"When You See Crazy Coming :: Cross The Street!"

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I was standing in my kitchen making tapioca pudding when I heard these words come from the sassy smart mouth of Iyanla Vanzant.  It made me laugh out loud, but on second thought, there is some serious truth in those words. 

Think about it.

Sometimes we find ourselves in unconscious patterns; chasing nonsense, staying when we should leave, feeling exhausted, overworked, unable to slow down or hit the brakes.  And sometimes we just keep spinning, reaching for the donut, the coffee, the numb-out we get on social media or in that 6 o'clock glass of chardonnay.  It doesn't matter how we got there.  What matters is knowing that we don't need to STAY there... 

When you see crazy coming. (or when you realize you’re sitting up close and next to it already)…. Go on. Get on out of there.

But how? HOW… you might ask.

Here’s a few ways I know that work.

  1. Fill your life with the higher things and let that which isn’t serving you fall away. Notice what fortifies you living your best life. Tend to the people, places and things that bring out the best in you.

  2. Bookend your day with light. Rise and set with the sunlight. Read something inspirational at first light. Sit quietly before sleeping and say your prayers or gratitude.

  3. Join a conscious community. They are out there, waiting to be found. Research tells us that if you want to make change — joining a community where you can be both inspired and held accountable make all the difference. Here’s ONE I know works.

  4. Eat in alignment with nature. In the words of Michael Polan, “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” Each mainly veggies in a rainbow of colors and vary your diet with what it is in season. When we do this, we “align” our bodies, minds, and spirits with the natural world and everything flows a little bit better. (I’m not getting all hooky on you — there’s real research to prove this).

Each year, from mid-September through the first of January o the new year, I lead a journey, a “virtual pilgrimage” if you will… to the center of our souls. I walk with a few hundred others, from across the globe to inspire one another, support one another and hold ourselves accountable int he presence of one another so that we might enter the new year clear, open, strong, and as our best selves.

Perhaps this speaks to you… perhaps you, too, long for community, clarity, and living your best life.

If so… we’d love to have you join us.

Learn more here.

And if not… the inspiration always leaks out here, there and everywhere… in the blog, the free stuff on my website and on instagram… so you’ll still get a taste.

Sending love and support wherever you may be.

Om. Amen. Aha.


Like Blood.

I welcomed the women, one by one, in the threshold of the historic apartment - converted into a studio - for an evening of sister stuff : laughter, sharing, story, music, truth telling, and reverence…. They said things like, “welcome home”, “Ive missed you”, and “I soooo need this tonight!”.


I was awed by how many “worlds” converged in this little fourth floor studio : people I met some twenty five years ago when I was merely a seed of the woman I am now. People who have been married, divorced, widowed, survived cancer and bankrupcy, gone from having toddlers to college graduates, uneducated to touting PhDs, from lost to found. There were others I’ve only known for a few years in deep spiritual tradition, and some I was meeting for the first time. I found myself saying under my breath, “thank you for brining me here”…. over and over again — as if to say that after all the loss and change and evolution, simply being with these women for a few hours was like coming upon a sandbar while swimming a great distance in open water.

The topic of the evening was Throb :: Returning to the Heartbeat of Nature. Some asked, inquisitively, if it was a topic of sexuality. (the answer is yes, but only in so far is ALL creative energy is sourced in union, just as devotional sex unifies us with something greater than ourselves). Some women laughed as they had no idea why they had come but knew it was true and right to be there.

That is how these things are.

That, I have learned, is how women are… deep and resonant, trusting, and willing….. to move with a natural, unpredictable rhythm that is unseen, mysterious, and most certainly, Hers.

Throb came to me about five years ago when I ventured for the first time ever on a solo retreat - to Mexico and Cuba. I sat in my hotel room, contentedly alone, overlooking the ocean, realizing that at 43 years old I had NEVER rented a hotel room just for me…. my blood pulsed thick as I felt the rightness of being there — just like that — all by myself.

I realized, in my mediation that day, that our lives are like blood. We rush (and sometimes gush) forward in waves of expansion, production, and expression, and then, like blood pulses through our veins, there is a magnetism that draws us back to our own center, our own knowing, and to stillness…. perhaps only for a flash or perhaps for a little while longer… and then it begins again… sometimes the push forward is strong and penetrating, while other times it is gentle and whispers us ahead. Similarly, when we draw back, it can be like the way the ocean draws us to her belly, or it can simply be the way we lean against a tree when we find ourselves stopping to chat with a neighbor we’ve missed, while out for our morning walk.

