Nut Butter Amaze Balls

I am perpetually on the look out for something both delicious and nutritious--whether savory or sweet.  These little protein packed nutritional bites earn their name, and are  perfect for a hot day when baking is out of the question, or when you just need a grounding, delicious snack.  


3/4 cup rolled oats or rolled spelt

1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds or chopped raw almonds

1/4 cup hemp hearts

1 cup all natural peanut butter or raw almond butter

10 Medjool dates (if these are dry, soak for 1 minute in hot water and drain for 3-5 minutes)

1 T coconut oil

Himalayan sea salt

Cacao nibs

1/2 cup Sunspire chocolate chips (these are the healthiest and most delicious.... I get mine at


Place your rolled oats or spelt, sunflowers or almonds, and a pinch of himalayan salt in a cast iron skillet on low/medium heat.  Stir constantly until very lightly toasted.  Add your hemp hearts and continue toasting and turning with a wooden spatula until they are perfectly toasted.  Remove from the pan when they are perfect, and spread them on a plate so they do not continue to toast, as they have a tendency to burn easily at this stage.

Place dates, nut butter of your choice and your coconut oil in a food processor .  Blend until the dates are well mixed in, with only small bits remaining.  Add the toasted nut and rolled oats/spelt mixture and pulse until blended.  

Roll into balls.  If the mixture is too dry when you press firmly, you can wet your hands before rolling a ball and this will help the mixture stick.  

In the meantime, melt your chocolate chips.   I prefer to place the chips in a small stainless steel bowl and set it on top of a pan with simmering water.  This way, I make sure not to overcook the chocolate, and can keep it soft.

Dip the tops of the balls in the melted chocolate and place on a plate.  Sprinkle just a few cacao nibs on the top of the ball, and an itsy bits more salt and you've got some amazing Amaze-Balls.