Planting Seeds of Wonder

This photo was taken almost 1 year ago at my annual June Yoga Retreat at Cedar Ridge. Hope to see you there! June 9-12th, 2011. Early Registration is open... a great way to plant seeds of intention that will help you bloom into your fullness this spring.

I remember driving out to have a picnic last summer, on the twisty-turny, sun-kissed road to our property. My friend Heather was in the passenger seat.

She said something that day that stuck with me. She said, "sometimes you plant seeds that are annuals and they come up just once. Sometimes you plant seeds that are perennials and they come up again and again, year after year. But other times, you plant seeds that are bi-annual.. and even though the seeds are planted, and the gestation has begun, you don't get to see the flowers grow for a couple of years. In fact, you have no way of knowing whether they will ever break ground." This stuck with me. Just because I can't observe the fruits of my labor doesn't mean the seeds didn't take... it just means the latency period is longer than... in my case... the season of my patience.

Every seed matters. Every breath. Every thought. Every intentional act of kindness or otherwise. And when we see a little sign along the way reminding us that what we planted is coming to fruition, we best pay attention. This goes for both the beautiful gardens of delight that we plant, if that is the case... and for the weeds of poor lifestyle choices, negativity or complacency that sprout so vigorously that it seems their roots are bound to the belly of the earth.

Look closely at what is evolving in your life. Notice what aligns with who you KNOW yourself to be in the truth of your existence... and look for the little signs along the way, and follow them home. Home to your heart. Home to the vision of what you choose to leave as your mark on this journey. And home to your true nature....