Om to each and every LIGHT heart with whom I walk this path….

First… Thank you Teachers of Yoga and Light…. whatever your modality, manner, or means.

I am humbled by your kindness, appreciation, and open heartedness… and I am reminded once again that the little rubber rectangle on which we sit to practice mustn't become a cage or box to limit our perception of what yoga IS.  It is welcoming of all and any religions… and there is nothing that stands contrary to one's spiritual path or lack thereof.  Follow the Love, I say.  Follow the LOVE.  

 HHHAAAAA!  What a gift to share space with such beautiful Devatas (brilliant ones) on this path we call "YOGA".  

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Here is a little review for you from our time.  I may have missed something, so please let me know and I will happily and freely share.

Meditating on these sacred teachings, integrating them into your own sankalpa (intention), and practicing them regularly will bless you -- as they have me -- I know this and share this freely from the depths of my heart.

1.   Every sound symbol, every “kara”, is a prayer -- a call to the divine (the divine in which YOU believe) in Sankrit.  There is no way to say anything in Sankrit without praying.  Even when you say the word “yoga”, you are offering your heart this path of creation, sustenance, and transformation -- and in that way, you will reap the benefits.  Also, we don't need to breathe such teachings down a questioning, resistant or uncertain student's throat -- it just IS, so we know it… and they will feel it -- even if we don't say such things out loud.

2.  There are no R sounds in Sankrit, such as is heard in the name, “Mary” or the words “car” or “rack”.  The “R” is always rolled (much like in Spanish), and naturally awakens Manipura Chakra (solar plexus / #3), and is the sound of Shiva’s damaru, the war-cry drum, “RRRRRRRRRRR!   RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” 

3.  Asana means “seat” but it also means “state of being”.  When we take the position of any asana, we are taking on all of the characteristics and personality of that entity:  be it a mountain, a tree, a child, a crow.  In this way, we are cultivating whatever it is that the entity has mastered and represents naturally in its every bit of being.

4.     In Yoga, there is the divine feminine (THA) pronounced with a soft “t”, not “th”:  This is the moon, the right brain (left side of the body), the second (svadhistana) chakra and fourth (anahata) chakra in particular, and what we call Ida.    Its characteristics are smooth, creamy, juicy, and nurturing.  The purpose of the divine feminine is to nourish.  And the word is produced "chakra" as in "chocolate", contrary to the common pronunciation, with the "ch" sounding as one would pronouce "sh" as in "shake" or "shiver".

5.  In Yoga, there is divine masculine (HA):  this is the sun, the left brain (the right side of the body), the first and third chakras in particular, and what we call Pingala.  Its characteristics are hot, radiant, electric, & sharp.  The purpose of the divine masculine is to penetrate.

6.   From wholeness all things come to wholeness all things return.  Never was there a time, is there a time or will there be a time when wholeness is not present. 

Om Puurnnam-Adah



Puurnnashya Puurnnam-Aadaaya

Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate |

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih |


7.  OM is made up of three karas (sound symbols), AH, OOM, MM.  AH – creation, OO – maintenance, and MM – transformation.  When we put these three sounds together, the sound is OM.  Please note, even this is limited, as the sound has a profound way of traveling up through the body and awakening each chakra as it travels.  With proper teaching, you will experience OM like never before.  You sometimes hear it as ONG, or AUNG, or AUM – these are all suitable and require proper mastery before sharing with other students.  AH calls upon Brahma (pronounced BramHa), OO calls upon Vishnu, and MM calls upon Shiva.

8.  Power and gentleness go hand in hand.  Power is no longer power when gentleness is not present.

9.   Prana (with a capital P, not to be confused with prana, one of the five winds in the body) moves UP the body on the inhale, and DOWN the body on the exhale.

10.  You are the one breathing.  The breath itself.  The one being breathed.  You are the creator.  The Creation.  The Creating.

12.  Nama(ha) means “not mine” in Sanskrit.  Namam(ah) – means” I give it back to the Earth… the Mama of all Mamas.  

13.  Yoga always asks for:  free & easy breath, long neutral spine,  & a relaxed body.

14.  Classical Surya Namaskar, its pronunciation, practice in entirety, along with the bija mantras are available at  (Spend some time here, Lovelies!  There are years of teachings, sharing, and nourishment).


For now, that is all...

May we always remember that what we learn on this path is not ours alone, never proprietary, nor meant to be withheld or hoarded.  Embody deeply the deliciousness of your practice.  Lean gently into your edges.  Let go of that which feels difficult to release from your own heart and hands.  Follow your heart toward freedom in all ways.


Be Yoga.

Be Nourishment.

Be Nature. 

Be Love.