It’s TIME :: to Have MORE Time for What You LOVE.

“They” say that most of us suffer in silence.
“They” say that comparing ourselves to others destroys ‘cellular intelligence’.

But we’re human… and we have high aspirations for ourselves and when we feel lost, it’s natural to look outside of ourselves to see if others are also feeling lost… or if perhaps it’s just us, and everyone else has a grip on their lives, while you struggle, alone.

And, we inevitably become hyper-focused on that ONE friend.
The one who never leaves dishes in her sink, grows all her own organic vegetables, whose car is spotless, and manicure is flawless… always.

Well, let me tell you something, you are WAY more normal than she is.

And if I dare say so myself… I have a hunch that she doesn’t actually have it all together, either. And how do I know? Because I used to be a LOT like her… and I might have looked like I had it all together — on the outside. And on the outside, maybe I did… but I wasn’t very happy… and truth be told, what does control really give you? Not much, and clearly not what you THINK it does.

Instead, having tight control on your life instead is a slow suffocation. It’s a constriction that leads to a slow deterioration of your happiness, and your freedom.

So, there is that.

And then — as long as I’ve got your attention, we might as well BOTH face the fact that eventually life is going to tip all of us upside down— leaving us dangling from something…. grappling for control in a situation completely and utterly OUT of our control, feeling like a deer caught in headlights, at best… and at worst? Feeling like an embarrassing failure.

So let me be direct.

When you get honest with yourself, do you feel like it’s time to change things up a bit? Let go of what’s not working, and turn toward what makes you happy? So that you have more time and energy for what you LOVE (and what loves you back?).

If you are ready, I’m the first to offer you a up a little happy dance and a high five. AND offer you up some more good news which is this: Although it might seem like so many others “out there” have got it all together, they truly are far and few between — and what you probably don’t know is that they got there not by controlling life… but by letting go… and resting INTO life.

So instead of feeling alone and uncertain… or like a big fat failure, I want to say out loud — with sincerity and certainty:


We’re all in this TOGETHER.

Life is hard and sucks sometimes. For ALL of us.

We all struggle to keep it together (and that’s ok). And we all do alright sometimes and could do a little better other times.

The key is doing your best with what you’ve got.

Rising each day and finding even the tiniest little spark of inspiration to get you going.

And remembering that you are NOT alone.

I mean… we all know we COME alone and be GO alone… but there is NO reason for you to ever go about life alone…. it’s too hard that way — and it is completely unnecessary.

So, hear me roar, sister… You never again have to go about life alone.

But if you’re not quite there yet… and today… you FEEL alone… I’ve got something for you.
Join our community. It’s free, and it comes with a good dose of morning bed head and chipped nail polish, and we will never judge you for having crumbs in the console of your car.


So how do you do it?

Join our Facebook Group HERE. Download my Healthy Daily Routine Checklist below. And be sure to check out this week’s podcast for more:: Listen Now.

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It’s Time

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