You and me?  We’ve been fed a whole lot of nonsense when it comes to balance.  

Whether you’re talking work/life balance, emotional balance, physical balance, or living in balance.  

I hate to break it to you — but what balance really is probably is a far cry from what you were taught.  And this is one the big things that is messing with your happiness. 

Here’s what balance is NOT:  it is not holding it all together — all perfect like.  It’s NOT never losing your shit, never getting upset, falling down or failing.

Balance isn’t about always looking pretty… and it has nothing to do with avoiding failure, get tripped up, or even finding yourself in a full fetal position.

Balance isn’t something we “stick” and “keep”.  And it’s not something you “find” or  “can achieve”.

Rather, it is alive.  It is moving.  Trembling.  Shifting.  Changing.  Giving. Taking. Retracting. Expanding.  Balance is expressing what is — as it is — and doing your best (which is seldom “perfect)) with what is.

If you are a word nerd like me — you might appreciate the historical value of the word balance.  

I quote:  “the word balance dates back to the 1300’s, acknowledging a counterpoint between two “seemingly opposites”.

Balance : like the right side of the body and the left side of the body… or the past and the future… or the right brain and the left brain. Or shadow and light.

Balance :: It is a process of observation and response that eventually brings us into “general harmony between parts”.  

Balance :: It’s leaning into our edges… taking ourselves to the place where we shake a little, grip a little, let go a little… and finally, somehow, find ourselves able to breathe just a little bit more easily.  

And it is in that sweet little moments of “harmony” where we encounter— if only for a breath or two — on the crazy days — a distribution of all of the forces within and without that make up our lives. THIS, dear ones… is real balance.

Now, I’m probably really gonna rock your world… because, contrary to what you’ve been taught, balance cannot be found without friction, polarity, trade-offs, negotiations, and white flag surrenders… All of these things are necessary, and are countered elegantly with energy rising upward, feet planted firmly, and hearts centered… when… we…are TRULY in balance. 

So, then, now that you know what balance IS (and is not), how do you recognize and cultivate balance in your life? 

You don’t.  Not really.  Instead you fortify your nervous system.  You tend to your life practices.  You surround yourself with people who know and love you and support you, and you live in ways that awaken you (not numb you out or dumb you down).  You move your body.  You breathe deeply — everyday.  You align yourself with the five rhythms of nature :: Earth, water, fire, air and space.   

You recognize you are part of something bigger than you could ever imagine, and you tend to that relationship. (Call it what you may.)   

And of COURSE you look at your life — closely — stalk yourself, if you will — and you notice what’s not working — and then you LOOK AWAY.  (What? Yup. YOU LOOK AWAY!).  And instead you look at what you love about your life, what is nourishing you, fortifying you, strengthening you and filling you, and you LOOK to see how you can bring more of ALL THAT into your life.  

That is essentially, how you cultivate BALANCE.  You don’t. 

You fortify your nervous system and just like a sunflower, you turn your attention toward the sun.

So, if you are ready to turn up the light in your life, and you are really ready to get started, download your Get Started Guide below, listen to this week’s podcast episode, and start living your best life already…. 

The world needs all of us LIT UP and ALIVE!

The hardest part is knowing where to start…

This little “Getting Started Guide” holds a few  favorite  practices to  lighten your load and get you headed in the direction of living your best life.  Why on earth would you wait?  You can start now! Simply enter your information, and I’ll send it to you right away.




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The hardest part is knowing where to start

This little "Getting Started Guide" holds a few  favorite  practices to  lighten your load and get you headed in the direction of living your best life.  Why on earth would you wait?  You can start now! 

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