I Believe.

I have a vision for you. 
Do you have a vision for you?

I believe that we can manage the storms and struggles that come our way... not by fighting, scrapping, struggling and barely making it, but by facing our self-limiting perceptions and our small idea of who we are and what is possible on this mighty, mighty journey called life.  I'm not talking about lofty goals or accomplishments.  



Yat Bhavam

Tad Bavati

::as you worship so you become::

Every breath, every word, every song you hear, every choice you make... every taste, every conversation... every thought, action, intention and perception has brought you to THIS point. 

This point you call your LIFE.  


 All these things are how you "worship".

Don't fall back asleep.  
Make manifest YOUR vision of your life
so we might all shine bright and true and clear
for ourselves, others and the world.  

Because my heart and my eyes have been telling me that the world needs this little light of mine, and yours, and yours, and yours.... 

Let’s light this boring place on fire, shall we?



This time each year, we walk… hundreds now from around the globe. Living our yoga, practicing, loving a little deeper, speaking a little truer, finding grace and beauty in all the corners of our lives and in the world. It’s yummy, and it’s time. Learn more about Pilgrim