Becoming a Master: The Lesson. The Questions. The Way.

The mastery of the practice of yoga (on the mat or sitting across from your beloved at the dinner table) looks like this:

Imagine a “master” walking through the forest.  He picks up a stick to wield as a tool, exemplifying his mastery.  He wields it & uses it however it best serves him and then he sets down the stick and walks on.

Now, imagine this “master” walking through the forest.  He picks up a stick to wield as a tool, exemplifying his mastery.  He wields it and uses it however it best serves him and then he begins to set it down… and then he stops.  He thinks, “Hhhhmmmm..., maybe I should keep this stick…It's a good stick. A nice stick.  I shall carry it with me.... just in case.”  He keeps walking, stick in hand.  He walks and walks.  Days turn to months, months to years.   He thinks to himself, “It is hard to remember my life without this stick. Maybe I am not a master without it.  Could it be that this stick is what makes me masterful?  What if I set it down?  Would I crumble?  Would I lose all that I have worked so hard to become?  Would this journey be fruitless if I was not a master?  Not with this stick?”


One who carries the stick and wields it, then drops it, in mind and action, is a true master. 

One who carries the stick, and leans on it

has turned the same stick, the same tool of mastery

into a masterful CRUTCH.  


Do you have a meditation practice or does your meditation practice have you?

Do you have a belief system or does your belief system have you?

Do you have a goal or does your goal have you?

Do you have a morning cup of coffee or does your coffee have you?

Do you have a yoga practice or does your yoga practice have you?

The list can go on and on… you choose:  practice/habit/impression/role/hat you wear, etc.  


The master can drop everything.  And eventually, even the teacher and the teachings themselves may be dropped. The last tool I shall drop is my belief in the divine... (WHUT?)  Hang on here.  The last tool to be be dropped is my BELIEF in the divine... for Ishvara (the one you worship) need not be believed in to be True.  The second to the last tool I shall drop is my teacher... because I need not believe in him/her in order for him to be an lamp illuminating Truth. 

On this sacred journey, I offer you this:

Be IN the breath. 

IN the  moment. 

Follow wholeness however tiny the steps may seem.

Be WILLing

Be Aware

Be Yoga

YOGA is what you will find when you follow your breath. 

The Breath Leads You to the Heart.

You cannot bypass the heart. 

You are perfectly acceptable as you are, exactly as you are, in every moment. 

There is nothing that needs to be different. 

Not in your body.

Not in your practice. 

Not in your life. 

You are Loveable. 

You are Loved. 

You are Love. 

Be nature.  Be nourishment. Be yoga. Be love. 


Om Gum Ganapatayeh Namah.