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 Gratitude Bags

Some call it service. The yogis call it “seva”. We call it the right thing to do. 

Some years ago I decided that each year I wanted to dedicate a significant portion of the funds that came my direction to people whose path I crossed who are facing challenging times.

Here are some of the little things we’ve done (well, YOU have done, really… if you are already part of our community):

 For five years running, we have been creating “gratitude bags”. Our Sunday Yoga Church community would come together (in person or in the ethers) and we would fill hundreds of little paper bags to be distributed throughout the year… These bags had granola bars, gloves, toothbrushes, nuts, and other little “goodies” to help someone get good nutrition and proper hygiene if they were living on the streets or struggling. We fill all the bags and then each of us take a few and put them in our cars to hand out to anyone who looked as though they needed a little support.


If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that “life happens”….. and when it does; for example when one of my greatest mentors and teachers was robbed… our community came together and donated a significant amount of money to offset her losses. All I do — in cases like this is make the call and donate my time, my teaching, and my resources… and I hold my hands out to pass 100% of donations in the direction of those who might come upon hard times.  though they needed a little support.


We partnered with “Project Hope” and the Yucatan Giving Foundation to sponsor an entire village of more than 300 women and children who have escaped violence, drugs, human trafficking and poverty. Together with our community, we bought more than 300 Christmas gifts and provided food for every family in the village. Additional and ongoing donations will go to building an infrastructure for water and septic for the “found-item” dwellings in the village, and offer ongoing support as needed.

Seven Sisters (of which, Britt is the founder) is a 7-woman visionary counsel and service sisterhood. Together, we have purchased a property we call La Sagrada.

On this land, we are manifesting a retreat center nothing you have known — integrating the deep, ancient artistic traditions of the people of these lands, along with the yogic teachings, indigenous ways that have been given to us, and modern science and spirituality. La Sagrada (the sacred) is a pristine, urban oasis in the mountains of Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, and is a place for women to rise into their next, best and highest evolutions.

As part of this project, a significant portion of all gross funds for retreats, artisan craft sales, and restaurant sales will go to “projectos de impactos” or projects of impact. This year, we intend to build a house by year’s end, and offer education and health-related services for young women and children in our local community. We would love to have you join us on retreat and in our projects of impact.

We are here to be of service, and so serve is what we have done, are doing and will continue to do. This is the mission of Seven Sisters and La Sagrada.

Our Current Mission:


If you would you like to donate, make time and energy contributions, or simply want to be kept up to date regarding  opportunities to help make this dream come true…. Join our inner circle. Simply provide your details, and we will be in touch.

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