The Giving Circle

Here is an example of the giving... a feast I had with some lovely women from around the world... with flowers, and pancakes, and pie, and coconut and chocolate! Can you imagine such a heaven? It is all of ours for the taking... As Maya Tiwari says, "Life IS simple. We just make it complicated. Healing comes naturally when we return to the simplicity."


I went to Yoga class today with one of my revered teachers. This particular class was more about the embodiment of the essence of yoga than postures. In fact, we do not do any asanas in this class, except to practice sitting, and quieting the body.

Instead, we chant, listen, and integrate. Sometimes I don’t understand what we are doing or saying, but I always leave class feeling supported, unconditionally loveable, and more relaxed than when I arrived. (Not bad, huh?) The premise of all of his teachings, as I was reminded by a Blog comment yesterday, is that we are perfectly loveable as we are, in this moment, and that we are whole. Nothing needs to change. Everything is alright. In spite of my limitations, I am happiness itself. In and through my life, I am whole and complete.

Class today was particularly juicy. We sat down to wait for his arrival, as we do, and when he came in, someone had written him a personal card and left him a small gift on his seat with a couple of fresh flowers. He looked at the bounty for a moment and then looked to us. He was obviously touched.

I can’t remember word for word what he said, but suffice it to say that I felt touched also, drawn to tears simply from feeling the love that was overflowing from his heart. So, here is what touched me in his teaching, as my heart recalls…..

Every day we have an opportunity to touch someone else’s life. Sometimes we do not know how much of a difference we can make just by sharing. Every emotion in all of God’s grace comes back in the culmination of gratitude in our hearts…. Through the pure expression of giving. Sharing kind words, kind deeds, kind intentions. When we look into another’s eyes and see brightness, acceptance, and understanding, we give and receive a thousand fold. And it is in our receiving of another’s gratitude that is so rich… as we allow it to come into our hearts and bless us….

There is no greater gift than connecting with the eyes and the heart. No greater asset. … No amount of money will ever bring us that kind of happiness--guaranteed. We will want something… then we will get what we want….. and then we will see something new and exciting that we want, or something will be invented since we last said to ourselves, “if I can just get THIS, then I will be happy.” But we keep wanting. The wanting doesn’t change. Only the amount of money we have changes….

In spite of this “wanting”, happiness is available. It is available in the complete acceptance of what is. In this moment. As we are right now. With no need for ourselves, others, or the world to be different than it is. From this place, we can give of our hearts…. And when we are finished giving, we can give some more. It is to give what we have. Our gifts. Give what we have… our time, our ears, and our open hearts to receive the gratitude that comes back to us. Our hands, our support. Give all we can of our hearts and then feel the fullness that comes back to us. There is no other abundance so great.

Every day, we can choose to give of our hearts in every interaction as if it is our last moment, because the truth is that we never know. So many of us, we live like we can wait to give more, love more, offer more…. tomorrow… But we do not know. And this moment is the only place where we can give. It is the only moment we have available to us. And the beauty of this all is that as we give, we learn that there are no limitations. Only the false perceptions within us that says otherwise. This universe, divine grace, is unlimited. We will not run out. Go to the well each morning, your practice of prayerfully taking care of yourself so that you can give freely… Prayerfully take care of your heart, and you can then share your overflowing heart with others… To give all that we can with each interaction. In each moment. And when we are done giving, we practice giving more. That is the practice. There are no limitations. We will not run out. This is an unlimited universe that holds unlimited happiness, acceptance and love for each and every one of us. Without exception.

Marinade in that for a while.