Reset. Reflect. Reset.
Here, we are surrounded by nature. We rise with the sun, practice yoga in an intimate, supportive community, and align with the rhythms of the natural world.  Technology is sparse, but adequate, with no cell service nor internet access. 



Instead, we rediscover the sounds of the creek, the birds, the goats chewing their breakfast, and the occasional donkey bray (which I trust you will grow to appreciate).  We notice the brightly lit starry nights and the impact of day length and the elements on our lives as we integrate this connection into all we do.

Community. Kindness. Connection.
When you arrive at Deva Daaru, you are immediately welcomed into the family, sharing in the art and practice of living together, and lightly, on the land. Seasonal, mindfully prepared organic vegetarian meals come fresh with produce from our garden.  Together we tidy up the kitchen after meals, and treat one another as the most welcome guests.  In this way, we live our yoga —  beyond the yoga studio. When we live consciously, we make choices that are in our highest good and the good of all we touch — without dogma or rigidity — with only Love.

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You might say that the farm had been living inside my husband and I long before the first building block was ever placed. As children, we were both dreamers, albeit from different states and eras. My husband, Larry, dreamt about the stars and planets and wanted to know what it all meant. I dreamt of love and knew it was all there really was. I rode my pony through open pasture.  He played basketball outside until dark.  I lived on a farm.  He worked on one.  

Our individual journeys deepened our eventual and destined connection.  Larry grew up and played professional basketball and I grew up to teach college and work in health care.  When our paths finally crossed, we were longing for our country roots, anddreamed of living in nature and co-creating a physical place - a place where yoga could be lived, beyond the four corners of a yoga mat.  And so, the seeds were planted for Deva Daaru YogaFarm.

In Sanskrit (the language of yoga), Deva is a word that describes the consciousness behind all of creation; the nameless, formless cause of the universe –  call it divinity, nature, or the great mystery — it’s all the same.  Daaru is the ancient cedar tree of India.  Deva Daaru is the divine protective essence of the ancient cedar tree.