Yoga: Embody Creation

There are thousands of religions on the planet.  But a religion, yoga is not.  Instead yoga is a container that holds space for all religions and lack thereof, all beliefs.  It is a place for all uncertainties to be welcomed and honored, exactly as they are, as one is, in any moment with no agenda to be anything other than what Is. Here and Now.

Further, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways yoga is taught, shared, and believed to be potent.  The highest practice of yoga is that which allows divine oneness to come through everything that is.  The advanced yogi/ni recognizes everything as whole.

From 'The Wisdom of India', written in 1942, "The most curious, most distinctive and at the same time probably the most widely known aspect of Hindu mysticism is the philosophy and practice of yoga.  If the sum of Brahmanism (*scroll to the very bottom for definition of Brahmanism) may be defined as teaching the mystic union of man's true self with the world soul (brahman, God, etc.)  Yoga represents the most direct and well-formulated method for achieving union, and as such constitutes a method for achieving inner stability and depths of the human soul.

Yoga (meaning yoke) represents a form of personal discipline, with the object of "yoking" the body to the soul, and the individual soul to the universal soul." 

When we come to the mat... what is it we seek to create?  What creation, or manifestation of all of the universal energies and all of what is available to us on the planet, do we want to bring into form through our bodies, and through our intentions?  How is it that we set up our mat practice awaken individual creative genius within each of us and our collective creative power as a class, a community, a town or city, a country, and as a planet?


* Brahmanism is the spiritual perspective or practice considered to predate Hinduism and to follow the Vedas, or four spiritual texts, from which we have received all of yoga, ayurveda, and a contextual understanding of our wholeness as creations of Brahman, the creative process of Brahman, and the creators (as Brahma) ourselves.