Not What I Expected, but EXACTLY What I Needed

I don't know what it was.  I couldn't tell you.  

I only know that it changed me and continues to transform me, washing me in clarity, trust, and deep wisdom.... and I'm not fighting it (mostly).  I simple realize that there are beautiful unfolding  afoot and so, just like that, I am walking in a direction with three prayers in hand.

1.  May I release attachment to outcome (meaning, may I simply follow my heart - do what is kind, loving, true, and inspiring for myself, others and the world)

2.  May I surrender my fears (may I stop concerning myself with how the path has changed course, and instead, lift my eyes, soften my heart and keep walking -- because that, my friends, is what a pilgrim does -- the whole journey is sacred, not just the peak of the mountain).

3.  May the will of the divine be MY will (I'm very accomplished at saying my prayers.  I mean, VERY.  But often they are like To-Do lists that I pass off to the universe, in the hopes that my life will be easier somehow.  No more of that.  I'm turning this bus around and saying, "take me, I'm yours -- I'm ready, willing, and I'll go where you tell me).

I once heard this story about this young man and an elder teacher.  The young man was asked to do this very spiritual task:  dig a hole.  He did so, with very high reverence and devotion -- every shovelful a prayer.  He went back to his teacher and said, "master, I've completed the task -- the hole has been dug. Please tell me my next task."  The master, without a smile, nodded and said, "Very well. Now, go fill the hole."

That. Is. My. Life.    Digging holes and filling them.  Why?  Because -- as it is says in the Bhagavad Gita, "you have a right to your actions, but you do not have a right to the fruit of you actions."

So, here we are.  Right where we belong.  And here we go.  Again.  

I love you. You are love.  

It's time we learn to trust these things.  



My teacher has told me many times that the feminine aspect of nature is like the river, and you just gotta "let her flow".  I am understanding this more and more and more.... It doesn't matter if this means I relax into changing seasons, go with the tides of life, or simple soften my edges and rest into my surroundings -- or perhaps all of these things.  It's Spring, and as we all "bud out" -- we each seek, in our unique ways, a movement toward what nourishes us, inspires us, illuminates us and brings us into our own beauty, color and magnetism.  This is all about the feminine.... and so however we each choose to "flow".... may we all do so in a way that softens us, nourishes us, and awakens us to whatever nectar is longing to pulse through our lives -- as mamas, as managers, as creatives, as gardeners, and support staff, and especially as dishes washers and diaper changers... It's all the same and it is enough.  

Absolutely. Everything.


Hello Dear Ones ~ 

I am here. 
I am alive. 
I am in Love. 


What else really matters? 
This is the question I ponder today.  

I am here:  Present.  Not wallowing in the past.  Not worrying about the future.  Asking myself each moment, what can I do now to live fully?  Serve seamlessly?  Be here?  BE.  

I am alive:  Breathing.  Taking one breath at a time.  Feeling everything that moves around me moving through me on the breath.  Sensing my feet on the ground.  Here. This. Now.  Nothing else.  Nothing more.  No where to go.  Nothing to do.  But this.  Spine Vertical.  Human.  Upward rising.  Open.  

I am in Love:  When in doubt, Love.  And then when it gets hard?  Love some more.  Serve yourself in love.  Serve others in Love.  Love.  Open.  Trust.  Be.  Breathe.  Love.  BE. IN. LOVE.


I am right here. 
Right now. 
Loving you. 
Loving it All.
Just like THIS. 
Just like THAT.  


That is enough for today. 

That is all.  

Om. B

Coming Out of Darkness -- It's Easier Than You Think

I won't lie to you.

It's been a big, hard week.  

I have found myself being asked repeatedly to integrate, rise up, and to shine extra brightly for others who feel as though a cloud of darkness has paralyzed them or rendered them lost.  Now...  I know that not all of my students and followers feel this way, and I know, at the core, that yoga is not political (and frankly, neither am I).  I know that my role is to look at the places and spaces where we can see one another as equals -- soul siblings --  and where we can seek to understand one another first and foremost -- and it is my deep and unequivocal knowing that this is the place and space from which we grow and heal. 

I know I am not alone when I say that I teach what I want to embody.  Pilgrim is a blessing for me in this way.  So, too, is my Yoga Teacher Training.  

These are places where I am provide golden opportunities to share the honey I have been given.  The "honey" of perspective, trust, and truth -- no matter how hard it is. 

You see, I tend toward "tough love".  
I tend toward calling it out.  For myself and others.
Like it is.  I tend toward asking the hard questions, and holding space for healing in the nourishment of the responses.  
And yes, I do tend to touch my finger to the wounds, gently, and say, "does it hurt... here ?"  
Because I know it hurts.  We all hurt sometimes...  and, I have found that when we acknowledge we are wounded, and that we are strong enough to claim our pain and our potential, we then can SEE we are FREE.

You know what else I have found?





So, let's do our part, shall we?

1.  Wake everyday and pray (set intention, send good juju -- call it what you want).
2.  Practice.  Go to the mat.  Look for Yoga everywhere, and in doing so, you will see it everywhere.
3.  Commit to Love:   In  thoughts.  Words.  Actions.  (for EVERYONE -- not just those who love you back, get you, or think like you do). 
4.  And then:








Whenever light and darkness

both enter a space,
light always -- 
and in all ways

(eventually) wins.

Want more light?  

Here are a few more ways you can crank up the light in your life:

1.  Read autobiographies and biographies of Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Victor Frankl, and Einstein.  Their lives were way hard:  and they shined BUHHHHHH-RIGHTLY in their lives (so brightly we are still feeling it).
2.  Watch great movies:  The Man Who Knew Infinity.  Baggar Vance. Like Stars on Earth.  Dr. Strange. Look for Yoga everywhere in all things, people, world events, and experiences.
3.  Pray. Every. Day.  I don't care who you believe in.  Or IF you believe in anyone or anything.  You don't have to do it this way:  Lay it all down -- "ALTAR" your perspective, your position, and change out the lens through which you see the world (you just may be wearing the WRONG prescription).
4.  Step in and Step UP.

HOW?   Immerse yourself:  

Join Conscious Community
Invest in a Training
Go on a Retreat 
Come to Classes
Email me and ask me for something brilliant

And then go out there and fight a good fight -- with love and compassion as your backbone.


If you want your world

to be different,

it starts on the inside

I'm just saying.  If you want to change something:  change yourself first.  And if you don't know how, it's actually quite simple:  marinade in those that have what you want and  and live as you'd love to live:  and you, too, will change.    Like it or not:  you're a lot like tofu.


