PILGRIM: Virtual Journey


PILGRIM: Virtual Journey


You've been waiting for this.  

A guided immersion you can do in your own life that brings all the pieces of living in alignment into YOUR world.  Join a satsang - a community of travelers - pilgrims - walking not away from your lives, but journeying into the heart of what is most important, precious, and holy to you.

108 Days.  Beginning Monday, September 11th.  Walking you up to the New Year 2017.  

The degree to which you participate can vary.  The only constant is your heart-felt desire for more, for integration, for love, for the best expression of YOU to come forth in your life.

You receive:

  • recorded classes
  • weekly satsang (live and recorded to get the most of the teachings)
  • yoga practices
  • meditations -- short, sweet and practical -- for getting through life's real challenges, deepening you devotion to Love, and even  take with you walks and life's travels off the mat
  • weekly community virtual gatherings for deepening understanding and clarifying your vision for your journey
  • PDF version of Britt's book:  PILGRIM:  108 Days of Living Your Yoga Every Single Day
  • 12 “touchstones”  (topics of embodiment) for Living Your Yoga 
  • online, ongoing support and community via Facebook Group
  • More than 20+ audio & video files of asana practice, pranayama, daily wellness rituals (dinacharya), ayurveda (living and eating whole & healthy with the seasons)
  • A clear lens to see your own beauty, brilliance, and YOUR one holy life 

We are ready for you  ❤  Are YOU ready for YOU?

Come if you are called.  


What are the Touchstones?

A "touchstone" was originally a piece of stone to which precious metals were "touched" in order to reveal their purity. In this way, the ten touchstones that are the basis of our Pilgrimage together are that which we are "touched" against in order to reveal our own innate brilliance.  

These touchstone practices are for living our yoga both on and off the mat. Together we will look at our alignment with nature and the seasons, the power of conscious community and being seen and accepted as we are, and cultivating wholeness in our lives through daily rituals, prayer, practices and cleansing ceremonies -- all that fit into our lives.  We will also look at food, manageable yoga practices and short meditations, and how we can take steps to make our homes sacred temples for manifesting lives of meaning and purpose.  These are just a few, and the result is that after 108 days of conscious attention -- with as few as 15 minutes each day -- (or much more if you are already living your yoga and just want to turn up the clarity on your life) your life will be more intentional, your body more balanced and strong, and your entire life will be more clear and brilliant.

You don't have to run away.  You can turn in.  And this is a powerful, potent and attainable way to do it.

Take the first step.  Your own holy life is waiting to be lived.

What's next?   You will receive additional information and recommendations for participation regarding this program two weeks before program launch.  

Refund policy:   Due to the online nature of this program,  no refunds will be issued after the onset of the program -- an remember  you can start anytime and once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim!