Hearty Creamy Rice Porridge

One of my favorite breakfasts on a cold morning is "creamy rice".  This is the new school version of the old school classic "cream of wheat" I grew up eating.  It's packaged  by Bob's Red Mill and is my morning grain base many a' days at the YogaFarm.   In our area, we can find it in any natural food section of even the most mainstream of markets.  

It's quick, easy, and loaded with delish.  All I do is prepare it as the package suggests, plus adding a dash of real salt and a glub of coconut oil + 2 chopped dates per person to the boiling concoction.  While the creamy rice is cooking (only about five minutes), I keep it covered, checking it occasionally to add just the right amount of water to create the consistency I desire.  (Some like their morning porridge thin, others like it thick -- this one's all yours.)  In the meantime, I toast up some sesame, sunflower or pumpkin seeds in a cast iron pan with just a little salt.  By the time the cereal is ready, so too are my seeds.

I add all sorts of things to my cereal, depending upon what I have on hand.  Here are some of my favorite hearty creamy rice porridge toppers:

Goji berries, dried cherries, large or small flake coconut (unsweetened), ghee, maple syrup, homemade fruit sauce (apple or pear), cinnamon, cardamom

I also love to add a non-dairy milk as a finisher (that helps to get the "hearty down").  My favorite is almond hemp milk or coconut, but anything goes.

This breakfast is really great for the winter.  It is grounding, systemically warming, whole-body nourishing and it will stick with you for some time, which I appreciate on busy days.  The variety is endless, really, which makes this breakfast one of the easiest to repeat again and again without getting bored.