You Don't Have to Try So Hard

 ~ Good morning Beautiful ~

My favorite part of the photo shoot from August... seeds planted... beautiful things growing... and thought I'd give you a sneak peak -- new website and subsequent offerings coming by year's end.

My favorite part of the photo shoot from August... seeds planted... beautiful things growing... and thought I'd give you a sneak peak -- new website and subsequent offerings coming by year's end.

Some mornings I spend a couple of hours with recordings from my teacher -- laced with sanskrit, puja (purification ceremony), and the wisdom of India.  But this morning was different -- and it's important that I let it be.....

It's been quiet at my house.  Not because there isn't a lot to be done and that awaits my attention, but because the season is begging me to quiet the space between my ears and in my body.  My yoga practice has been gentle.  I've taken a lot of baths (and even got myself some lavender bubble bath because my Epsom salts, although wonderful, are a little too "adult" for me these days).

I pretty much always rise well before the sun.  It's the way I deepen into my heart and set an energetic foundation for my day.  It's also important to me because when my husband rouses he usually has a million things to share that have happened in the night and I want to be ready for him.  Early quiet time helps me empty my own vessel for the day so I can receive whatever longs to move through me.  

This morning, I found myself using my early morning time to listen to a beautiful hour long talk on self-care by a friend I met some years ago while we were both taking some time away from the US and living in Bali.  During her talk, she introduced me to this amazing song -- and because it seems so true and fitting for these days of my life, I thought I'd share.... 

Enjoy Beautiful... and remember, if you get goosebumps... it's probably the real deal.  

Sweet Day to you ~
Love. B

It's Never Ever EVER Too Late

It’s Never Too late.

It’s never too late to start.

It’s never too late to stop.

It’s never too late to wonder, or wander, or to say “yes” to the love
that is longing to possess you.

Close your eyes, you’ll feel it.  

Take just one breath,  you’ll find it.

There is a love that  longs for you to be with you,

to sit with you,

move with you

walk with you

breathe with you

be with you.  

This longing - this search - this discovery - IS you. 

There is a space and place deep within
that can only be found by you

I just wanted you to know.  Because it's easy to numb out, dumb down, and settle.  I'm not in favor of doing those things -- largely because I've done all three and at the end of the day, it's like I've driven myself to the dead end of a really narrow road (where turning around is difficult and no fun at all).

I just want you to know you don't have to do it that way.  You can stop.  Right now.  

And you can start the stuff that lasts. Just like that.  Just like THIS.

"How?", you ask.  

The "how" isn't actually up to you.  Your job is to take a step.

Step outside. Step beyond.  Step in. I have created ways you can do this -- and although I am partial, I'm not attached.  I mean, I know these ways work because they are how I got here.  But, if I pass you in the yoga studio or in the grocery store, I'll ONLY be happy to see you smiling and glowing and knowing these truths... however you got them is irrelevant in the end.  (If you're happy, I'm happy you're happy!)

Here's what I know works....

Read Pilgrim

Journey to a far away place


Not interested in those things?  Try something else.  Try anything that touches you and gives you goosebumps.  

You see, Dear One -- more than anything I want you to pause and breathe and steer your monstrosity of a ship (called life) one tiny degree in the direction of your dreams... and in a month, two months, two years or two decades -- you will open your eyes and see how little steps TODAY completely shift what you see and how you feel about the view and the journey. 

You ARE what you want.

You WANT what you are.

(you just might not know it yet)


Let me show you more of what has worked for me



When Vows are Broken & Hearts Open

... Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.
It doesn't matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.  
Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. 
Come.  Yet again... come.... Come.

Not long ago, a dear friend found herself down our gravel road... It's unusual to find yourself in  "the neighborhood" soshe and her niece stopped by to visit the goats.  We sat on the porch as the sun went behind the trees, and this poem came up.    

I'll own it.  I've broken my vows a thousand times.  And then I lost count.  
I've gotten lost in the weeds, thought the path on which I was traveling was "THE One".... only to wake up one fine day, heart-broken and uncertain of everything but my own skin.    

Despite what we hear from the outside, your "living" is not intended to be straight and narrow.  It's not supposed to be about  "reaching goals".  It's not about "getting it right" or "becoming anything."  

Becoming, my dear friends... is a disease.

If you are always on the road to becoming something.  You are never "there".  

This is hooey.  You are already there.

Here's what I have learned ~ and the words don't do it justice.... because what I am about to say is translated into English from the language of the heart... and much is lost in translation, but just the same... 

Beneath masks, and hats and history,
You are already whole.
Enough as is.   

What I want for you is for YOU to wake up every single morning knowing THIS.  What I long for you to realize is that the path need not be hard nor arduous.  It is simple.  Clear. I know this and those who have walked with me before know this.  It is about small steps, in community, in consciousness, in Love.  

This living is not about perfection.  
It is about mindfully inhabiting your days.  
That is all.

Let me tell you about a sweet woman I have learned about and loved....  Her name is Kiki.  She works for a huge, well-respected company in the pacific northwest and is on the VP track.  She is gorgeous, inside and out (as are you, my dear) .  She's a mom, and a wife, and a longing lover (

She told me this last winter... 
"I remember when I first met you... tears welled in my eyes, as I felt the pressures to DO it all....
and then I felt your permission to be a human BEING, not a human just be,
that I was enough as is.  THAT BLEW MY MIND.  Changed me.  EVERYTHING has changed.
My family, coworkers, everyone has noticed a change in me. But most importantly, I have noticed a change in ME. Awareness of my heart softening. Awareness of the beauty on my drive & walk into work.  Awareness of what's going on in between my ears.  And awareness of when something is not quite right and I need to slow down. Take care of myself.  It's not a should anymore, it's a priority.  A must...." 

I tell you this -- I share her experience -- because YOU can have this too.  You are just like her like me -- we are the same.  This life is a wild, wooly, sometimes wicked ride... and there is a way to do it kicking and screaming, beaten and bleeding... or there is a way to do it in Love.

Someone asked me not long ago, "Why are you here?"  -- It was a question about my purpose. (We all have one.)  I am pretty clear on this these days.

I am here to teach.

I am here to help people.

I am here to help people BE HAPPY.

(the sticky little sweet part is that HAPPY is not an "experience" that comes and goes... I'm talking about the kind of happiness that softly, quietly rises up and bubbles forth when you are still... I'm talking about the kind of happy that oozes out of your being when the world is whizzing by and you slow down just long enough to feel the space and the very..... bottom.... of your exhale....) 

Love you.  Have the most wonderful day.  BE Happy (it's who you are intended to be).

Email me if you have any questions.  



Full Moon Juice: The Recipe (& Ritual)

Admit something....

Everyone you see, you say to them, "Love me."

Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise someone would call the cops.

Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.

Why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye

that is always saying,

with that sweet moon language,

what every other eye in this world is dying to hear? 

                                                      ~ Rumi

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.50.28 PM.png

It is Saturday... and in a short few hours it will be the full moon.....  The full moon is a reminder that, just like the moon, we are each a reflection of something brilliant and sooo much bigger than we can fathom.  From this brilliance, we are but a seed, a gestation, a birthing, and a growing, despite the outward impression of stillness and stagnancy. This time is so very, very important to us – and taking the moon (and the impending dark of winter) to heart is vital to unlocking the gateways within the yoga practitioner's body and mind.   

The moon connects us deeply to our intuitive nature – the natural aspects within that are all knowing and wise, that drive our cellular intelligence and remind us that balance is our true nature.  When we take pause, we unleash this intelligence, and reflect back to ourselves as elegant and holy.

The full moon this month is even extra extravagant:  It is a super moon, which means it is extra close to the earth tonight, and tomorrow the viewing is the best due to its position in the sky.  

So what does the full moon mean to you?  It is a perfect time to turn off your cell phones, computers, televisions, and all other technology at sun down (like as soon as you finish reading this).  Take a bath, make a creamy delicious dinner with a rich and sweet (organic and pure) dessert.  Eat a smallish dinner and a larger dessert (yep… you heard me right). 

And if you really want to crazy it up and bask in the moonlight, eat your dessert BEFORE dinner, over candlelight with your loved ones (four-leggers count), and take time beneath the moon – even it is cloudy - to breathe in the magnificence.  The silvery, soothing, nourishing moonbeams shall find their way through the laced spaces in the clouds and bring you what is longing to come forth to nourish your life.

Every kind of butter will act a little bit differently.  Being attentive, patient, and observant of the transformation of color and scent will ensure perfect ghee every time! 

Every kind of butter will act a little bit differently.  Being attentive, patient, and observant of the transformation of color and scent will ensure perfect ghee every time! 

And if the evening ritual is not an option for you, the full moon (and even the next day if you've already got plans) is a perfect time to make ghee… Here’s how you do it!

What you will need:  Heavy bottomed stainless steel potstrainer, flour sack kitchen towel (or a piece of cheesecloth), a clear glass, sterillzed container with tight-fitting lid, and1 pound organic unsalted butter

Place your butter in the pot. Bring the butter to a boil, then reduce the heat to a slow, steady simmer. The butter will begin to produce foam. Don’t remove this foam; it will begin to be absorbed into the butter and you will hear the crackling sound of moisture and liquid being evaporated. (Maya Tiwari tells us it sounds like rain falling.)

Let the butter simmer for 45 minutes to one hour. Keep an eye on it and keep the flame on your stove as low as possible. Be sure to have music on that stirs your highest health, and limit conversation.  Let this process be a meditation and infuse your ghee with Love Love LOVE. 

The ghee is done when you see browned butterfat caramelized on the bottom of the pan and the top portion of the ghee is clear and golden.

Cool down significantly (so you do not break the glass container into which you transfer it).  Pour it very slowly, so the caramelized and browned butterfat remain on the bottom of the pan.  (Yogi Tip:  If you have a tendency to feel "weakened" by the winter weather, pour your ghee over a jar full of pitted dates and eat one each morning to increase ojas--internal life juice). 

Store on your kitchen counter, out of direct sunlight.  Always use a clean dry spoon for each “dipping”.  Use in place of butter, drop a dollop in your coffee or tea in the morning, or add to turmeric and hot water as an evening "hot toddy".  Om Chandrayah Namah!



"What Matters Most" A two-part podcast with my soul sister

Hello Beloveds....

I am SO grateful as I write this... My sweet friend, mentor, and goddess of writing the forward on my book, Pilgrim:  Living Your Yoga Every Single Day, Dr. Deborah Kern has been staying with me for the last three weeks and our lives here at the YogaFarm have been enriched as a result.  

We've laughed, danced, cried, walked, rolled around on the floor, taught each other stuff, shared our favorite music, and so much more.  

As part of our time together, we realized one day, while washing dishes, that our conversations were worth a share to our collective listeners, readers, and students.  


We promptly headed up to my office and nestled into my fancy "recording studio".  We planned nothing except a single topic of discussion:  What Matters Most.  We made two recordings:  each 20 minutes in length.  

Enjoy!  We love you! 

Turn Up the JUICE -- and watch MAGIC happen!

Let me tell you where it ALL begins.

It all begins within:  Within YOU. 

"You were given a body for a very good reason.  It is more than just a skin bag.  It’s your vehicle, your very fancy ride.  The better you take care of it, the more good clean joy you can pack in it for the journey, and the more amazing gifts you can share while you are out there enjoying the views.  Moving your body is foundational to caring for the “anamaya kosha” or what we like to call in yoga, the 'modified food body’.... 

(excerpt from Pilgrim:  Touchstone #1:  Move My Body)

Here's the thing - I use movement to inspire me, to open any clogged channels in the body so prana (that’d be life force) can effortlessly pulse through every thought, feeling and action that moves through me. 

Most importantly, you can use movement to stimulate juiciness in your whole life!  No more thinking about burning calories, reaching some amorphous target heart rate or counting down the time on the treadmill.  No more counting.  It is vitality that counts.  And... it is balance, joy, ease, health, and sustainable practices that you seek....  You can call this wellness if you want.  I know it in my bones as Yoga  -- Yoga isn’t only something that you do -- especially when limited to a rubber rectangle….  Yoga is ultimately something that you ARE -- beneath all the hubbub of busy, and the "too much of a good thing” andthe “not enough” of another.



Yoga is what you experience when you are aligned with what you want most — when your thoughts, words, actions are daily activities are all moving in the direction of your dreams.

And it is yours for the asking.  
And it is yours for the taking.

All you gotta do is know you want it... and take the first step.  

Beautiful Thursday to you...

Britt is a thought leader, love preacher, and spiritual activist.  She is the author of Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day and is a guiding light in the yoga & ayurveda worlds, dedicated to bringing their powerful & simple teachings to the forefront of life today.  She is a guide to discovering the hidden depths of yoga and to bring these potent teachings to day to day life.  Britt lives with her husband at Deva Daaru YogaFarm, an hour outside Portland, Oregon where she lives her yoga, shares her teachings through online programs, facilitates yoga teacher trainings, and hosts Live Your Yoga events & Daycations.   Follow Britt on Facebook,  Twitter, & Instagram

You Can Fake an Orgasm, but......

You can fake an orgasm, but you cannot fake goosebumps.

It's true.  

