You Can Too. Yep. ANYTHING!

I don't watch TV.  Mainly because we don't have it at the farm, but also because every time I do watch it, I am left with an overwhelming feeling that my nervous system just got hacked.

But I saw something recently, that sent me deep down a rabbit hole, and I see this one as a "living yogi"... in a modern day sort of way.

This "something I saw" seriously amazes me.  It reminds me that we can do anything that we put our hearts to, and that the anxiety we feel doesn't live within us, but instead it lives in the space between how we are showing up in the world and what we know is possible for ourselves.  In fact, it is in that space where we feel all the yucky stuff:  separation, loss, lack of worth, fear & comparison.

But THIS guy... This guy.... he is simple, kind, humble, and emulates gratitude, presence, healthy - go-for-it risk taking, and humanity.  Frankly, I don't know if he has ever done an ounce of yoga or has ever stepped foot on a yoga mat, but I do know that he embodies it.  My goosebumps caught my attention, and my tears confirmed it.

I'll talk about that in a moment, but first, let's just  watch him in action.

Wow, huh?  So why do I say that this guy "lives yoga"? 

Here are just a few hints:

1.  He is serious and playful -- all at the same time -- the way he totally "plays the part" as each of us do every day in these skin bags... but he also totally knows that he isn't Neil Young.  Just like a "real yogi" totally knows that he isn't THIS body.

2.  He is a master at svadhyaya -- watching this man study himself.... and study that which he is modeling is breath taking -- I've heard this about him:  that when he loves something he spends as much of his time and life force as he can going for it, marinating in it, and learning all about the nooks and crannies of whatever it is he is seeking -- this is how "real yogi" does it to... whether it is asana, mantra, mudra, ayurveda, or jyotish -- live it, breath it, be it.  Be Yoga.

3.  He is who he is... He is authentic.  Funny.  Geeky.  Kind.  He was even sincerely concerned about taking too much time during his SNL audition. And he thanked the producer of SNL EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for giving him the opportunity to be a part of the show --- whether it was year one, or his last show before moving on to host the Tonight Show.  And the best part yet?  He is totally the boy next door.  He could be you.  He could be me.... He's just that simple, ya know?  And whether he knows it or not.  He's a yogi. 

Here's to taking risks that lighten your load, spread joy, and get you over yourself :)  because you TOO can do ANYTHING! It's true!

Om Gung Ganapateyeh Namah.

♥Britt (read the p.s.!)

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