However it is, what I know is that the quality and force of the way our blood throbs through our being — is both all that we do and all that we are… it is the impulse of divinity moving through us. It is our nourishment… It tells the story of what we’ve eaten, the conversation we just had, the state of our most intimate relationships, our contentment and how well we slept last night. It tells us if we are cold or dehydrated. It tells us if we are lost. It tells us if we are on the right track.

And we seldom go to it…. how often do you take your own pulse? How often have you considered how your heartbeat and the energetic throb that moves through your veins 24-7 is the ONLY moving part of you that came directly from your mother, and your grandmother, and your grandmother’s grandmother? How often do you listen to the wisdom within your own body…. can you feel how you are — I mean… how you really are? Can you feel how the little girl you were and the old woman you will become all live within that sweet wisdom throb?

This is all still formulating —so much so that I’ve hardly the language for what is to come… and I’ve learned to honor the moments in my life when the impulse to draw back calls me close to my own bones.

So I am here….. pulsing, throbbing, listening, and reMEMBERing how I, we, all of this…. is like blood — journeying forward and back and forward again… forcing nothing, receiving everything….

And so I am just sharing: sharing what is throbbing through me, as I return to Mexico after three weeks in the USA…. as I return to my home as a construction site — fashioning sky spaces into bedrooms and rooftops into a yoga studio and dining area.

In the meantime, reach out as you will. And may we remember to love each other in the quiet moments, and I hope someday you join me here, in this place I now call h{OM]e.

om. amen. aha.

love, B


Long ago, in a world much different than the one in which we live today, the word “alone” came from two words: ALL ONE. We slipped away, from the world we knew… for a few hours, a day, an evening, a week… to connect again to the ALL… to the center of our very own being.

Going into solitude was a necessary departure from day-to-day responsibilities, where we inquired into the presence of our own soul’s wisdom, and the wisdom that pulses as wind and river and rhythms of the natural world.

Silence heals.

Quietude nourishes.


Going into the wilderness of one’s soul — where we listen deeply and feel fatigue and weariness drop gently away, this is where we remember. It’s not a “thinking thing”. It’s not something to be practiced or mastered or understood. It is simply something to surrender one’s self into.

We all have different cycles for needing to turn inward. My own cycle is to take the full moon each month and turn inward, and to take a week or two each year to “drop in”. One teacher I have slips away to India for rejuvenation for upwards of a month each year, while one of my closest friends’ has a cycle of slipping consciously away every two years or so into a new culture and way of moving through the world. (I know, I know… you are thinking… who goes away like that? I’ll tell you who: both are moms - both are single, and neither are independently wealthy — just sayin’).

I know you know: that turning inside helps you see yourself more clearly, and when you are graced with crystal clear vision, decision-making comes easier, because you turn your eyes to what is most important.  Healing becomes so much more available, and illness comes with less fortitude and fang, and you weather challenge, loss, and the unknown with a broader and more expanded base of being. 

I didn’t realize these things when I was 20. Or 40 even. The potency of being “alone” came to me in force when I was 45. And now, I won’t deny myself this ALL ONE time. I turn to it. I insist upon it. I marinade in it. I know its power and I honor the way it lays an impression of Truth over my life so when I return to my home and my life and own struggles, I see all of it through the eyes of something much bigger than myself, and I rest into THAT.

It wasn’t easy at first. It took two or three “slippings away” before I really felt the power of doing so. Before I knew in my blood and bones that all of me and all I touch benefits when I do so.

You can do the same, you know.

You have permission. You have the right to turn your heart and mind and eyes and hands to the silence and solitude of your own knowing. And, no, you won’t likely get a standing ovation from those who have to make their own dinner or find their own ride home from practice. But that’s not a bad thing — the ones to whom you are most close will eventually see the preventative and palliative purpose of your listening, and how this also raises them up and illuminates their own lives.

In time, dear One. It takes time.

You, too, can do this. And at some point, you must. That is, if you choose to live fully. That is if you choose to summon the wisdom and multi-dimensionality of your own soul.

If you don’t, all is well too. It just won’t be the same. That’s all. Life has less dimensionality. Your foundation won’t be as steady or broad. Struggles will take you down more easily. Anxiety and depression, disease and injury will wait a little closer to the entrance of your being.

