A Daycation is a juice-packed day of relaxation, laughter, yoga, great food, community, and nature. 

If you only have a day to spare, can't get away from your responsibilities, family needs, or job for more than a quickie, this is a perfect way to be inspired and get your yoga on.  It's soul-nourishing and rejuvenating, and all you have to do is pack a few things in your car and head to the country.

Sadhana Sunday

In the New Year, Britt & Larry are planning to open their home regularly to students.  The vision is a Sunday Sadhana where we all get together for a potluck, shared discussion, and community.  Content will be organic and unfold according to the desires and needs of the community.

Materialt may include mantra, asana, pranayama, ancient scriptural teachings, story, and satsang style questions and answers.   If you are interested in being kept in the loop, sign up here:

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