Asana… with a message from our sponsor.

My teacher, bless his Guruji heart, shares teachings with me via Skype and WeTransfer and email.  Being that I am in the midst of the Deva Daaru School of Yoga & Integral Studies YTT200, he shared this with me to share with my YTT students.  For those of you who are also teachers, and/or serious students…. Ponder this throughout your asana practice -- especially when you are in a challenging place, sensing anxiety, comparison, weakness, or any other seemingly "unwelcome" emotion.

A Traditional definition of the word Asanam.

Anayasena yena syat ajasram brahmacintanam.

Asanam tadvijaniyat yoginam sukhadayakam.

Through whichever (posture) one remains effortlessly relaxed (essentially posture-less) and resolved in devotion to the Lord. (Relaxed out of offence-defense posturing, in total trust and helplessness as a newborn babe in mother’s arms). Let this be known as asanam, which is the giver/opening of grace/felicity to the Yogi’s. (Those who are committed to emotional maturity and cognizing realities.)

Translation from the original Sanskrit By Swami Vagishananda Saraswati. 


See, Yogi Baby… This practice is SO much more than what you see on the cover of the latest yoga magazine.