Where Yoga Meets Real Life


We are all looking for more balance, integration and calm in our lives.  And yoga students & truth seekers are slowly discovering the hidden depths of yoga off the mat.  They are realizing it can be simple, and it doesn't require a "total life make over".  Living one's yoga can be practical and positive.  You don't have to douse yourself in sandalwood or go on an annual pilgrimage to India (although that'd be cool too).  And the integration of Yoga's wisdom doesn't have to be all ancient and secretive.  You don't need mala beads (although they serve a purpose) and you don't need a guru.  In fact, considering the high number of fallen "yoga icons" in recent years, I suggest Yoga itself is the best teacher -- not the person or personality passing the message. 

I have been kindling a serious heart fire and teasing out the teachings that have touched me most in my 20+ years of being a yoga student and teacher.  I have been integrating the three pillars of my practice:  yoga, tantra, and ayurveda in the most simple and practical way I know.  

This triad is what offers a solid & steady foundation to find calm amidst the storm, realize who we TRULY are (and who we are not), and embody the essence of all that we admire.

When I was "on fire" a couple weeks back... I sat down and let it flow.  This is what came and it is not just how I see myself, but it is how I see YOU, your mom, your daughter, your sister.  Your best friend.  Your estranged friend. Everyone.

So, here's a sneak peak (or listen)

From Fullness, In Fullness, To Fullness.