YogaFarm Chai Tea

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Chai is the classic herbal tea -- made caffeinated or decaffeinated -- year round to balance the body, support digestion, and stimulate Ojas (the stuff that makes our life juicy from the inside out).  Chai is a staple at our retreats at the YogaFarm.  

Here's how we do it:

First things first:  We crock pot it.

Chai is super forgiving... So we always begin with the basics...

A big pot of water, ready to boil

5-7 thin slices of ginger root (if it is organic I don't peel it)

10 pepper corns (whole)

2 T fennel seeds

4 sticks cinnamon

6 pieces clove

5 star anise

10 cardamom pods

I boil all of that up in the slow cooker for a few hours, makes the house smell delicious, and then because I love chicory and licorice root, I also add those to the mix at the beginning:  usually about 1 T chicory and 1 T licorice root.  (That was inspired by the tea one is served at an Aveda salon, if you have ever been--but good to note that you can get too much licorice root, so do your research -- it raises blood pressure in excess amounts).

It's al decaffeinated, and I just have organic black tea bags available for those who want caffeine, and then sweeten it with date sugar, honey, or palm sugar and add a creamer of your choice:  coconut, almond, or full dairy.  Up to you.

It's delicious and is easy to refresh with water and additional herbs.

Not only is it delicious, but it is packed with medical ayurvedic herbs designed to warm your heart, calm your mind, and bring balance to your entire body during the cold season.