Turn Up the JUICE -- and watch MAGIC happen!

Let me tell you where it ALL begins.

It all begins within:  Within YOU. 

"You were given a body for a very good reason.  It is more than just a skin bag.  It’s your vehicle, your very fancy ride.  The better you take care of it, the more good clean joy you can pack in it for the journey, and the more amazing gifts you can share while you are out there enjoying the views.  Moving your body is foundational to caring for the “anamaya kosha” or what we like to call in yoga, the 'modified food body’.... 

(excerpt from Pilgrim:  Touchstone #1:  Move My Body)

Here's the thing - I use movement to inspire me, to open any clogged channels in the body so prana (that’d be life force) can effortlessly pulse through every thought, feeling and action that moves through me. 

Most importantly, you can use movement to stimulate juiciness in your whole life!  No more thinking about burning calories, reaching some amorphous target heart rate or counting down the time on the treadmill.  No more counting.  It is vitality that counts.  And... it is balance, joy, ease, health, and sustainable practices that you seek....  You can call this wellness if you want.  I know it in my bones as Yoga  -- Yoga isn’t only something that you do -- especially when limited to a rubber rectangle….  Yoga is ultimately something that you ARE -- beneath all the hubbub of busy, and the "too much of a good thing” andthe “not enough” of another.



Yoga is what you experience when you are aligned with what you want most — when your thoughts, words, actions are daily activities are all moving in the direction of your dreams.

And it is yours for the asking.  
And it is yours for the taking.

All you gotta do is know you want it... and take the first step.  

Beautiful Thursday to you...

Britt is a thought leader, love preacher, and spiritual activist.  She is the author of Pilgrim:  Live Your Yoga Every Single Day and is a guiding light in the yoga & ayurveda worlds, dedicated to bringing their powerful & simple teachings to the forefront of life today.  She is a guide to discovering the hidden depths of yoga and to bring these potent teachings to day to day life.  Britt lives with her husband at Deva Daaru YogaFarm, an hour outside Portland, Oregon where she lives her yoga, shares her teachings through online programs, facilitates yoga teacher trainings, and hosts Live Your Yoga events & Daycations.   Follow Britt on Facebook,  Twitter, & Instagram