You are not going to be the same person tomorrow you are today.  

Your soul, call it what you will, is the ever evolving, always expanding, sometimes quiet, other times ravenous, center of your entire being.  And it is carrying you around, pushing your life one way and another from the inside — out.  

It is this part of you which is
asking you to live responsively, consciously,
and in full color.  

It is also this part of you, that the unconscious people in your life fear most.  

Strangers, neighbors, old friends, even your family — they both want to know this rich and robust part of you, and simultaneously fear this nakedly honest, wide open, tender, get-straight-to-the-point YOU.

The necessary departure from talk about where you encountered the recipe for that delicious dessert, or your upcoming landscaping project… and the required entrance into truth-talk and what hurts and is unknown and possibly completely and utterly out of your control (and everyone else’s for that matter) — THAT is what scares the buhjeezusout of people who are… well…. “normal”.

What these people don’t know, and what you will come to know is that it is this part of you — which is the source of your power, your acceptance of who you are, exactly as you are, (and everyone else)…. And best of all, it is abiding in this eternal part of you where you are at home wherever you roam and where you are always loved, always supported and always free.

How does one get to know this part of oneself?  

The milk and honey of who you are beneath it all.

Here’s what I know works:

Turn to nature. Again and again.  This part of youisnature.  This part of you, waiting to be known,is born ofnature,fed bynature, andinspired bynature.  Go to the sea — the forest — the riverbank.  Annoint your brow with the holy waters you find, and say this sweet and simple invocation: 

“Father, Mother, God…

All the heavenly saints, sages, and angels 

who have gone before me…             

please shine down upon me your wisdom light,

so that I may reclaim Truth in my life —

so that I may live in Love, guided by connection,

and held in the grace and trust of the universe.  

Help me to see, again, who I am;

the part of me that was there before

I was even given my name,

and the part of me that is eternal,

even after my persona has turned to dust. 

Please guide me on each breath, each decision,

and in each challenge I face this day. 

Om. Amen. Aha.”  

Let creation move through you.  Create.  Yes, create.  Buy flowers and arrange them with the eyes of innocence and the hands of a child.  Reorganize your closet, and re-gift anything and everything that does not make your heart sing.   Play music — a little louder than you might otherwise — while you make dessert some morning… from live and organic foods, and eat dessert for breakfast.  Paint a wall.  Doodle for 30 minutes while sipping mint tea  in pigtails.   Put your headset on and listen to this or this or this while washing the dishes.

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