Where's the LUV?

 In many parts of this world water is
Scarce and precious.
People sometimes have to walk 
A great distance
Then carry heavy jugs upon their
Because of our wisdom, we will travel
Far for love.
All movement is a sign of 
Most speaking really says 
"I am hungry to know you."
Every desire of your body is holy;
Every desire of your body is
Dear one,
Why wait until you are dying
To discover that divine

I shall say that I simply will not speak about the new year except to say that my heart is so WILD and FULL from the time spent at the YogaFarm with students from so many places in geography and heart.  It was ALL that I could have dreamed… and so, so much more.  

Second, I WILL speak about the next and upcoming retreat at the YogaFarm.  It is for Lovers of Life… Period.  It isn't the conventional way of entering into Valentine's Day as we have all known it.  Not a candy heart to be found at this one.  It is all about the LUV.  Inside outside LUV to boot!   

It's funny how folks think, "Oh Bluchk!  A Valentine's Retreat.  Maybe you aren't in relationship.  Who cares.  The Divine does not.  Maybe your relationship isn't all that.  Who cares.  The Divine does not. This is about calling it up.  Bringing it up.  Bringing it Out.  Putting it On and Wearing it Home.  

That's where the LUV is.   

I'll stop talking now and just say this…  

This whole life… awakening each day with love filled eyes?  

It is simply a choice you too can make.  

Here's the scoop for the February retreat: