Don't Take the Bait.

I had an unusual "exchange" on a social media platform that reminded me of the phrase, "don't take the bait."  


Amen to that.  

Someone read something I wrote, interpreted as only he/she would (for he/she is only who he/she is, right?).  

What happened next, is that person attached a personal attack to my comment, (with imaginary flames coming from the throat) and attempted to prod me to explain myself.  Misinterpretations were made.  Accusations thrown sharp-tonguedly in my direction.

And so, I deleted my comment all together.  Still more "stories" and efforts to get me to talk, plus being called  some words I tend to hope I am not.  

Still, I did not respond.  Why?

Not. Gonna. Do. It. 

Why not?  Because:

*  Words are cold -- when there is no eye connection..... If you want to ensure you are heard, and that you are hearing another, have meaningful conversations in person, and do everything you can to SEE each other.  Literally.  Raise your eyes, not your voice.  Breathe into your belly.  Feel your fear, your suffering, your sadness, and then look at your beloved and share from that place.  The outcome may be very different.

And may we not judge others stories by this same standard, for I am the world and the world is me ♥

And may we not judge others stories by this same standard, for I am the world and the world is me ♥

* Like it or not -- social media is part of life -- and its oxymoronic because there is no "social" -- in so far as we have seldom even met a significant percentage of our "friends".  And where there is no friendship--no personal connection, there is no trust.. and there is no relaxation in the heart, and where there is no relaxation of the heart, there is no way to let the Light in.  

*  My teacher says  it like this, "Never ever ever ever (and he rolls all of those "rrrrrs" like Shiva's drum) talk when you are angry."  I will take the liberties to expound upon this and say, "never ever ever make bold statements when you are charged".  We never know if what we say will cause a spark that lights a stick of dynamite, and I'm all about Light not heat these days.  There are enough flames being thrown -- out the end of barrels, mouths, and while standing at a podium.  And as far as social media goes, there is just no way we can communicate the heart through rapid-fire typing on a page taken in through the eyes (fire organ) of another.  If we happen to get it right in writing, its a major accomplishment, and likely more luck than intention.  

I'm speaking specifically about social media, as that's where my personal example arose, but this goes for any exchange we have with others.  And.. I say that because we are at the very beginning of a very. long. election. year.  And the fearful need our love, not our judgments.

I get that most people don't see the world through the lens of yoga. Not in its truest sense.  It's human nature to look for where we belong, and to do that, we are also looking to protect ourselves by identifying where we don't belong.  It's normal (albeit not ideal, and often not very healthy) to filter everything though the sieve of "whose side are you on?  Mine or the 'other'?" 

Yoga isn't any of that.  Yoga is the space that remains when all the rights and wrongs, blacks and whites, judgments and perceptions of right doing and wrong doing fall away.

I could say it didn't bother me that I was judged.  But it did. And even more than that, I am here, now, turning that heat back into light so that we might all breathe a little deeper, laugh a little louder, and live in peace just a little longer.

So, go on.  Love your neighbor.  And be really, really nice to your not-so-nice ones.

Love you.


Bio:  Britt is described as a yoga teacher, love preacher, truth seeker, and is the author of Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day.  She is a guiding light in the yoga & ayurveda worlds, dedicated to bringing their powerful & simple teachings to the forefront of life today.  She works with students and teachers alike to discover the hidden depths of yoga and to be a guide in bringing these potent teachings into day to day life. Britt lives with her husband at Deva Daaru YogaFarm, an hour outside Portland, Oregon where she lives her yoga, shares her teachings through online programs, facilitates yoga teacher trainings, and hosts Live Your Yoga events & Daycations.   Follow Britt on Facebook,  Twitter, & Instagram