I've danced around putting it down in writing for years.  
But it's true.  
I'm not saying it's a good thing.  
I'm just saying its true.

And it reveals a LOT.

I look for the goosebumps.  I have for years and years. When I get goosebumps I know I am being touched by something bigger and smarter than the obvious.  I know there is a resonant fullness at my doorstep and I have learned to always, always, always answer the call.

This morning while teaching a yoga class to a group of creative entrepreneurs from all over the world (who had little to no yoga experience prior to coming to the YogaFarm), I felt goosebumps spread like fire across my skin, and tears stream down my face as I realized (in my bones) what had been unfolding for the last nine days.

Watching them move through our 9th consecutive day of morning practice....  I witnessed them follow their own breath (instead of mine).  I watched them move according to the direction of their own bodies (not mine). and I gently observed as they took pause to marinade in their own fullness, with eyes closed (instead of looking out at me as if I represent that "thing" that they want to be but are not).  

I watched as they felt for the internal impulse of "yes" to rise... and I watched them follow it....

Again and again.... I watched them follow it.... deep into the reason they came here.  To BE Yoga. 

And it gave me goosebumps.  

Of course it did.

I watched them become their own teachers, their own guides, their own guru.... after just nine days.  This is what yoga can and does do.

You see:  I SEE YOU

I see you longing to live a life of vibrancy, creativity, clarity, and potency.  I see you wanting to be part of what is going to make this world a better place -- as creative, as mother, as daughter, as business owner, as executive, as assistant, as gardener, and grandparent.

The fact that you are seeking these sorts of experiences and impact in your own life motivates me to shine as brightly as I can... and to do the VERY best I can for you, so YOU can experience the greatest that was designed for you in this life.  

I don't want to blow sunshine..... okay, well I do.... but not the way it's usually done.  I just want to stand on a park bench and say, "I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE LOVE!" 

And I just want to show you how I learned this to be true....

Love to you. Today.  Always. All Ways.




OMward Bound: It's Time To Rise

Hello Beautiful.

Can you feel it?

It is happening.

It's okay.

The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. 

That means there is a natural letting go beginning to unfold... it's becoming time to release what no longer serves you.... to open the portals and exhale what once worked but no longer does...

Without effort.  
Without struggle.  
Just exhale.  
Let go.  
Say yes.


Everything you have ever LONGED for.  
Everything you have ever wanted your life to be
is within your reach.

 Start somewhere, Beloved.  

Come if you are called. 

Walk with me on the beach or in the ethers.  

And if it's not with me, that's okay too.  

I just want you to see how brilliant you are.


that's all.  that's enough.

Do You Know How Beautiful You Are? (I Think Not, My Dear)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....

and YOU are the ONE who beholds YOU.

We spend so much time making ourselves "better", striving, and  "becoming".... Smarter. Prettier.  Stronger. Skinnier.

 I think we've gotten it pretty much all wrong.  

It's not about all that becoming, it's about being... and watching as the layers of effort and struggle and "not enough" begin to fall away.  

It all makes sense...   You've been on the diet, done the cleanse, cut out sugar, dairy, wheat or alcohol (for a while), lost a few pounds and you felt ABSOLUTELY incredible! 

But then something went awry.  And from high on life you fell, without being entirely sure WHY you lost your gumption for the good stuff.  This happens.  A Lot.  To a LOT of people.

Truth is, habits can be like thin coats of paint on an old house -- if they are haphazardly smeared on top of "life as it is".   Without understanding or consideration for how these habits can be integrated with intention and lasting impact, they sluff off with the slightest change in season.

Here's a holy, hot secret...

- things you can do EVERY SINGLE DAY -
That which doesn't SERVE you FALLS AWAY
and the things that don't do your body good

Healthy habits are those tiny little things you do every single day without fail... every. single. day.  Not with rigidity.  Not with force.  But with constant, fluid pressure like the consistent flow of water forms the soft lines of a river rock. 

Wanna learn more, do you?



$279 FOR 108 DAYS
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If you walk with us


PILGRIM is all about taking steps that are just right for you -- walking toward and fully into your life as you have so desired for so long and letting go of all those things that are not working, not happening and never gonna happen.
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Here is how it works.

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It's potent.  It's delicious.  It's RICH.  


Purify the Vessel: You are THAT Which Light Flows Through

Walk with Me.

PILGRIM is all about taking steps that are just right for you -- walking toward and fully into your life as you have so desired for so long and letting go of all those things that are not working, not happening and never gonna happen.

:: D O N E ::

Here is how it works.

* Weekly phone calls -- a topic, a conversation, a strategy: where you can either listen in and/or participate or download/stream and listen later
* Downloadable copy of:  Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day, to guide your journey + corresponding workbook
* Fully supported as you get clear on what you want, and you fill your life with the higher things, one tiny little bit at a time (and the not so beneficial bunk just falls away)  
*  Plethora of created-just-for-this-program  videos, audios, and an online community forum to explore, share your victories, put your bones out there if you want, and call yourself to rise up and get on with what you came here for.

It's big.  It's delicious.  It's RICH.  

- and it's $279 for 108 Days - + once a Pilgrim -- always a Pilgrim!  (you can do it again next year,  for free!)



It took me 40 Years to Learn What Works: THIS Works (& it is not work).

It took me nearly 40 years to start to truly take care of myself... I danced around it and gave "self-care" some glorious lip service.  I'd take an hour here, or get a massage there.  But really I just skimmed the surface.  

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 8.10.41 AM.png

It wasn't until I took an airplane ride to a place by myself for myself and slept in a king size bed with the ocean waves lapping outside my window -- all on my own.... for ME and me alone.... 

That is when I realized how limited my living had become.

So, I got serious.   I faced the reality that depletion served no one.  It wasn't a badge of honor.  It wasn't serving those I serve.  It was a loser.  Total and utter loser.  My husband lost.  My students lost.  My family lost.  I lost. 


When that kind of "ah-ha" moment shows up... there's no arguing.

You might know where I'm coming from.  Maybe you've been taught that taking time out and spending money on yourself as an act of self-care is selfish... that it is a "no go" (or a "no no").  

But, I've got a question for you:  How's that working for you?  I mean REALLY.  

Think of it this way:  

How much do you spend each year in attempts to "fill your void"?  

A new pair of shoes here, a dinner out... a few new things for the living room... dessert... a pair of earrings... a bottle of wine... another bottle of wine....."  And what of the repercussions of THAT?  The expensive protein powder (because you've let yourself go and gotta clean up your act), the Advil... because you're all stressed out and have a headache... the co-pay at your doctor... the massage (yeah... it's good for you, but not so good if you are dealing with symptoms your lifestyle has created).... and the fish oils,  the probiotics....  Again, that stuff is GOOD for you... but these aren't intended to be bandaids, Sisters.  And it gets expensive -- not just in the financial sense. 

