"What Matters Most" A two-part podcast with my soul sister

Hello Beloveds....

I am SO grateful as I write this... My sweet friend, mentor, and goddess of writing the forward on my book, Pilgrim:  Living Your Yoga Every Single Day, Dr. Deborah Kern has been staying with me for the last three weeks and our lives here at the YogaFarm have been enriched as a result.  

We've laughed, danced, cried, walked, rolled around on the floor, taught each other stuff, shared our favorite music, and so much more.  

As part of our time together, we realized one day, while washing dishes, that our conversations were worth a share to our collective listeners, readers, and students.  


We promptly headed up to my office and nestled into my fancy "recording studio".  We planned nothing except a single topic of discussion:  What Matters Most.  We made two recordings:  each 20 minutes in length.  

Enjoy!  We love you!