Rose Petal Cacao Balls

Oh, Baby. 

I am not one of those who usually dies for chocolate.  I like it alright.  But I wouldn't tackle someone for a taste.

But these?  These rock my little world. 

Originally, they were a no bake brownie recipe from Julie Morris.  (Google her to watch her in action making magic).  I tweaked them a bit, and made them into balls for easy consumption, and also to hide them in my pocket more readily (did I say that out loud?) 

Here's the recipe: 

1 cup raw walnuts

8-10 pitted medjool dates

1/2 cup powdered cacao

1 T. ghee or coconut oil

pinch of sea salt

raw cacao nibs

Super simple, super food:  In a food processor, chop the walnuts until they make a course walnut flour.  With the food processor on, slowly add the pitted dates. Then add the powdered cacao and the salt.  The mixture should hold together when you pinch it in your hands -- if it doesn't add either a little more ghee, coconut oil, or water.  

Roll them into balls, then roll them in more cacao and/or raw cacao nibs.  You can make the outsides even more scrumptious by rolling them in gogi berries, ginger flakes, rose petals, coconut flakes or lavender.  

My favorite part about these is that they are loaded with anti-oxidants and micronutrients, taste like dessert and can be eaten for breakfast.