Deva Daaru is the name given to our farm and retreat center.

Deva Daaru is the sacred cedar tree in India.  it is a divine expression that overlooks our property, ensuring a place of safety, stability, ease and expansion. 

Deva Daaru is where we live and it is what lives through us.  

It is a dream of living and working in community and stewardship through the ancient yogic teachings, the elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), and one's connection to the rhythms of nature.

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We broke ground May 2011.  We are still building this place.  This house, in so many ways is building itself.   It has been a laborious, gracious, enrapturing experience.  And as you can see, it is a magical place.

2013 is a big year, as the Deva Daaru School of Yoga & Integral Studies has been formed and our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training begins in September.   Each day we continue to move launch "taster" programs, including apprenticeships, homestay opportunities, advanced studies, and daycations.  

We welcome your inquiries, suggestions, thoughts and dreams as we continue to move forward. Please bring it on!