We suffer when we are out of alignment. 


We suffer when we are out of alignment. 

Sometimes this shows up as feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, experiencing a creative block, or just that deep down knowing that there is more out there for you…. 

The good news is that the answers you seek are not “out there”. They are inside of you.   

Alignment coaching is one on one transformational work done over the course of a three or six month period that helps you identify blind spots in your life, your work, or your relationships — and as a result, provides you with a roadmap to open up the flow of creativity, inspiration, purpose and impact in your life.

You See...

When we are truly in “integrity”, not in a moral sense, but in the same sense that a joint experiences integrity :: where all of the involved parts are working together for the same desired outcome, we find that alignment doesn’t take much time at all — it just takes attention; connecting the dots, and seeing what is asking to be released in our lives and what is asking to be tended to more closely.

Invoking a guide is an effective way to bring yourself into alignment and back in your skin, in flow with creativity, and into a remembrance that we live in a universe that has your back, and is actually conspiring in your favor.

Soliciting a guide helps you see clearly and take the next step in the direction of the highest expression of yourself, and move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Sometimes it helps to have One who has walked before you see you for what and where you are. Maybe you have reached a plateau of sorts, or are looking for ways to be more potent in your life, or perhaps you are seeking insights into how you might shift an emotional or habitual pattern that is no longer working for you.  


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