! When you discover why you really feel these emotions, and further shift your perspective... even just a few degrees... you’ll find yourself having a crystal-clear understanding of
what you’ve been working on and how simple and doable self-care is and how MUCH you gain from gettin’ your self-care ON!

Inoculate Yourself : One last-but definitely not least- section to this life-changing program, here is where you anticipate the roadblock and detours life is going to put in your seemingly clear path, and you make an emergency kit" for getting through life’s challenges, so that you don’t lose your way - and if you do for a second - you have everything you need to get back on track.

Your Radical Self-Care Plan Wrap-Up : This is it, Pretty! Here is where you finalize-with-flexibility your Radical Self-Care Plan and put it into full-on practice, supported by all of these incredible (and way too often understated) embodied practices. Now you are ready to face whatever life throws your way - and you’ve got all you need -- including a community — to remain grounded, flexible, upward rising, inspired and free!

...It's An inside job

4 Implementation Modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to turn a gentle and ever-changing corner on your life, making it possible to live a life that you love waking up to - loaded with life-friendly, easy-to-implement self-care practices

12 simple, super specific, unique lessons showing you how to take simple, little steps toward the life that you are ready to step into - whether than means a stronger body, a cleaner diet, less emotional roller-coasters, or more trust, grace and happiness: You’ll find it all here!

A complete step-by-step roadmap for creating and implementing your personalized Radical Self-Care Plan that you (and your family) will embrace

Daily morning “wake-up calls” (Britt is joining our community live-stream every day + recorded) - all to help you get on the right path, keep it simple, and stay on task

Immediate access to a rich and robust community of real women longing for the same thing you are: clearer perspective and a marked increase in energy, vitality, health, and perspective: We've got good things to do in this world! Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Plus, these bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it) throughout the year...


This little recipe book holds Britt's favorite recipes — the ones she has created and made (with her own hands) for retreats for years! You will find in these pages, sweet treats that are scrumptious enough to serve to even your most particular guests and nourishing enough to eat anytime (even for breakfast)!


A $15 Value


Each and every month in 2022 you will be invited to a live Q&A where you can ask Britt anything! Bring your struggles, your challenges, your roadblocks and let Britt work her magic as she helps you untangle your limiting beliefs about time, energy, and whatever else it takes to live your best life. Look closely at your life and join Britt each month for a perspective refresh and a mind + body reset — setting you up to take the best care of YOU!


A $195 Value


An extra special bonus dedicated to showing you a BTS look at Britt in her kitchen. Real-life recipes, gadgets, products, and a few of her favorite meals, snacks, smoothies and hacks. (RS. This is rare and unusual... and the one thing students have requested most over the years )— You won’t want to miss this!


A $79 Value

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28 Day Guided Community Immersion for Women

This 28 Day Program begins again in 2022. It’s both guided and self-paced - and isn’t going anywhere after the 28 Days…. So if you need more time, you’ve got it!

The Radical
Self-Care Roadmap

Try The Radical Self-Care Roadmap for 7 days. 


If my program is not a good fit for you, let me know and I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

Add your name below to be the first to know when Radical Self-Care Road Map Registration Opens (and I’ll also send you a Self-Care Guide to get you started!)

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28 Day Guided Community Immersion for Women

This 28 Day Program begins soon. It’s both guided and self-paced - and isn’t going anywhere after the 28 Days…. So if you need more time, you’ve got it!

The Radical
Self-Care Roadmap


This program has a 7 day money back guarantee. If you work through the first days of the program and decide it isn't a good fit for you, you may request a refund in writing and your payment will be refunded, no hesitation!

Got Questions?


I hear you. I also know you are here because you feel overwhelmed and as though you do not have the time to take care of yourself and you are feeling the effects of how that is affecting your life. The hardest part is getting started - and if you do, / promise we will do everything we can to assure your success, one day, one step at time so you feel LESS stressed and MORE vitality!


Me too. I believe online courses work best when there is a clear pathway and a guide who walks with you throughout the entire journey. I have been teaching online and distant classes for more than a decade and I have come to learn what works best and makes the program accessible and practical. Supporting you is very important to me. I will be by your side every single day to help you implement these practices and get the most from the program.


Britt is a down-to-earth real person with challenges and struggles just like you - but don't let that fool you, she is has some serious chops when it comes to education, experience, and her approach. She has a masters degree in Public health and has multiple specialized certifications in mind-body medicine and has spoken to multi-million dollar companies on this topic, as well as taught at the University level, conducted clinical research and developed entire hospital departments based upon the very work she will be sharing with you. She has had thousands of satisfied / students over her nearly 30 years in the mind-body world, and has walked through some serious fires over the decades- coming out the other side - with a brilliance and desire to help you get to YOUR other side :: unscathed and ready to face the world. The answer is a resounding, 'Yes! She is undoubtedly qualified."


I totally get it. That is why I designed this program to be able to take in as "little bites of goodness" in whatever order you need. The lessons are each stand alone and can be taken how they are presented or in whichever order inspires you most. Also, the program is yours for the whole year, so if you don’t get to it all now, you'll have the whole year to reap the fruit of this transformation program.


This is one of Britt's strong points. She will be with every single day. She will personally respond to your questions, champion your successes and offer tried- and-true suggestions for your challenges along the way. You can guarantee that she, along with your entire community, will be here to help you make the most of this program. We promise you will NOT be lost, forgotten, nor left behind.

Will the program be available after the initial 28 days?

YES! You will have access to the program and all of its materials FOREVER. All of the video materials, workbooks, assets, and bonuses will remain inside your member portal for you to access at any time.

Whether you feel like life has chewed you up and spit you out, leaving you uncertain about your health, your capacity to multi-task and maybe even your ability to cope - you are FULLY aware that you don’ have the time, space or freedom you TRULY need to live your best life.

More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your adult life flirting with burn-out, emotionally vomiting all over those you love, or reaching for your device, a glass of wine, or your covers to pull over your head.

That’s why you are STILL reading this... because you are motivated - somewhere in there - and you WANT to believe you can do this, and that it will matter and not just be an online program that you dump money into and forget about.

I can’t tell you anything but this:

I KNOW that what you will learn here is worth your time and energy... and above all else:

LISTEN to what’s going on inside of your life.
And then make a decision. Show up for yourself. And know that if you join us for these 28 days.... this “fraction of a lifetime" -you have absolutely NOTHING to lose, and everything to gain.... And from where I sit, you have a really, really strong chance that you are going to feel better and BE better when we sit together and celebrate the completion of what I have come to know to be an incredibly life-changing journey.

You want your life back... like... really badly.


I have experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from feeling unreasonably pulled in a million directions to being at the helm of my own vital, hopeful, abundant and happy life.

More than anything, I want to share this with you.

If you’re a demanding day-jobber, a stay at home mama, an empty nester or simply ready to up-level your life and the consciousness you bring to everyone you touch and everything you do, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge into these 28 days and our incredible community to see what your life could look like....

To experience for yourself, firsthand, the energy, abundance, opportunity, connection and happiness that it provides - and to take the real, tangible, practical steps to transforming your life and the lives of the millions you will touch over the course of your life.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these 28 days will be completely and utterly life-changing for you, your family and the work you do in the world.

Self-care is that real. It is that foundational and it is that potent. I look forward to meeting you, personally, inside the Radical Self-Care Roadmap.

I personally cannot wait to guide you
though these next 28 days.


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28 Day Guided Community Immersion for Women

This 28 Day Program begins again in 2022. It’s both guided and self-paced - and isn’t going anywhere after the 28 Days…. So if you need more time, you’ve got it!

The Radical
Self-Care Roadmap