Module 7 [ September 2-5]


List of special populations 

Updated Session Review Form 


Dr. Deb Kern's music and retreat

[Special Populations]

  • teenage girls 
  • children
  • heart disease
  • osteoporosis
  • PTSD
  • prenatal 
  • chair yoga
  • homeless
  • cancer
  • addiction
  • beginners
  • baby boomers
  • athletes(general or specific) 
  • incarcerated
  • at risk youth
  • eating disorders
  • MS
  • COPD
  • elderly 

I wish you deep tunnels without fear.

I wish you children's laughter.

I wish you moonlit crisp skies. 

I wish you real eyes. 

I wish you tears, I wish you clean.

I wish you angels in conference around your bed, holding you. 

I wish you abalone dreams.

I wish you peace. 

I wish you doves in your kitchen. 

Moonlight in your bathroom. 

Candles when your eyes close and dawn when they open. 

I wish you so many arms across your shoulders. 

So many mouths kissing your ears that you smile from the inconvenience. 

I wish you water, oh I wish you water. 

Through your feet flowing like a stream. 

And I wish you  hammocks, and melon on your eyelids. 

Strawberries in your mouth, and fingers, held in your own hand all day. 

~ Ruth Foreman 

[Dr. Deb Kern]





Britt B Steele

Britt B Steele, USA