PILGRIM: 108 Day Virtual Journey :: Base Program

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PILGRIM: 108 Day Virtual Journey :: Base Program


Let’s get you signed up for this year’s 108 Day Pilgrimage :: beginning September 16th, 2019.

This is Pilgrim: 108 Day Virtual Journey.

This is our base program.

It includes:

  • 108 Day Guided Journey

  • Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day [e-book]

  • Pilgrim Guidebook [e-book]

  • Weekly Community Teaching Calls

  • Facebook Pilgrim Community

  • 108 Day Calendar [digital]

  • 13 Yoga Practices [digital]

  • 13 Meditations [digital]

  • The Yogi´s Food Plan [digital]

  • 108 Daily Lessons [digital]

Please note:  Each Pilgrim is required to register individually, however, if you are interested in purchasing Pilgrim or an upgrade for a friend, loved one, your employees, or someone in need.  Please contact us at britt@brittbsteele.com and we will create a payment code for you to pay, and a discount code for the person(s) to whom you are gifting this purchase.

We support this important step you have taken to bring more peace, potency and personal power into your life and the lives of all you touch.

Welcome to Pilgrim!

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The following upgrades can be purchased as an “add-on” to Pilgrim: 108 Day Virtual Journey.

Scholarship Fund :: Pay It Forward
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What's next?   You will receive additional information and recommendations for participation regarding this program one week before program launch.  

Refund policy:   Due to the online accessibility of this program, no refunds will be issued after the onset of the program -- and remember you can start anytime.  Once you've registered for Pilgrim, you are always a Pilgrim!