Rumbles of Love

Surya hoping for a little snack

Surya hoping for a little snack

And so, the summer is fully upon us.  Donkeys, goats, horse and small four-legged consume my time, and students come and go from the YogaFarm.  Garden harvest continues.  Winter garden has been planted.  This is how it is. 

The city calls still.  Yoga Pearl, my "city fix" as I like to call it, is hosting me to fulfill the constant rumblings I hear from within to offer more, deeper, potent, and subtle.

I invite you -- former students, longers of love, and seekers of Truth on the path... to join me and 11 others (a small group this time)... at Yoga Pearl Sunday mornings.  Call it your body prayers, your yoga church, filling the well of wonder, or whatever you choose... the truth of the matter is if you are called, Come.

Register through Yoga Pearl. or 503-525-9642.

Register through Yoga Pearl. or 503-525-9642.

The Live Your Yoga:  Deep on the Mat series (3 of them -- come one, come all) holds space for only 12 students, and we are well on our way to filling. If you want this, call Yoga Pearl to hold your space:  503-525-9642

Read more about the offerings here.

And then, there is Kitchen Table Yoga... a delicious way to bring yoga home, further revealing the medicine you hold within your own body and your own kitchen cabinets.  


Hope to see you at the Pearl, at the Farm, or if not there... See you in the ethers.