You know what to do. I’m not here to say, “do this, or do that.” I’m just here to say, “Please, do listen.”

Look up from time to time and check in. Ask yourself if the choice you are making today is leading you in the direction of the dream?” And if it’s not… then consider turning inward. Consider taking a bold and brazen step in the direction of fortifying your own soul.

And then, once you take that step (ooohweeee! I just got goosebumps!)

THEN…just watch what happens.

Just you watch.


You are not going to be the same person tomorrow you are today.  

Your soul, call it what you will, is the ever evolving, always expanding, sometimes quiet, other times ravenous, center of your entire being.  And it is carrying you around, pushing your life one way and another from the inside — out.  


It is this part of you which is
asking you to live responsively, consciously,
and in full color.  

It is also this part of you, that the unconscious people in your life fear most.  

Strangers, neighbors, old friends, even your family -- they both want to know this rich and robust part of you, and simultaneously fear this nakedly honest, wide open, tender, get-straight-to-the-point YOU.

The necessary departure from talk about where you encountered the recipe for that delicious dessert, or your upcoming landscaping project... and the required entrance into truth-talk and what hurts and is unknown and possibly completely and utterly out of your control (and everyone else's for that matter) — THAT is what scares the buhjeezusout of people who are… well.... "normal".

What these people don’t know, and what you will come to know is that it is this part of you — which is the source of your power, your acceptance of who you are, exactly as you are, (and everyone else)…. And best of all, it is abiding in this eternal part of you where you are at home wherever you roam and where you are always loved, always supported and always free.

How does one get to know this part of oneself?  

The milk and honey of who you are beneath it all.

Here's what I know works:

Turn to nature. Again and again.  This part of youisnature.  This part of you, waiting to be known,is born ofnature,fed bynature, andinspired bynature.  Go to the sea — the forest — the riverbank.  Annoint your brow with the holy waters you find, and say this sweet and simple invocation: 

“Father, Mother, God…
All the heavenly saints, sages, and angels who have gone before me… please shine down upon me your wisdom light,
so that I may reclaim Truth in my life —
so that I may live in Love, guided by connection,
and held in the grace and trust of the universe.  
Help me to see, again, who I am;
the part of me that was there before
I was even given my name,
and the part of me that is eternal,
even after my persona has turned to dust. 
Please guide me on each breath, each decision,
and in each challenge I face this day. 
Om. Amen. Aha."  

Download a copy HERE

Let creation move through you.  Create.  Yes, create.  Buy flowers and arrange them with the eyes of innocence and the hands of a child.  Reorganize your closet, and re-gift anything and everything that does not make your heart sing.   Play music — a little louder than you might otherwise — while you make dessert some morning… from live and organic foods, and eat dessert for breakfast.  Paint a wall.  Doodle for 30 minutes while sipping mint tea  in pigtails.   Put your headset on and listen to this and this and this while washing the dishes.


You see... the soul longs for nature and creativity.  Let yourself be an “outsider” and see it not as a curse or some broken part of  you, nor a part that need be conformed into normal ways of being, but instead, allow your outsiderness to be a clear seer, a guide, a lamp holder, a pebble dropped in the pond of monotony - sending forth ripples of joy and laughter, truth and compassion with each step you take in this beautiful life.

And then be ready.  Be ready to not get a pat on the back or a nod of approval. Be ready to be misunderstood.  Be ready to be uncomfortable a little.  It’s ok.  That’s what happens when we step outside of the mundane and ask our souls to guide us.
Being uncomfortable isn't a "bad" thing.  It's just a thing. 

Just breathe through it.  
And keep going, dear One. 
Keep going.  

In time, you will know in your blood and bone that this is what heals you, guides you, and awakens you.  

And then, you just get back at it again: the meetings,
to-do lists, the family responsibilities. 

You see, nothing on the outside has changed... it’s you that is different : the way you move through this world and the impact you have and the freedom you feel while doing the things that must be done.
You, dear One, ARE the change.

Om. Amen. Aha.


Start. Anew.

Every single moment, you can start anew.


The words of my teacher come to me as I walk the streets on this spring morning, taking in the vibrant purple trees that line the streets where I live.

It’s Spring now. Ushered in by the grace of the full moon. Reminding us that now is a good time to let go of a few more things and clean up what no longer serves us in our homes and in our hearts.