So, what if you did it differently this time? 

A little more consciously.  What if you took the chance and did things with a bit more intention?  What if you lovingly announced, "I'm heading off the grid into an immersion for a week.... I'm really wanting to up my game on how I show up in the world... and all I do and with whom I care most about..... so I am taking a week to do JUST THAT... I'm stepping out for a 'fraction of a lifetime' to reboot, and remember what matters most."  

Just watch.  Watch what happens.  

Better yet, Feel.  Feel what happens.

Spoiler alert:  Every single person you touch wins.


It starts right here.   You Ready?  I got something for you.   

I have been longing to sit with you, and just talk....

We sat around the farm table last Saturday night with a rainbow spread of food from our garden, prepared with laughter and love by the hands of so many new, amazing friends.  It was almost surreal, and yet exactly as envisioned... 

We were exhausted, yet overflowing with goodness -- and we were teetering on that fine line between totally inspired and a blade's edge of overwhelm.  It kept us present -- if purely as a state of necessity.  

I looked at Starla across the table, the LA-based photographer, known for shooting Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Ben Affleck, who, mysteriously-to-me, agreed to take on my tiny little project at the YogaFarm.  She shook her head and tapped her long, silver-polished fingernails and said, “the shoot today was absolutely amazing."  She looked in my eyes and continued, "This tribe of people you have gathered here is phenomenal… this team, your students, this land, the food, you, and what you are doing here… all of it… all of it is over the top… it is out of this world, truly.”  

Those are very big words to take in.  I still haven't fully received the bounty of this past weekend.  So, I certainly can't do it right in a blog post, but I want to give you a small taste of what is happening behind the scenes in my world — because it is important that you know where I am — and how all of this that has been built, and was built to be shared.  How all of this culmination of life force and blood, sweat, and tears (not just mine -- but equally my husband's) has an intention that includes you, and others just like you.

... and it all started about 18 months ago when it hit me that I wanted more people to have heart access to  what I had been given.... 

You see, when people find me, the teachings, and the YogaFarm,  the response is positive. However, the "finding" has been a little like procuring a needle in a haystack -- not because it is not there... but because there is so much noise in the world, and what is true, real, going to be "worth it" and lasting, is hard to  find.  You see...

It's not really about the yoga 'on the mat' 
Yoga is a conduit for joy  
— happiness for no reason —
& a bee-line for radical self-acceptance

In my twenty some years of teaching, I have come to realize that there is so much attention being given to the “tip of the iceberg” and “pretty shiny” things.  I have come to realize that I do not want to feed into such nonsense, and I also do not want to devote an ounce of energy to bucking it either. 


I want to share what lives beneath the surface of contemporary, popular practice because this is what healed me; saved me 

And so the journey began.  I spent countless hours getting clear on what I do and how I do it differently.  I became even more committed to truth and transparency; love and abundance.  And in this process, I met Carrie Anne Moss, who is not only a stunningly gorgeous human being and actress, but also the founder of the Fierce Grace Collective and Anna Purna Living -- two powerful, vested platforms for teaching women about love, grace, power, and presence.  She wanted to interview me for a women’s series… and so our soul-sisterhood began.  

At the same time, I found Tara Gentile, and although I am not so much drawn to the business behind what I do, I have learned that there is value in learning and accepting the "business backdrop" of teaching yoga and offering opportunities for growth — not for the sake of making a bunch of money, but because there are systems and intentions that when implemented wisely, I am equipped to share seamlessly the grace that has been transmitted to me from my teachers.  The result is greater impact  for more people seeking light in a dark and challenging world. 

And so it began... the life I had been building with my husband, down a gravel road with no cell service and sketchy internet, became interesting to others -- I was interviewed by Annapurna Living and Hello Freedom.  My perspective was published in Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, Yoga International, and Mary Jane’s Farm, and I was featured soulful entrepreneur and  prominent yoga teacher by Mantra Magazine.  I had multiple yoga sequences published by MindBodyGreen.... I wrote Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day and launched its corresponding 108 Day Virtual Journey, and I filled an immersion 200+ hour accredited yoga teacher training, with a waiting list, housed and taught at the YogaFarm, for one long weekend a month for seven consecutive months. All this,  and I continued to teach regular yoga classes, garden, can, practice my yoga, and offer ongoing retreats at the YogaFarm and abroad.

"I" ... "I"... "I"... 
(I just reread) and "I" is nonsense.  
This is not about me

It's about THIS and how it affects YOU
And how all of this is unfolding quickly and intensely
and I want you to know where I am on this land & in my heart

So today... I am in process of refining Pilgrim, honing in on the best and most brilliant aspects of my YTT200 held at the YogaFarm, and am transitioning my blog from print only to print +  podcast (late fall).  I am also working with a lovely woman named Sarah Alcalmo out of NYC to guide me in gaining crystal clarity  on determining my best and most potent offerings, and this past weekend was the icing on the cake...  I collaborated with  Starla Fortunato and a team of amazing beings (Kristin, Nancy, & Angela) to help me take the best of my best from vision and verbal description to image.... You'll be seeing a new website this fall, clear and instinctual photos of the farm and the teaching, as well as a cooking and lifestyle book coming next year.  

And so... I just wanted you to know...

My focus is clear:  I love you.

My focus is clear:  You are love.

I am here to shine,
because you are here to shine. 

I am here to hold the lamp for you — whether you want to deepen your understanding of yoga on the mat, or how you can access more brilliance, grace, and potency in your life as you know it.  (You can call it what you want — I will call it “living your yoga” — for I use yoga as a conduit to awaken the innate brilliance in all of us -- and the mat is just a "prop".)

the studio at the YogaFarm... and its windows to the soul....

the studio at the YogaFarm... and its windows to the soul....

The way I do this comes in a triad of offerings:  

  • I offer Pilgrim:  a 108 Day Virtual Journey where you get the best of me for 108 Days — as your guide.  I hold a lamp for you, every single day from September 12th - December 28th so you can see how brilliant you are…. one tiny step at a time.  You need not see the entire path before you.  You only need to see the next clear step.
  • I offer a Yoga Teacher Training immersion style, with 16 brilliant souls, of which you can be one, where we live our yoga, practice our yoga, share our yoga
  • I teach Yoga You can join me for classes in Portland twice a week — a community yoga class at Yoga Pearl, and a two hour “better than church” Sunday morning two hour practice.  I also offer retreats — both at the YogaFarm and on location (upcoming Sayulita Mexico and Puglia, Italy) — to tease you out of your world and immerse you in the teachings that remind you how brilliant you are.

