My Unbecoming.

I hung up the phone after my hour long conversation with a soul sister of many years, Laure Redmond, and literally sat, stunned and grateful.   Tears streamed down my cheek as I nodded in compassion for how little we know about the trajectory of our lives, and how grateful I am for my own. 

A year ago, none of this had yet been revealed to me, although looking back, I imagine the seeds were likely planted months or years before I ever packed a back and headed alone to a foreign country for my "unbecoming".  


Dear ones, we all come alone and we go alone... and there is a magic about entering into the wisdom of your own soul and reMEMBERing who you are "beneath masks, and hats and history".   ReMEMBERing that you are whole, holy, enough as is.  

Let's face it, buying stuff and doing stuff is fun and all, but these things don't and can't complete us.  

There is only one "thing" that can bring you true and lasting happiness:  YOU.  


HERE is our very intimate and real conversation about overcoming the addiction to "comfort", feeing the fear and doing it anyway, and seeing yourself as you are - essential and enough.  

Grab a cup of tea, snuggle in, and take a listen to our very intimate and real conversation.