This is the perfect time, you know. To start again. Not only because a lot of people have “the fever” to spring clean, but also because there is a cultural consciousness that is supportive of positive transformation, as the buds burst forth from a dormant mystery, and our friends and neighbors roll up their sleeves and clear out any stagnancy the winter has left behind.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.43.55 PM.png

In light of this, as days grow longer and we have just a little more time to be awake, I want to offer you a few ways you can embrace the season and tap into the collective inspiration.

One of my all-time favorites comes up this time of year, it’s my CLEANSE YOUR KITCHEN audio course and workbook. It’s free, and it is a great way to inspire yourself to eat more cleanly, refresh your ayurveda knowledge, and align yourself with the seasons. Seems each Spring, I do this naturally, and always feel so good on the other side of going through my cabinets and my fridge…. and so, I am sharing it with you, and hope you find inspiration, as I do.

Another sweet note is that I am returning to the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks in late April, and have two offerings coming your way. For those of you, like me, who are missing our incredible community of Sunday Yoga & Satsang, I will be teaching on the 28th of April at the beautiful 220 Studio in Old Town Portland. You can learn more and save your space HERE.

I’ll also be offering an evening women’s workshop at Studio Jyoti in the Pearl District on Thursday, May 9th, and you can be among the first to know when registration is open for this intimate gather of women finding their way back to soul…. just enter your email below.

Here’s what I know, Dear Ones. You have everything you need — including access to the most incredible information, coaches and guides, to take you from where you are to where you desire to be. And it isn’t always easy — especially when you are hungry to change, but don’t know where to start… No, it isn’t always easy, but I promise, it is always ALL WAYS worth it.

t's up to each one of us to be the change and to take the next right step—like it or not, it’s ALL you.  I had a conversation with a student yesterday about something she was experiencing in her life that wasn't really working for her --- it could have been anything.... What it comes down to is this:

If you want your life to be different, you just gotta step in. Step up. and DO something differently.  Often it is the simplest of steps that gets the soil turning, making way for a spring time full of new growth & a full-on blooming garden of Love!  

Come on now.  Don't overthink it.  Just take that first next step.  And it doesn't have to make "sense" to your brain -- that just might muck it up.  

It just needs to speak to your heart and tickle your fancy.

Sending you love as big as the Moon.

Om. Amen. Aha.


Rise Now.

Good morning Devis (that means brilliant ones).


I won’t be here long with you, as I am wrapping up final preparations for a retreat. Women are already journeying in my direction (a sleepy little pueblo about 30 minutes from Zihuatenejo)….. I, myself, am sitting between a parking lot lined with palm trees and a swimming pool… wrapping up the last of my preparations for my retreat at my favorite little $30/night hotel with nothing but a bed, a desk, a cold shower, and a little porch (sort of).

I come to you — this morning — to remind you of a few key points… points that will be the “milk and honey” of our retreat this week.

I share them now, as I feel they are key in our healing… our evolution… our prosperity, vitality and ultimately, our peace.

Perhaps you have a moment to take a deep breath and simply allow yourself to take these in…. and if I might be so bold… read each one out loud, and then take a FULL, LONG breath, before moving on to the next….

Alrighty. Here we go:

  1. You need not do this life “alone” or “fiercely” or always “upright” :: you, and I, can walk interdependently — calling upon one another and serving one another to both help us see and to nourish our every step.

  2. When we see that we are ALL ONE… and that divinity (whatever you may call it) is not separate from humanity — but woven together in a rich and colorful tapestry, we find an incredible peace — and power.

  3. Life is not only sacrifice… It includes a potent practice of learning to RECEIVE.

  4. Surrendering is not weakness. It is an openness to see ourselves as the same, equal, and servants of Love.

  5. You can compete — as if this universe is a limited place (which is a little absurd, given it is expanding faster than we can explore the cosmos and count the stars)…. or, Dear Ones… you can COLLABORATE. Where everything is available to all of us — all the time, and we are never, ever alone.

  6. You can celebrate your victories, Yes. And there is something magical about bowing one’s head in humility and uttering silently… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…. and knowing that what you have just “accomplished” is not “yours”.

  7. You can “pull the trigger” on your decisions and never look back — or you can remember that this life is WILDLY uncertain (always) and that everything is unknown — and THAT is the beautify of it ALL.

  8. You can fight aging, death, loss… causing your body to live in a perpetual state of the fight or flight… or you can “die willingly” in every moment — and embrace this life-death-life cycle as part of the beauty and magic of being alive.