If you struggle. 
I’ve got something for you. 
If you long for love. 
Oh.... do I ever have something for you. 
If you seek deep connections,
more potency, clarity and joy in your life,
I will share completely with you what has changed my life
and brought me to the most brilliant place
where I realize that all that I have ever sought
in my life is already right here —
I simply need to reach out and say “yes”.  


You, too, can say “yes”. 
It’s your choice.  
It’s Here.  
Waiting for you to take that next, single step.  
Truth is:  you don’t have to know how. 
You just have to know that you want it,
and take the first step. 
The path reveals before your eyes….
that’s how this stuff works.


I’m here if you want me to hold the lamp for you.  

Love, light, and so much brilliance shining your way... wherever you are. 

Love. Om. B

The Strangest Relationship I Ever Did Have :: With My Dad.

I will spare you the gory details, but.... 

Let's just say my dad contributed to who I am today the way heat and pressure contribute in turning coal into a diamond.  

Tomorrow is SUNday and the day after that   is the one day that has more light than any other day the entire year.  That, and tomorrow is Father's Day... And in Yoga, the Sun is a symbol for Father (father sky0...

So, I might as well shine some light myself.... its all around us, and everybody's doing it.

History:  There are more than six kids in my family, and I am the youngest by six years.

I used to think of myself as a "mistake" but I have grown to prefer to think of my conception more in the way a super nova is formed.  I find it to be a considerably more "enlightening" and  productive way to think about how I came to be.


  1. a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.

So, today I am writing about my Dad.  In me.  And the ways I am grateful for his not-so-great way of being a dad, and "pressuring" me toward who I am today.

My dad is no longer living.  He died about a decade ago.  But he lives on in a bunch of kids, of which, I am One.

My dad was a real character.  He was funny.  Charismatic.  Attractive (maybe not "good looking" so much -- but he drew people to him like a flame attracts a moth).  He had a great voice, sang most of the time as I recall, and was a self-taught piano player, and a great dog trainer.  He loved to cook and dance in his night gown (yes, he wore a nightgown), and he was an artist, Truly.  He was tall and engaging.  

But I also think he was lonely.  And a little lost.  In many ways, I think he got stuck in a life that didn't suit him, and so stuff kept sneaking out sideways.

It's no secret that he was the catalyst (note: I do not say "cause") for a lot of heat in my life and in the lives of those I love. I share that pretty freely.  My dad, he did some funny things and made some choices that to this day make my eyebrows crook when I think about them.  

But, without him, I wouldn't be here. Nor would my siblings, which would be a bummer (from where I sit now).  And if it had been someone else that would have been my "dad", I would be totally different.  Everything would be different. 

And I really quite like how things area.  How and who I am.  Here.  As I am. Just like this. 

And so, sideways as he was, I can say easily that I loved him.  And that I still do.  And I'm also grateful for ALL that he was.  Not just the ways he was a good dad.

I'll tell you one other thing.  I used to take a painstakingly amount of time to select a Father's Day card for him.  None of them were ever quite right, and it wasn't the same when I crossed stuff out on cards to make them more accurate.  So, I would just choose one that about love.... somehow.  One year, when I was about 16, he told me when he opened the card, "You never mean any of this stuff.  I know that." I just looked at him and smiled a sort of soft and agreeing smile.  That sort of summed up our relationship, on the good days.  

But allow me to circle back.  I love him.  Always did.  Do now.  And always will.  And I am grateful for ALL that he was.

It can be like that you know.  You can be grateful for the weird and "wrong" stuff too.  And it doesn't mean you are condoning it.  It just means there's more peace and possibility available to you. 

You might be one of the lucky ones... maybe you had the greatest dad on the planet, who was always there for you, lived a life of honesty and integrity, and did a whole bunch of great things while he was here. Or you might have had yourself a dead-beat dad, or picked out a dead-beat dad for you kids.  I say to that, "NEVER MIND".   I mean -- I am living proof that pressure and heat can bring forth light.  You, or or kids, if that's the case.... are also living proof.  It doesn't take anything more than a desire.  You don't have to know "how" to do anything.  You just have to want to shine.  Let the universal order of things, love, and light do the rest.  

The month or so before he died, I had the chance to go home to Minnesota and spend some time with him.  We went for a car ride and he sang, like I remembered him doing so many times when I was young... even though it was different given an oxygen tank was also in the picture.  I made us rootbeer floats and we talked about stuff that didn't matter, because he wasn't one to talk about anything that mattered, at least not with me.  I had the time and the opportunity to wash his feet and to forgive him for anything that may have been too painful for me to love him through at the time.  And we rested together.  It was really beautiful.  And it was enough.

So that's MY dad... the one I trust did the best he could with what he had.  


It's all worth while, ya know?  The pain and the love.  The truth and the other stuff.  The suffering and the celebration.  It's ALL worth while if we remember to LOVE.

And one last reminder, in case you missed this part: Pressure and heat?  They aren't all bad.  

I kind of like the fact that I'm a diamond because of it.

Me and my Dad ❤

Me and my Dad ❤

You are too.  So as I see it there is no reason good enough to NOT shine on back at that dad, dead or alive, dead-beat or trophy-worthy, and to JUST LOVE HIM.

Come on.  

I know you can do it.  

When we shine on others, whomever they may be, they then have the greatest opportunity to rise to their highest, to burn off that dark shit and be the brilliance they came here to be.  (Pro tip:  You don't have to do this in person:  it works to do it as a prayer or simple heart-felt offering and that daddy-o of yours, he doesn't even need to be alive or even know what hit him).

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  It's a Sunday.  That's a yoga day for Fathers.  And it's the LONGEST lit day (by the SUN, by the Father) of the whole year. I see everything as yoga, ad THAT is some seriously neat stuff.  And sooooo right on. I dig how yoga is everywhere and in all things.  Even in my dad!  

Love you guys.  And love you too, Dad.  Wherever you are.  

Om. B

Awakening Your Power Within: My Story

Last week I was published in Mind Body Green.  The article I wrote came flooding forth as a result of an experience I had a few weeks back... If time has gotten away from you and you wanted to read it, but didn't get to it.... here it is:

A few years back I heard a well-known teacher say to her students, “Yoga doesn’t give you super powers.” I remember furrowing my brow as she spoke these words. I disagreed then, and today. In fact, I am convinced that all of my super powers have come from yoga.

Last week, I drove to the city to teach a class. On my drive back to the country, my throat started to hurt and my body began to ache. I came home and crawled under the covers.

