Time's Up.

“Home is an internal place. A place somewhere in time, rather than in space where a woman feels of one piece. Home is where a thought or feeling can be sustained instead of being interrupted or torn away from us because something else is demanding our time and attention. And through the ages women have found myriad ways to have this, make this for themselves, even when their duties and chores were endless.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The only thing I can tell you is that when it’s time, it’s time.

Even if you’re not ready. Even if things are left undone. Even if today was the day you were supposed to do that other thing (or a dozen other things).

When it’s time, it is simply time.

Not because today’s a good day to go, and not because your house is clean, or because your life is all tidy, or because someone said you could.


You go simply because it’s time.

Go where?

Go home :: — home to the internal place, to the place where your inner and outer worlds align, where you find congruency and live harmoniously among thought, word, feeling, and action.

Now, I know… I know you don’t “have” to go anywhere.

Many never do.

Many women live their lives “sleep-walking”, half human / half zombie, not ever fully aware of what is missing, as they still manage to function, speak, smile, laugh, and accomplish things. It’s quite miraculous, actually. Further yet, the zombie-ness of this state leads her to buy more shoes, drink more wine, redesign her bathroom, car-binge on the things she’d never let her kids eat, or better yet; get a puppy.

Listen, we all have our favorite methods of talking ourselves out of the one thing that is longing for our “yes”.

I know that there are a million nay-sayers and reasons to “not-go-home”, lurking around every corner. Yet, when we retrieve our instinctive knowing that we have come here to live ALIVE… that we have come here to grow and flourish and fill the well, and share our gifts from simplicity and an overflowing source of abundance, we find ourselves under some sort of soul obligation to listen because the time for sleep-walking through life has served its purpose, and the time for your soul to be on sabbatical is quite simply UP :: Time is UP.

And when time is finally up, we can’t up but turn away from all of the distractions that have carried us to this point. We cannot help but take more walks, baths, and tea breaks. We cannot help but search for meaning and purpose in the eyes of those with whom we’ve walked for so long, and turn our attention to what makes us feel most at home… in our very own hearts.


Sometimes we write more. Other times we learn to paint or arrange flowers or start a yoga practice. Sometimes we carve out a little sacred place in a home of 30 years. Other times we sneak off to a quiet little corner of the world where we’ve never been to find, again, the one we left behind so many years ago when we thought, for good reasons at the time, that we needed to forge ahead toward dream or goal.

Take back your voice, Dear One. Take back your life that you so graciously gave to another. Take a risk. Turn to the forest, the moon, or the sea. Learn to sing. Rest. Do something that leaves footprints. Steal yourself away from your life as you know it and take the time.

It’s time.

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