  9. You can be self-serving… disguising your actions as “for others” (btw :: just not true)… or you can serve this cosmic, magical, mysterious hologram in which we all are living, growing and being given countless opportunities to evolve, and rise.

Rise Now, Dear Ones.

This week I will be with a small, devoted group of women… holding space for all of us to Rise. Planting seeds of healing, so they can bring the wisdom of the mother cultures back to their families, communities, and tribes and help us all remember just how very beautiful we are.

I love you. You are Love.

Woman Knows.


Within each woman are fierce instincts of survival.  Instincts that will save her or destroy her.   And unless she finds her way through the sleepy, burdensome normalcy of mundane living, this instinct falls dormant and slowly, but certainly, she dies.

But first, she struggles.  She buys red shoes and paints her lips.  She drinks too much wine, lets her hair grow long and unkempt, reveals more skin, or runs off with the plumber or pub-house drummer.  

At first her eyes roll back in ecstasy... and she moans in delight...  but in time, her eyes squeeze shut in denial, and her moans turn to whimpers of soul abandonment.

Wounded and lost, exhausted and abused,
we sometimes cannot even see when we have
abandoned our own instinct

Sometimes we cannot even see that we are in a downward spiral that takes us only to one place :: the burial ground of our soul.  This deadening leads to addiction, compulsion, desperation, and rage... 

Now, before you get caught up in how "morbid" this all sounds -- let it be known, that many of us smile and keep'on'a'truckin' in this state... We have adapted well, to continue to be productive, incarnate, and relatively functional.  

But, perhaps, "dis-ease" then rises... as an instinct.  An instinct that lives within every breathing, living creature that speaks just three words: 


And THEN, we cannot help but listen.  They body tells us so.  For there is no indulgence, nor excess that can bring back the instinctive nature that lives in all women and bring her back to life.  

She must go home now  
She must return to her soul or die 

She must dance in the presence of her sisters, speak slowly and truthfully, with eyes open, gazing across the fire into the souls of others who have been wounded, baited, or trapped.  She must place her hands on her belly, bow her once rolled back head, and breathe with the eternal waters, refusing to normalize what has become of her life, and instead, birth herself new feet, new hands, new eyes.    

It takes so very little to release us
wise us up
dance our souls back to life 

For, there is a resting place, a halfway point, a sandbar to catch our breath again. And it is from this place is where you find your way back to the feral instinct of grace and guts and vitality and integrity.

But the road is not what you think.  It is never what we think.  It isn't running naked, swimming with seals, or hula-hooping in rings of fire.   It isn't years of therapy or past-life regression therapy or that cleanse, and it isn't necessarily leaving, or quitting, or moving.  

The path to soul renewal has structure. containment.  safety.  It is a gentle awakening, a cautious turning of the door knob and slowly peeking inside the room of your own heart, once again, and then breath by breath, stepping in . . .  Stepping into the fertility of woman's spirit, gradually, without force . . . leaving denial and naivety behind and entering a protective space of structure and ethic, universal intelligence, nature's balance, and the ultimate soul awakening.  

This is what I do, Dear Ones.  I create and hold this sort of containment.  I offer retreats (early registration ends tomorrow), privates, and online course work.  If you are ready, you'll know it.  If you are called, COME.  


Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 6.00.47 PM.png

Sometimes I feel like I am such the "naysayer". The one who says, usually with her 'inside voice'.... "yyyyeahhhhh... but that isn't the WHOLE story."

So, I wanna talk Kondo, because I don't actually think it's "all that and the cat's pajamas"...  I mean, I think it's fine and all.  I've done it myself, years ago -- read the book... pre-kondo-netflix-rage, and it served its purpose, but it faded...  

And, in time, I forgot all about it, bought more stuff, and there I was again, in a sort of different but largely similar place. 

Why?  Because Kondo-as-kool-as-it-is STILL isn't dealing with the root issue.  Put it this way: just because you take all the stuff out of a hoarder's house, doesn't mean you take the hoarder out of the house -- comprende?

Kondo is all about "stuff"  
And YOU, my dear,
are not your STUFF  
You are WAY more
than your STUFF 

And so...I can't help but ask...
How you do GO DEEPER?
DEEPER than your STUFF?


You, dear One, ARE that which you cannot see.  
You are the ONE who came here -- without any stuff at all
without an education
without a single pair of shoes
...and without....
(you ready for this)  
without even your name.

