PILGRIM: One-on-One Mentorship


PILGRIM: One-on-One Mentorship

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Perhaps you would like a little extra personal support from our guide, Britt.

Choosing to work one on one with Britt provides an intimate view into your life, your practice, your presence, and your offering to the world.

If you are interested in adding on 30 minute mentorship sessions, this is a beautiful way to align your personal intentions more closely with your Pilgrim journey as a whole.

You can choose to add on one, two, or three sessions during the course of your pilgrimage to help support and guide you along your way.

Welcome to Pilgrim. We are so glad you are here.

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Sometimes it helps to have One who has walked before you see you for what and where you are.  Maybe you have reached a plateau on the mat, are looking for ways to be more potent in your practice, teaching or your life, or perhaps you are seeking insights to how you might shift an emotional or habitual pattern that is no longer working for you.  

Perhaps, you are already a teacher and are looking to take your teaching to the next level of impact.  

In a one on one session with Britt, you may select from a menu of offerings to help prepare you for your next evolution, or you can leave it her hands to design your sessions to helps you identify the best means for stepping into the highest version of yourself.  

Schedule a discovery call with Britt to explore if one on one work is right for you.  During your call, you will explore with Britt which of these personalized options suits you best:

  • evaluating and prescribing an individualized meditation, pranayama and asana practice

  • assessing your current asana practice and offering insight to guide you to deeper integration

  • reviewing your current yoga teaching and providing support to take you to the next level

  • creating an ayurvedic lifestyle plan to increase prana (life-force), tejas (will and clarity), and ojas (love and systemic vitality)

  • supporting you as you go through a difficult or transformative life experience — rooted in the power of the ancient teachings

Private time spent with Britt is an opportunity to receive in-depth, personalized attention in any variety of the areas of Yoga and Ayurveda that influence your presence and potency, both on and off the mat.   

Private Sessions are conducted virtually in most situations.  

If you have questions or aren't certain in this is the best fit,  you may complete the form below to schedule your discovery call with Britt, free of charge, before making a commitment.  

To schedule a discovery call, complete the form below.  

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