It is a huge honor to present to you La Sagrada.

The word, in Spanish, means “the sacred” and we now have a sanctuary in the mountains of Central Mexico to host retreats, immersion and to dedicate funds from every retreat toward our Projects of Impact.


Projects of Impact   

Our Projects of Impact is a service and education related program that a portion of your retreat registration will be dedicated toward… These programs will include healthcare related services, life skills and professional training for young women and mothers, as well as education related to sex traffic awareness for women and their children.  This is a brand new program and will begin in January 2022.  We would love to have you join us on retreat in 2022, to help fund these programs, or make a donation to help us lay the foundation for these Projects.


What is Seven Sisters? 

Seven Sisters is a group of six of my closest soul sisters, and myself, who have come together to usher La Sagrada and our Projects of Impact into existence.  These women are professionals, healers, educators, and incredibly gracious, kind and
 strong women.  Together we have “birthed” La Sagrada and are unanimously aspiring to represent all women as we offer retreats, immersions, and a place where we can all gather and do good in the world — together.

Are you a non-profit?

The short answer is, No.  We thought long and hard about this, and due to the expense required to set up a nonprofit (when doing it well), and the complications of having funds received in a country outside of where the service is being provided, we have opted for now to remain a for-profit business.  We consider ourselves a social enterprise, which essentially is a business created to generate social value while operating with the financial discipline, innovation and determination of a private sector business.  Our intention is to take 7% off the top of all gross revenue and dedicate it to our Projects of Impact in the first year, as we still have a fair amount of improvements and build-out needed at La Sagrada in order for us to operate as we are intending.   After this year, our intention is to re-assess and increase the funds dedicated to Projects of Impact.


There are two primary ways you can contribute.  The first is to donate directly to either La Sagrada or to Projects of Impact.  Funds dedicated to La Sagrada will be used to build two more bathrooms, a warm pool (with a waterfall), and three more guest rooms.   Funds dedicated to Projects of Impact will be dedicated 100% to educational programs and health related services for young women and children in our local community.  In all transparency, as funds have been rolling in for our Project, we have been setting them aside, as we have Mexican women leaders, on the ground, in our community who are helping us determine which programs are most viable and needed at this time.   Currently we have upwards of $3,000 USD (which is significant in Mexico), and we intend to see you well informed as the project unfolds.  

Further, there is another significant way you can contribute… You can simply come on retreat with us and bring your friends.  By doing so, you will contribute funds to our Projects of Impact and you will be hands-on-of-service while you are on retreat with us.   

Can you tell me a little more about La Sagrada?

La Sagrada is an urban oasis in the mountain community of Guanajuato, Guanajuato Mexico.  It is truly a sanctuary on the outskirts of the city and is surrounded by gardens, flowers, native plants and fruit trees.  We host a maximum of 6 guests at this time, with four private rooms and one shared room.   The house and grounds are stunningly beautiful and we are backed up to a mountain that is perfect for hiking.  We are also close enough to the center of the city to explore the amazing art, culture, and music of Guanajuato, a city that has been around since the 1500’s.  It feels like an old European mountain city, with mariachi bands, street performers, and spanish colonial architecture.  It truly is stunning.   In regards to the retreats, the work that students do when on retreats with Britt is always deep and potent.  Britt bases her work primarily on the ancient Yogic teachings, but also draws from indigenous practices and ceremony, and a “fire ceremony” complete with a traditional volcanic rock sweat is part of your experience as well.  La Sagrada means "the sacred" and it truly is a special, inclusive, heart-centered place to come to fill the well, learn, grow, and serve.  We hope you are inspired to join us, and as Britt always says, "come if you are called... we'll be right here waiting for you."

When are you having retreats?

We have a few on the books for 2023 and there will definitely be more coming.  Here is what we have now, and you can save your spot to ensure you’ve got a place, or you can be kept in the know… whatever feels best for you.  We are also inviting a select few teachers to have retreats at La Sagrada -- if you are called to host a retreat, please let us know.  

Pilgrim Immersion

Make the most of the journey you have walked by sitting with Britt and deepening your understanding of the 12 Touchstones.


Heart of a Woman

This retreat is for those who want to cultivate the potency of  feminine energy in their lives and are ready to find balance, magnetism, and live more “juicily”



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