Step into an intimate community of like-hearted women travelers and share long and luscious daily yoga practices, traditional yogic teachings, community meals, and optional actives including horseback riding on the beach, a natural jungle hot spring, and a sweet balance of time to reflect and to listen UP.

About this retreat...

 $1,899.00 per retreat / guest

First of all, we’ve never done this before (which makes it all the more exciting!!)

It is a super affordable, intuitive, only lightly scheduled beach retreat… not-pretentious, not “elegant” (except for what the ocean brings)…. And a very “family style” hotel. Students are invited to share their gifts (ask Britt more about this if you are interested), and together, we will encourage a little bit better world…

If you want to teach a little something, yoga, meditation, soul-mapping, you name it…, we would LOVE for you to do so! Simply reach out to Britt to share your idea at


Whenever women sit in circles, the world heals a little...

Here is how it will go… 

Join Britt for a luscious and intentional yoga and personal reflection retreat in the pueblo of Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico (45 minutes from the ZIH/IXT International airport).

All classes, meditations and shared activities with “ride the wave” of sisterhood, intuition, rest and connection, providing for us the opportunity to hear our hearts and to live our lives from that place when we return home.

This intimate retreat is being hosted with the support of Britt’s Mexican “family”, creating a sense of inside access and safety not otherwise available on International retreats. Because of this, we have our very own “in house” staff at Casa Delfin Sonriente.

Not knowing what will happen is where the magic happens…

The details… 

 $1,899.00 per retreat / guest

All food, lodging, and onsite activities are included. Each morning we will have a full breakfast with many options for you, and mid-afternoon we will smoothies available (the heat has taught us that three full meals is too much at the ocean), and finally dinner will be a variety of eating locally, sharing meal preparations together (the menu and ingredients will all be set), and some meals prepared by our local “family”. Note: meals are all vegetarian, and no one will be asked to help prepare more than one meal per retreat week.)

The only additional expenses you may incur is taxi service ($100 USD roundtrip), outside excursions or activities, tips, bodywork, private sessions with Britt, or keepsakes/gifts you would like to purchase.

We are honored to be able to offer this retreat with native Mexicans, who have become my “family” during my years of living in Mexico. The people I have come to know and love are simple, kind, deeply devotional, honest people who live gently and humbly. I like to sit near to them and watch how they live and how they speak — as I have come to feel that they “live inside a prayer”…. I trust we will have some unscheduled “deep wisdom sessions” with these beautiful souls if your heart is called.


From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be supported and nurtured. 

  • Passport & Travel Documents
  • Cash and credit card (approx. $200 USD in pesos) 
  • Flashlight or Headlamp and Extra Batteries
  • Camera /Phone for taking photos
  • Personal Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc)
  • Clothes for riding horses (jeans, tennies, and a sun hat are perfect) 
  • Insect repellent 
  • Re-fillable water bottle
  • Personal First Aid, sunscreen, insect repellent, bandaids
  • Reading, art supplies, activities to share with the Sisters
  • Sweater or throw for early mornings and late evenings 
  • Small day pack or tote bag 
  • Flip-flops or easy to remove sandals
  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Yoga clothes for 6 days 
  • Comfortable beach attire
  • Swimsuit
What to Bring
The weather will be in the 70’s in the evenings, and into the 90’s during the day. Please pack accordingly. 
Troncones is a small fishing village approximately 45 minutes from the ZIH/IXT International airport surrounded by jungle and is considered a world renowned ‘secret’ getaway. One of the best things about Troncones is its relative obscurity—a small fishing village with laidback vibes, its an idyllic Mexican hideaway that has all the beauty of the more crowded resort areas, but without all of the bells and whistles that make other spots more amenable to tourists looking for more bustling vacation spots. But there’s still plenty of things to do in Troncones, too; making it the ideal blend of relaxation and recreation, a true retreat for those looking to experience the best of Mexico’s beauty.
The closest airport is the Ixtapa International Airport.

When you arrive at the airport, you will hire a taxi for your transportation inside the airport. The rate is standard and is paid inside the airport. I will let you know if you are arriving at the same time as other guests, for you to share in the taxi fee. (approximately $75 USD — paid in pesos). Your return shuttle to the Ixtapa International Airport will be arranged by us at the hotel.
How to Get Here
  • Flights
  • Airport Transportation to and from Troncones
  • Additional Travel or Lodging
  • Bodywork/Massages
  • Private Sessions with Britt
  • Tips (An Estimated $100 per Week)
  • Meals Outside of Hotel
  • Local Purchases
  • Travel Insurance
What's  Not Included 
  • Accommodations: Classic Mexican Beach House with Private Bathrooms
  • Fresh, Local Vegetarian Meals
  • All Daily Retreat Activities

What's included… 

Casa Delfin Sonriente

Translates as “the house of the smiling dolphin”

Casa Delfin Sonriente is a “humble” and home-style hotel. That being said, you must know that Britt loves it and is taking you there because of it! It has been owned and operated by the same family for decades and you will undoubtedly sense the “family style” nature of this beach front hotel and private home. (It reminds Britt of the lake house in Minnesota she and her family frequented in the summers— except this “lakehouse” sits ocean-side!)

About the actual rooms….
Due to the unique set-up of this hotel (with single, double and triple occupancy), retreat reservations are all the same price and rooms will be assigned once our registration list is complete. That being said, if you have a request for a single room, you may inquire with Britt and pay extra for the privacy, or if you have roommate requests, be sure to send those to Britt and she will make sure you are with whom you want to be! All accommodation requests can be sent to