YOU are the ONE who was happy (for no reason),
snuggled into your mama's womb.
You ARE the subtle, the mystery...
and when you know that,

you don't want all that stuff
you don't need all that stuff
and you no longer get worked up about all sorts of "stuff".  

You are not "sparked by joy"
You are the FREAKIN' JOY!

In the vedic tradition, we say, your natural state is happiness without reason... not because you fold your t-shirts a certain way, not because you up-cycled or recycled, but because when you JUST breathe... there you find yourself, and you are pure, true, clear happiness. 

You see -- through the lens of the mystery, the spiritual, the unseen, the potential of all that is, the subtle... you can do a guhzillion things to improve your life, but there simply is NOTHING more powerful than simply turning your attention inward, and going h{OM}e to the heart of who you are. 

I am not here to give advice.
I am only here to share what works for me.
What works for me is simple:  
I press PAUSE on my life

And this means, most frequently, that I pack a bag, and I head off somewhere -- somewhere I cannot be distracted by my habits, my patterns, and my ways of being.  Now, it doesn't have to be forever.  It doesn't have to be a million miles away.  But it cannot be "business as usual".  I sneak off to a cabin.  I book a flight and go on a retreat (not just a wine & yoga retreat, but an "I'm going in and going deep" kind of retreat), sometimes alone, sometimes with others, sometimes with a teacher.  The important part is that I GO.   


Because if you are not waking up -- every single morning-- saying, albeit quietly, serenely, to your sweet lil' self, "I love this life"...  

Then, I am here to say -- you do not have to do it this way.   There is another way... And this way is your way... and this way is the BEST way for you to walk, to live, to teach, to reach in and to share your life force, your gifts, your energy with every single person with whom you interact.

You see, I'm just here to give you choices, to hold a mirror and then offer up some alternatives, a possibility, perhaps, that I know in my bones makes a deep and lasting difference for those who have taken it.... not for just seven days, but for weeks, and months, and years to come.  

One week is a fraction of a lifetime.  And from where I sit, I've learned that I can't not do this sort of thing when it comes calling my name.

So, if it's not this retreat... this time...  I am sooo good with that.  I'm simply here to say, if it is...  if you feel the pull of the sea and the sisterhood and your soul... and if you've got the time, the miles, and the heart to pack your bag and board that plane... then, don't turn your eyes away from what is calling for you.

You are WAY bigger than that.

Strong Like That.

When I was a little girl, and I carried the five gallon bucket of water ‘all by myself’ to the barn to feed my pony, my mama told me that I was strong.

When I was I n high school and I decided to go off to college in a state some thousand of miles away, I had never even visited, I claimed to be strong.

As a young bride, I insisted upon keeping my maiden name. In doing so, I thought myself independent and strong.

When I built my own business and made my own money and did it myself, I knew, for sure, that then I was strong.

Now, as I slowly round the corner of 50, I realize that the kind of strength I long to sustain doesn’t come packaged in “that kind of strong”.

The kind of strength I’m talking about oozes with peace, presence and a deep knowing that the freedom We seek is at our fingertips - it is our birthright.


It is to be at home wherever I roam, and to be relaxed when things feel out of my control (because most things are). It is to be the calm when the storm hits, to be the depth when people are shallow, to be the truth within myself when the world turns cold and dark. It is to be the load of love in a room full of fear.

That’s the kind of strong I long to reclaim and sustain : A woman kind of strong. A sweet, creamy, nourishing, and wet kind of strong. A magnetic, supple, enduring, truth-bearing, upward-rising, deep-rooted kind of strong.

You see, when we grip success and survivorship with white knuckles and and clenched teeth smiles, we bear down on life, and we dry up. Our skin becomes thin, our wrinkles run deep and our eyes hollow. When we tell ourselves, “I got this”… “I’m a survivor”… or “I can do it myself”… once the time of usefulness has past, we run the risk of ceasing to grow. We run the risk of starving ourselves of connection and grace, soul-nutrients and the things that make life juicy.

Instead, we begin to resemble a scraggly little plant - that without water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil - begins to look like a twiggy, stalky, starved little being. And our whole life looks like this — not thriving, but merely and barely surviving, shallowed breath, heavy-headed, clutching to limitations, lack, and imitation.

