What is it Going to Take

My world is changing.  Not that I'm alone in this.  The whole world is changing.  

I'm just doing what I can to do so with some spirited direction.  How about you?  

I don't really know how to talk about this--but in the last few months or so I have been ON FIRE.  I am feeling so ridiculously inspired.  I have been pow-wowing, think-tanking, co-conspiring and manifesting.  I mean.  SERIOUSLY!  I even spent the Super Bowl holed up in my Puja Room reading the Bhagavad Gita.  Who DOES That?

So, now... I sit on the couch... still in my yoga clothes... since my practice7 hours ago... and I figure the best way to offer it up to you is to let you in on what is SO deeply inspiring me.

It is pretty simply actually.  And completely attainable.  For you too.  YOU TOO can feel the FIRE from the inside out.  

That is, if you want to.  

It's all about my "daily fundamentals".  For me, these are not the things I do each day, but they are living breathing entities that I see as the gatekeepers, the cheerleaders, and the sages -- all busting forth from my own seams.  These are the non-negotiables.  The gotta-have-its.  And, they haven't always been that.  But they have grown to be a part of me.  And these are the "things" that I have slowly but surely brought into my life and my practice that have changed everything for me. I repeat: EVERYTHING.

They go like this:

1.  Morning Ritual.  Every single morning I get up before the sun.  Usually around 5 am.  This is MY time. It's not a chore.  It's a choice. It is when I make a cup of tea or coffee, settle in, stretch, enjoy the quiet and FEEL the earth waking up.  The hot drink always happens.  The darkness always happens.  The details may shift --  but I stay off the computer.  Instead, I read.  I stretch.  I write (To Do Lists are NOT allowed). I write about Love.  About Compassion.  About Prayer.  About Connection.

2.  Movement. Every single day I move my body.  I practice yoga most days.  Not every day.  I walk in the forest.  I work hard on the land.  I muck stalls.  I dig in the garden.  I run with my dogs.  I hike up hills.  I do something.  Every single day.

3.  Nourishment.  This one is huge but makes so much difference.  And this is where I spend my money.  I eat organic.  I eat my biggest meal at lunch.  I limit my intake of animal products.  I eat vegetables like they are growing out of my ears.  I don't eat "old" food-including left-overs, frozen stuff (unless eaten with more than 50% fresh), I don't use plastic in my kitchen. I don't use "nonstick" stuff.   I use stainless steel. Cast iron.  Glass.  Wood.  I always have stuff on hand for smoothies -- avocados, raw nuts, frozen fruit, "green food", Sun Warrior vegan protein powder, and non-dairy unsweetened milk, usually hemp, almond, or rice.  I always allow a 12 hour window between my last meal at night and the first meal the next day.

4.  Meditate.  This trains my brain to be quiet.  It helps me see through the busyness.  It keeps me disciplined.  And it doesn't take much.  10 minutes is enough.

5.  Devotion.  I am constantly on the look-out for how blessed I am. I am consistently linking my life, my blessings, my losses, my gains, my family, my friends, my students, and my critics back to divinity.  I practice seeing divinity everywhere.  I forgive.  I practice seeing the world through others' eyes.  I practice looking at my own stuff all the time.  I practice compassion -- for myself first (because if I get that right, compassion for others is a no-brainer).  I sanctify absolutely everything.

6.  Sacred Space.  Seeing the sacred everywhere, this is the almighty playground -- and I do my very best to care for it;  to clean with natural cleaners, to minimize what goes in the landfill, & to waste not.  I read things that have meaning.  I listen to music that is good for my ears and healthy for my soul.  I use natural skincare products and make up.  I wear mostly natural fibers.  I see a therapist regularly -- to keep it real, to do my work, and to keep showing up behind the scenes the way I want to be seen on the "big screen".  

7.  Other Good Stuff:  I'll end with this:  I get vulnerable.  I drop my chin a little.  I loosen my anus (yes, I said that.)  I show up.  I don't bullshit myself.  I catch myself when I bullshit others.  And then I am nice to myself about it -- and then I. CUT. IT. OUT.  I do my best to not hang around those that average me down.  I still love them.  (Note: You may find it is even easier to love them when they aren't weighing you down.)  I average myself up & keep company with those that inspire me.  I make friends with discipline--in a big way and I am cautious of discipline's ugly stepsister, rigidity.  She's a bitch.  I respect those who offer great services.  I tell those who are doing good things in my world how touched I am. 

And there's more I can do.  And sometimes all these things I mention?  Sometimes I botch these things.  But I start again. day after day, moment after moment, I start again.

This life is short.  Personally, we lost two beautiful men in our lives in the past week.  Both completely unexpectedly.  I'm still here.  So are YOU. Make your life matter.  So join me, get your butt up and do something good that seriously makes a difference.  Tear off the bandaids and heal the wounds.  It's what you came here for.  It's what all of us have come here for. 

Love to you.


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