Burrito (in a) Bowl

One of our trademarks at the YogaFarm is serving all of our meals out of a single “buddhi bowl”.  Your buddhi is your wisdom self or the part of you who knows what is best for you at all times (even if you don’t want to hear it).  So, having a burrito in a bowl instead of in a tortilla is a great way to raise your vibration, decrease your consumption of refined grains, and get all the good stuff your buddhi wants for you in your belly!


Prep Time: 

20 minutes


Rice: 3 parts basmati to 1 part each brown basmati and quinoa, and seasoned with some cumin, vegetable bouillon, and salt. 


Beans: Soak and cook (or use rinsed canned) black beans. In olive oil, toast cumin, a bit of coriander, & some smoked paprika. Add minced garlic & cook until fragrant, then add beans and enough water to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Salt to taste, add oregano to taste, and heat.


Corn: heat olive oil in pan, toast some cumin until fragrant, add corn. Salt and pepper to taste, add a little smoked paprika if you like. 


Greens in the bottom of the bowl 


Other toppings:


    Fresh tomatoes


    Fresh bell pepper slivers


    Greek yogurt

    Shredded carrots and cabbage