I Feel the Earth Move....

Here's my lovely hunk-a-hunk-a-horse! WHO is your mirror? Or maybe more accurately, who isn't?

So, this morning I had the lyrics "I feel the earth move under my feet... I feel the sky tumblin' down... a tumblin' down" running through my head. Makes sense--considering it is officially springtime. Officially. Not literally, however. But, cellularly? It's true.

My practice this morning undeniably brought with it the "vata" of the season... dry, windy joints. Stiffness and a sense impending change. I love the spring. I love the seasons, actually. They remind me of who I am... part and parcel of nature. Connected to the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space... and the ways in which these elements manifest in my body, and in my life.

Like most days, I went to the barn yesterday, to clean stalls and groom my most handsome, and only, horse, Indio. He is one hot hunk, that horse. And he feels me... and I love that.

He feels you?

Yep. He feels me.

When I am in a hurry... rushing to get in and get out, take him for a spin, and then launch him back out in to the pasture with the other horses, HIS breath shortens. HE appears agitated. HE even worries more (albeit about whether or not he's on the menu).

So, what does that have to do with the tattvas? The elements of nature?

Well, it's like this: my "wind"... throws him off course. My "air" leads him to feel unsafe, ungrounded, and nervous. My "fire", if I get impatient, awakens his rigidity, and his feet are rigid as if cemented to the ground beneath.

BUT if I am relaxed, breathing deeply and taking grounded, "earthy" steps, he does the same. If I am walking slowly--giving him "space" to breath... Loving on him and just being present, he breathes long and deep and his big, brown eyes open and close soooo sllllowwwwly. He relaxes, softens, and loves me back. Just like that.

I LOVE this! He literally is a mirror. All animals are. In fact, all BEINGS are... reflecting... shining back at us, what we are illuminating, and radiating forth, and whatever we are gripping and holding, we see in those closest to us. Truth is, it is never about them.

So, I like what I learn when he is not relaxed, bent out of shape, and all stiff-throated. I like that he is telling me that I need to relax each time I think he needs to relax.

And the best part of all?

I find myself take pause. And I realize that it isn't an isolated phenomena I experience with my horse. I also experience it with my loved ones. ALL of them.

When I am with my husband, I'll be darned if the same thing doesn't happens... If he is "stuck", tense, agitated, and stiff? I just better look to myself. Maybe he needs more space and room to breathe... If he is uncertain or weary, I just better look to myself. Maybe he needs to feel my solidity, my "earthiness".

Ahhh, but if he is relaxed, and present, and his big brown eyes open and close slowly... I, too, can look to myself. And HERE is where we become ONE... All of us. Where we connect... breathe... soften... and feel the balance of earth, water, fire, air and space. It is just that simple.

So try this...
Inhale: I am the world.
Exhale: And the world is me.
Inhale: I am the world.
Exhale: And the world is me.

Who's your mirror, Baby? Or more accurately, who isn't?

Happy Springtime!