I woke up with a fever that night, aching all over and dripping in sweat. I remember surrendering completely and being washed in tears, allowing the sound of my crying and the wetness of my tears and saliva to flow freely, like a child does, until I felt complete, and at ease. I rolled back over and returned to sleep.

The next morning confirmed it: I had a fever over 100 and I could not swallow. I slept in and canceled my morning class.

Nothing a couple of days in bed couldn’t cure, right? Well, there was only one problem with that plan. In six hours, 16 beautiful souls were scheduled to arrive for a four-day intensive training as part of a nine-month-long yoga teacher training.

So I got up and drew a bath. I took a long soak and then sat to meditate. I relaxed my body and called upon the wisdom that lives beyond, yet in, and through, my physical form. I tapped into my nervous system and I gathered resources, stored in quiet corners of my body and directed them toward my throat, my thymus gland, and my lymph system. I unlocked the gateways I’ve learned to open and released, without name, waste and useless energy from by body. I expanded myself to what lies above and beyond my “body” as I know it and allowed grace to enter me.

I got up, feeling no better but no worse, and got dressed.

I had work to do.

A new housekeeper had to be trained, the caterer was en route, and my assistant had a list of last-minute tasks. I made a mental list of what was not critical to start the training, and I let everything but the essential tasks go.

I moved about my day, doing what had to be done while simultaneously guiding my body to, and through, the detailed process of healing. As my assistant greeted arriving students, I retreated to my private quarters. Instead of a group dinner, I sipped miso soup in my room.

I opened the evening session, relaxed, at ease, and peaceful. I had a sore throat. I was tired. I had a fever. But I was not sick. My body was healing.

I told my students that I would be titrating energy and splitting my attention between being present with them and the process of healing. But to my delight, I found I was able to be completely present, even while my body healed.

When certain parts of the body and mind aren’t available to show up, other parts—the best parts—rise to the surface.

Here is where the super powers kick in.

I drank miso and tea for two days, consuming no solid food while expending immense amounts of physical, mental, and emotional energies. I taught a full curriculum and felt strong and capable—despite having a sore throat that progressed into a hefty head cold. By Saturday evening, I had lost my voice, but my spirit was strong. I was able to fully realize that my body is an instrument through which life force flows. And I was able to titrate that energy, keeping most for healing but still sending potent bits outward to my students.

How did I do this? Two words: super powers. I’d heard about these powers from my teacher 20 years ago, but I didn’t have access to them. Slowly I learned how to make manifest the promise of yoga in my body, my mind, and my life.

You, too, have these powers: the power within you to realize that you are not your body. You can be alert, present, and peaceful AND be in a body that is actively fighting illness and infection.

Yoga teaches us to harness our energies.

Yoga teaches us that we are not, in actuality, the anamaya kosha(physical or modified food body) and that we can call upon the pranamaya kosha (energy body) that permeates our being and rides upon the breath. We can also call upon the manamaya kosha (mental and emotional energies) to nourish us and inspire us or the vijnanamaya kosha (the high and wise body, our quiet intelligence) to guide us into action and titration of energy in times of need.

Best and most of all, we can recognize that the anandamaya kosha is the part of us made up of the cosmic energy that animates all of creation. It is that energy, that power, we can cultivate, harvest, direct, and draw upon and through an ailing, healing, amazing body.

So, keep practicing your yoga. Keep meditating. Keep doing your pranayamah and looking for the ways in which your whole presence can be at ease on this planet. Keep breathing, studying yourself, and following freedom wherever you go. It’s that flow you find and follow on the mat that will lead to your inner flow and freedom off the mat.

Do these things, and the super powers of yoga will be yours.



Take me to Mind Body Green for more like this

Want more light like this in your life?

Bio:  Britt is described as a thought leader, love preacher, truth seeker, and yoga teacher.  She is the author of Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day and is a guiding light in the yoga & ayurveda worlds, dedicated to bringing their powerful & simple teachings to the forefront of life today.  She works with students and teachers alike to discover the hidden depths of yoga and to bring these potent teachings into day to day life. Britt lives with her husband at Deva Daaru YogaFarm, an hour outside Portland, Oregon where she lives her yoga, shares her teachings through online programs, facilitates yoga teacher trainings, and hosts Live Your Yoga events & Daycations.   Follow Britt on Facebook,  Twitter, & Instagram

A Public Proclamation of Love.

This is my public proclamation of Love.

About 15 years ago, I noticed that I started putting hearts everywhere.  I'd draw them on my grocery list.  I'd use them instead of punctuation when I journaled.  I'd sign my emails Love, Britt even if I had never met the person.  I was setting an intention, I suppose.  And at the same time, my intention to "be yoga, be nourishment, be nature, and to Be Love" was just moving through me.  I still draw hearts. Everywhere.

You see.  It's simple:  Love is why we came here.  It’s what we are.  I seriously love EVERYONE.  I love my ex-husband (still and a lot and it takes NOTHING away from my marriage to my current husband — whom I also love a LOT and am so GLAD to call "mine")

I love the police officer who arrested me when I was 19 and the could-have-been-boss who never hired me.  I love the one who cut my position, and the one who told me I wasn’t welcome without saying a word.  I love those who open the doors of their heart to me again and again.  I love Trump and Bernie and Hillary and Cruz.  I love them and the alternative does neither of us any good.  

I love those who have loved me out loud, scorned me, shunned me, deleted my comments, unfriended me on Facebook, and criticized me.  I love ALL beings.  Those who have money and don’t want to give it up and those who have none and want it given to them without cause.  I love those who run sweatshops and have caused others harm with intention and ignorantly.

I will say it again:  WHAT, dear friends,  is the alternative?  To NOT love?  For what desired outcome?  And for what ultimate good? 

For me, I will go on loving.  I will love always. For this is why I have come here.  And this is what I will do in the face of darkness, light, love and loss until I no longer walk this earth. This is my tiny little light shining forth on the world… My lamp may never be a “12000 candle” brightness… but when one lost soul gets lost in the woods, I will hold up my single, bright flame and they can come to my House.  

Om. B

Pretty Shiny Nothings.

I was on the phone with a friend and fellow yoga teacher from out of state this morning.  I was sharing with her how it seems that our local yoga market is saturated with teachers and their offerings.  I explained how there are dozens, if not more, events and workshops available each weekend for students to choose from.  To which she replied, "Oh No!  It's happening THERE too?"  

Of course, yoga for the masses is not a bad thing -- it's a very good thing.  We also know that when there is too much from which to choose, and a lot of hype and flash and "pick me! pick me!" going on.... it's incredibly challenging for one seeking quality to find what they came looking for:  Quality.

This goes far beyond yoga.  That is, if yoga isn't a huge part of your life, but personal enhancement is, this inundation of offerings holds true for many other markets -- coaching, wellness, self-healing, and personal growth.   Finding quality without the hype and hassle is becoming harder and harder to find.

I choose this topic today for one reason:  If I'm not part of the solution, I'm part of the problem.  

So I am here to state my intention, to be clear about what drives me, and to identify and share what I will bring to impact change.

My intention:  

To do what I can, when I can, for whomever I can, with what I have for as long as I can (Jimmy Carter coined that, but it gives me goosebumps and I trust goosebumps.)  I aspire to support each soul that walks my way in knowing three basic things:  one:  you are already whole, two:  yoga is a loving, inclusive & powerful practice and way of BEing that can be implemented into one's life and be coordinated with ALL and ANY spiritual traditions.  It comes from wholeness and exists in wholeness.  And, three:  when in doubt, repeat one & two.

What drives me:

Wholeness is my driver.  I know this stuff works.  I know yoga works on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.  I know it to be non-manipulative and non-harming.  I know it be accepting and inclusive in all ways.  I know it to be all loving.  I know it to be WAY more than the silly little high speed videos I post of myself doing postures on Facebook.  The asanas (postures if you will) are the gateways.  That's it.  They are nothing but the way in.  The way into Wholeness -- the place from which everything comes, to which everything returns and in which everything exists here and now.

What I bring:

I am committed to provide, for you who seek it it, a step by step way to get from where you are to where you long to be.  Part of this, magically, is bringing forth the realization that all that you have been taught about you limitations,  your less-than-isms, and your lack?  ALL.  NOT.  TRUE.  In all I do, I will offer you to both see and experience a path with an end in sight.  Enough of this "becoming disease".  The path is the way.  The path itself is the means. The means to an end -- Your end.  Your Way. You are the Way. Your life is the way.  You get it?  The most incredible path you seek to walk is already before you -- it is your life.  YOUR Life.  

My parting message:   Go for what matters and for what lasts... Darn it if we aren't attracted to the pretty shiny stuff!   There's a lot of sparkly stuff out there making big claims and lots of promises. Arm balances, inversions, yoga soirees, and collaborations with the greatest organic new-something-or-other on the planet and your favorite yoga teacher. Truth is, these things are only going to take you so far.  Cuz' at the end of the ride, its just you, Babe.  Just. You.  

So you're the one you want to get to know..... the deep-in-your-bones-kind-of get to know.




Normal is SO Overrated.

It came up again.  

I knew it would.

I was teaching a group of teachers whose longing for life shines forth from their eyes as we sat in a circle and talked about how yoga is in all things in all ways at all times.  

And then it happened.

I heard myself say it.

"Normal is dysfunctional."  


It was a reply to a comment from a brilliant soul, a mother, a dreamer, a powerful woman entering her middle years, "I just want to be normal."  I saw her longing and I remembered feeling that way myself... a long time ago in another world I once referred to as "my life". 

When we are surrounded by "normal", we want it.  It's almost all we can see, and do everything we can to get it. We want the house, the retirement account, and the fashionable haircut for ourselves. We want to be invited to the neighborhood social.  We want to be popular like we were in high school but with different things at stake.  We want our living room and our closet organization to be Pinterest-worthy. 

But we find out eventually, that when we get those things.  Those "normal" things that everyone wants. They aren't quite what we thought they'd be, and we don't quite feel like we hoped we would having gotten them.  We are happy, sure.  For a moment, but then it wanes, and there's a "new normal"... lurking, ready to get us running again.

And then things really don't go as planned:  one day you wake up with a fever that develops into something bigger, or get a phone call that rocks your world, or you walk downstairs in your silk pajamas, into your picture perfect living room and find that the new puppy has chewed the side off of the couch you just bought on credit.  

And all that happy slips out the back door, unapologetically.

No warning.  No way to keep it. Just Gone.

I'm gonna give it to you straight.  

Normal isn't healthy.  

Normal is going to keep you chasing the next new nail polish color, diet trend, handheld device, or after school curriculum for your kid, or even more sneakily, it will keep you chasing the latest parenting style or self-help Guru.

Let's face it. Normal doesn't fill us with what we want most.  Not really. 

Why not?  Because Normal is filled with looking for happiness outside of ourselves, striving to fit in, keeping the peace in the family, being the "good girl", and not getting too "weird" or presumably selfish or indulgent.

Normal keeps you busy doing mundane things for others while you are stuffing your exhaustion, foregoing self-care for a Grande Americana and two ibuprofen.

But you're okay.  Or so you'll keep telling yourself.  

"Normal" is in the business of  constantly bombarding you with finding some misnomer of value in a busy, bouncy, juice box and fruit snacks, superficial, intoxicated, numbed-out world.  

Normal doesn't function.  

-- it is dysfunctional -- 

:: and it has the power to destroy us :: 

But sometimes, because the stars align or something, you'll never know for sure, shifts....

You wake up one day and

say YES to the things that move you.  

You say YES to taking the morning off work and walking through the park and barren sidewalks, picking what others call weeds to place in a small vase in your kitchen window.  You say YES to planting raspberries against the sunny side of your garage and inviting your girlfriends over to make jam and talk about the dreams they want to resurrect in their lives.  You say YES to being the not-so-normal mom who won't bring prepackaged treats to soccer practice, and instead, you send the TV in your kitchen to the homeless shelter and replace it with your iPod playing Tina Malia or Trevor Hall so you can fill your heart with goodness while you smear heaping tablespoons of unsweetened peanut butter to the inside edge of a mason jar and fill the remaining space with apple slices.  

You lug your peanut butter and apple filled mason jars

to soccer practice and ask the kids to gather round for snack time.  

THAT is NOT normal.

But it gets worse/better.

You start making your own sugar scrubs and milk baths and refuse to put anything on your body that you wouldn't consume.  You replace your  fancy lotion with organic sesame oil, and you, more often than not, replace your evening cocktail with sparkling water, lime and bitters.  

THAT is NOT normal.

And you slowly begin to realize.... that the peace you seek lives within you.  That the happiness you've been chasing is tethered to the energy you live forth through your hands as you pick berries, and run your fingers through your little one's hair with conversation about friendships and nature filling the air.   And you realize that your happiness comes from your morning journal and meditation time,  your sipping tea in the silent wee hours of the morning time before you practice yoga and go about your day.  


And it's not normal.

But it's happy.  Very very happy.

HAPPINESS for NO REASON but happiness itself.

THAT is NOT normal.

But happiness for NO REASON

is the REASON you are here.

Now, you see:  Normal is SO overrated.

Love. B