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Love Preacher.  

Truth Speaker.  

Lamp Holder.


I think of myself not as the light, but the one who holds the lamp for others.  And just like a candle can light a thousand others without diminishing itself, I feel like that’s my calling: to light you up so that you can light up others. 


I help seekers, dreamers, and doers discover the power they already have through the practice of living their yoga. I help individuals bring light to their lives, and I work one-on-one with leaders to shine that light out into other reaches of the world.







Life is so much more than what fits in an official “bio” (though, you will find that below if you like).


I’m not your typical yogi. Not your typical anything, really. I’m not a hippie, not a pose junkie, not really into woo-woo. I’m into the here and now, how yoga is in the real world, how we integrate our ancestral roots, and our spiritual upbringing (or lack there of) into the day to day.


I sit at “normal” events like concerts and sports games and I look for the elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) in people to describe them. I watch how they move and listen to how their bodies tell me their story - not their voices.  


I love getting the flu because it’s the best cleanse, and when my body has to take a back seat to my heart and intuition, that’s when things really get good.  


I don’t think there are bad people and I don’t think bad things happen.  

I think everything and everyone helps us to evolve if we ask ourselves the simple question, “How can this help me grow?”


I used to smash up pieces of white bread to make the “eucharist” and pretend I was the priest offering communion.  I wanted to either be the Pope or a gymnast... but I’m 5’10” so  gymnast is out... 


I have always wanted to live in a church.  

I thought it’d be the coolest thing ever... To renovate an old one — but instead, when I designed Deva Daaru Yoga Farm, I just put church windows in the attic.  


I’ve thought about shaving my head many times, not because I want to renounce everything, but because hair, especially my hair, is a complete nuisance and I am obviously attached to it... so maybe I ought to just get over myself and get on with the head shaving.  


I have often wanted to start a clothing line with yoga clothes with seven colors -- one for each day of the week (dictated by the planet that governs each day according to yogic astrology) and then never have to think about what to wear again.   


I’ve slept alone in a ten foot square space in the forest of rural Mexico for days and nights with a wool blanket, a sheep skin, and a feather — foregoing all food and water:  This time alone, away, and under the moon has become my refuge. I do it every year.


When I was little I had two imaginary friends:  One was named Ramona and she had red wiry curly hair.  The other was named Halloween, and he was a slight framed asian boy with a bowl cut.  I don’t remember him saying much.  


There is more but I’ll stop here.  I’m simply not normal, but who is?  We are all the same under our stories.  All I know for sure is that every day, especially these days, I am "getting over myself", and in this process, I am totally committed to this indescribable path I walk and to supporting others as they walk their own. 


Official Bio:

Britt B. Steele is a thought leader, yoga teacher (in the biggest sense of "yoga").  She is a truth seeker, and the author of Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day. She is dedicated to bringing powerful, yet simple yoga and indigenous teachings to the forefront of life today.  She helps others discover their dormant potential by bringing the sacred into everyday living. Britt is also the designer and co-founder of Deva Daaru YogaFarm, located in the foothills of rural Oregon.






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