Bio:  Britt is described as a yoga teacher, love preacher, truth seeker, and is the author of Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day.  She is a guiding light in the world, dedicated to bringing the powerful and simple teachings of yoga to the forefront of life today.  She works with students and teachers alike to discover the hidden depths of the practice and to be a guide in bringing these potent teachings into day to day life. Britt lives with her husband at Deva Daaru YogaFarm, an hour outside Portland, Oregon where she lives her yoga, shares her teachings through online programs, yoga teacher trainings, and yoga Daycations and retreats.  Britt reminds us that “your life isn’t IN the way — your life IS the way”  to all you want.  More at  Follow Britt on Facebook,  Twitter, & Instagram