There's Something about "Starting New"

"You can start again every prayerful  moment."  That's what my teacher reminds me and there is something about those words that is just so liberating.

So, the New Year is coming.  And it seriously is one of THE best times to start again.  Not only because everybody is doing it, which makes it easier in some ways -- sort of like how much easier it is to pet a cat in the direction the hair is growing (for both you and the cat, I might add).

But it is also so perfect to start anew because there is a cultural consciousness that is supportive of positive transformation.  It's a little like catching the taxi while it is stopped at the curb, versus trying to CATCH it while it is pulling away, or already moving.  It's tidier, less painful, and a whole lot more pleasant of an experience.

This year I am doing two things differently:  The first is a class offered downtown for all yogis, longing lovers, and seekers of Light.  It's on New Year's Morning at 9 AM (Early? I know... YOU CAN DO IT! -- Let the Change begin!)  And it's by donation.  

You can click thru to hold your space.

But wait!  There's MORE!

The second offering is a women's retreat that is entirely dedicated to establishing a solid foundation for who you are, what you long for most, and being effective, loving, sensual, joyous, and fully committed in your life.  Personally, its these sorts of dedicated weekends that have always made the most influence in my own life... and this retreat is a culmination of the best and brightest exercises and experiences I have had over the course of my training decades -- an awakening to your true and everlasting self -- the one who is gorgeous, brilliant, full of light and love.  And you can ask for this one for Christmas if you're still trying to get your list together... or cash to offset the registration... Be creative!

It's up to each one of us to be the change and bring it on.  I had a conversation with a student yesterday about something she was experiencing in her life that wasn't really working for her --- it could have been anything.... What it comes down to is this:

If you want your life to be different, you just gotta step in. Step up. and DO something differently.  Often it is the simplest of steps that gets the soil turning, making way for a springtime full of new growth & a full-on blooming garden of Love!  

Come on now.  Don't overthink it.  Just take that first next step.  And it doesn't have to make "sense" to your brain -- that just might muck it up.  

It just needs to speak to your heart and tickle your fancy.

Sending you love as big as the Moon.



Britt B Steele

Britt B Steele, USA