Ritual is one of the ways humans water their parched souls. We can draw down the moon, or sit in circle as witness to each other releasing survival as substitute, finger by delicate finger. We can surround ourselves with inspiration, bask in the natural world and its wonder, fast from technology, life as we know it, and the things to which we are habituated, but no longer serve as nourishment.


We can offer “ofrendas”, offerings, to the forest floor, the ocean, or to our ancestors. We can rise with the sun, chant to the Maker or give it all back to the Ultimate Giver in art project, act of service or song.

When we do this — and make time for this kind of depth — this kind of juicy remembrance, we find ourselves dripping in confidence that asks nothing of the world but to be as it is, and we know ourselves - as “magica pura”, pure magic, where we are our very own strong - in the most moon-juicy sort of way, where the soul needs no permissions, kind remarks to maintain its beauty, or false need to be seen, heard, validated or worthy of another’s attention or acceptance.

It is from this kind of strong, we live deep and true and certain. It is from this kind of strong where married or alone, living in the center or on the outskirts, in mansion or studio apartment, with bright red nail polish or dirt-stained hands, matters not.

It is from this kind of strong that we need not prove anything or seduce anyone, but instead we know in our soul bones that we are already peaceful, easeful, and free.

The truth is, I don’t know what is your way home to that kind of strong — only you do — some may know it is the long-overdue time to dance, or sing or paint. Another may know it is time to pack a bag and board a plane. While others may simply walk out the door barefoot and lean against the great tree.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 5.39.39 PM.png

If you don’t know, yourself, what is your way, then never-you-mind, just pick something that feels like an approximation, a remembrance, an opening, and walk in its direction, without question, doubt or running it by the committee in your head :: decide, and go briskly.

The paths are many, and I have complete confidence, when you get there, you will remember, and you will be peaceful and free.

I’ll meet you there.

Om. Amen. Aha.

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Time's Up.

“Home is an internal place. A place somewhere in time, rather than in space where a woman feels of one piece. Home is where a thought or feeling can be sustained instead of being interrupted or torn away from us because something else is demanding our time and attention. And through the ages women have found myriad ways to have this, make this for themselves, even when their duties and chores were endless.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The only thing I can tell you is that when it’s time, it’s time.

Even if you’re not ready. Even if things are left undone. Even if today was the day you were supposed to do that other thing (or a dozen other things).

When it’s time, it is simply time.

Not because today’s a good day to go, and not because your house is clean, or because your life is all tidy, or because someone said you could.


You go simply because it’s time.

Go where?

Go home :: — home to the internal place, to the place where your inner and outer worlds align, where you find congruency and live harmoniously among thought, word, feeling, and action.

Now, I know… I know you don’t “have” to go anywhere.

Many never do.

Many women live their lives “sleep-walking”, half human / half zombie, not ever fully aware of what is missing, as they still manage to function, speak, smile, laugh, and accomplish things. It’s quite miraculous, actually. Further yet, the zombie-ness of this state leads her to buy more shoes, drink more wine, redesign her bathroom, car-binge on the things she’d never let her kids eat, or better yet; get a puppy.

Listen, we all have our favorite methods of talking ourselves out of the one thing that is longing for our “yes”.

I know that there are a million nay-sayers and reasons to “not-go-home”, lurking around every corner. Yet, when we retrieve our instinctive knowing that we have come here to live ALIVE… that we have come here to grow and flourish and fill the well, and share our gifts from simplicity and an overflowing source of abundance, we find ourselves under some sort of soul obligation to listen because the time for sleep-walking through life has served its purpose, and the time for your soul to be on sabbatical is quite simply UP :: Time is UP.

And when time is finally up, we can’t up but turn away from all of the distractions that have carried us to this point. We cannot help but take more walks, baths, and tea breaks. We cannot help but search for meaning and purpose in the eyes of those with whom we’ve walked for so long, and turn our attention to what makes us feel most at home… in our very own hearts.


Sometimes we write more. Other times we learn to paint or arrange flowers or start a yoga practice. Sometimes we carve out a little sacred place in a home of 30 years. Other times we sneak off to a quiet little corner of the world where we’ve never been to find, again, the one we left behind so many years ago when we thought, for good reasons at the time, that we needed to forge ahead toward dream or goal.

Take back your voice, Dear One. Take back your life that you so graciously gave to another. Take a risk. Turn to the forest, the moon, or the sea. Learn to sing. Rest. Do something that leaves footprints. Steal yourself away from your life as you know it and take the time.

It’s time.

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