S U N D A Y    Y O G A

There are not many Gods.  

There is not only one God.  

There is only God.   

Join Britt, Sunday, April 28th from 9am - 11am for a two hour, donation-based yoga class (see below for class format) dedicated to Ishvara, the Sanskrit word that translates into "the one that you worship".  

There are many spiritual traditions, outside of yoga, and even within the practice of Yoga, and there is a sacred lens through which we can see, honor, and appreciate all traditions as paths to peace, leading us to a life lived in reverence and connection to the Whole from which we all come, call it God, Great Spirit, the Universe, Allah… you name it.  

This is the ultimate path of Yoga :: no separation, no delineation, no differences.    

Join Britt as she shares the essence "Ishvara" and how we can use these vedic teachings to guide us to peace, tranquility, happiness, and gratitude as the baseline for our yoga practice and our lives, regardless of our spiritual tradition or path of faith.



Registration is required, as these classes are known to fill with a waiting list.  

ABOUT THE CLASSES: This two hour yoga class is richly with asana, pranayama, mantra, & the ancient teachings. Class is held at a studio in Old Town, located at 213 SW Ash St. #209, Portland, Oregon (between 2nd and 3rd on Ash). The door code is #0220. Registration is required, as we almost always reach capacity with a waiting list.  The classes are mixed level and open to all levels, as long as one is comfortable caring for oneself and modifying as needed.  Classes are designed to integrate the ancient teachings of yoga into the practice, and although asana is indeed part of the practice, there is much more happening here.   Please no drop-ins.  On time arrival is very important. Cancellations do occur, and often a number of individuals on the waiting list are able to attend.  If class is full, the form below will clearly add you to the waiting list.

ABOUT DONATION:  My teacher has taught me this; if today was my last day on this earth, may I  leave this place having given more than I have received.  In this way, I am here on these Sundays to release attachment to placing a price point on these teachings, and to offer freely, from my heart and from the grace and depth of what has been given to me for these two sacred hours I spend with you. I choose donation-based to ensure access for all students and to offer you the opportunity to serve and to choose.  Your practice starts right here:  Before you even enter the practice space. Determining how much you offer is a result of you (and only you) looking deeply within your heart and making a mindful decision to share and serve in a way that makes you feel delight.  This means, what you offer may vary from week to week, and when you have more to offer, you can do so as seva (sacred service).  In doing so, you not only support Britt and these offerings, but  you also support this lovely community when someone may be experiencing a lessened flow of resources.  My hope is to always offer these teachings as donation-based classes, and there are infrastructure and travel expenses, rent and insurance to be offered to others along the way.  With your support, we will continue to grow as a vital, integrated community of students and truth seekers caring for one another in love and light, without placing a price tag on these ancient and truly "priceless" teachings.  We mutually respect and rely upon one another, in this way: a teacher needs students to express one's teachership, and students need a teacher to express one's studentship.  May you trust my highest intentions in sharing these words.  In gratitude and reverence, I look forward to our time together on the mat.  

I acknowledge that this class is a mixed level fitness class and that I am ultimately responsible for my own experience, well-being, comfort and safety throughout the course of these yoga classes. I am aware that this class may be physically challenging to me, and I accept the responsibility to modify as needed, and to monitor my intensity based upon my own needs. I will, at all times, act within my own level of comfort, taking particular care of any injury, physical limitation, or known need that arises throughout the class. I acknowledge that Britt B Steele is providing guidance based on the training and experience of her certifying bodies, and in no way claims to be a licensed health care professional. I accept responsibility to decide whether or not to follow the instructions given by Britt B Steele and to let her know prior to beginning the class if there are any questions or concerns I have about my health and safety relative to my participation in this class. I hold Britt B Steele harmless for any injury or soreness acquired while undertaking this class, as I recognize the inherent risk in physical activity and I take that responsibility as my own. I hereby commit that I am fit to participate in physical fitness activities, and that I have provided accurate information regarding my current health.
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