Empty to Fill.

As a yoga teacher, parent, artist, serious student, or train conductor (whatever, right?)

Point is:  When you come to the mat.... having  a clear vision of what you have come to the mat to receive.... is one of the greatest and most powerful tools you can wield.

Be a vessel.  

I remember back in the day when I taught aerobic classes... Nia...even hardcore fitness classes... I remember thinking, "I wonder if these people know that if they COME to class already with a vision in their minds of what the heck they are aiming to receive in being here, their time will be THAT much more impactful, juicy, and fruitful."  

Now, nearly 20 years later... I stand before my students and remind them that they are empty vessels... The practice EMPTIES them. So they might be FILLED with divine light.   

What the heck is divine light?  It is JUICE.  ENERGY.  JOY. INSPIRATION.  EXPANDED VISION.  You name it, it is THAT. 

We call this divine "vesselness", in Sankrit,  Patra.  (remember there is no 'r' sound in Sanskrit such as in the word, rose... the 'r' is always rolled... the damaru drrrrrrrum of Shiva is sounded with each roll of your tongue :) -- the call to battle your inner demons with each recognition that you, I, WE, are each a Patra.

So look into your students eyes, or if you are the student, look into your teacher's eyes... and share this vital, sacred intention.  Open your heart, your breath, your relaxed body... and what you will receive.... what your students receive will blow your mind.


Om. B