The Missing Piece: Abhyasa = Practice

I write this with tears streaming down my face.  

I am constantly, consistently, always in search of moments that resolve me into who I am.  And it is truly my life's work to share these moments with anyone who is called to listen.  


This isn't the only way.  Or if it is, I don't know that.  But it is the way that I know works.

There is no doubt:  I am a truth seeker.  A love preacher.  A yoga teacher.  In that order.


I am just like you.  I face the same challenges.  Some days I am predominantly peaceful, awake, and at ease.  Other days, I hear the voices.

Damn.  If I could INFUSE your entire being with ONE message today... it would be THIS.



RIGHT NOW.  more than 1 million acres of land is on fire in my state and the neighboring state of Washington.  What can I do?  


RIGHT NOW, there is breaking news that a 24 year old newcaster and a 27 year old photojournalist were killed in a mall in Virginia while reporting the news.  What can I do?


RIGHT NOW... the only thing I can do... you can do... is PRACTICE.  It is not selfish.  It is interconenctive.  It links my cells to your cells once again.  It breaks me free, you free from the false perception that you and I are separate.  

If you have no idea what I am talking about... that is because you have not practiced.  Or maybe you aren't practicing enough.


HOW?  Abhyasa.  Practice. 

Here are a few ways to begin.

1.  Learn a mantrah -- a "tool for your mind" a single word:  Ram, Om, Hara, Ha.  any of those will do.  Repeat it 108 times for 108 days.  Or repeat it 13 x before you go to sleep at night.  Just start.

2.  Go to the mat -- 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 120 minutes.  Practice yoga.  Breathe.  By yourself.  In a class.  At a studio.  To a dvd or stream it. Just start. 

3.  Walk in nature -- listen to music that HEALS YOU.  Brings you HOME [OM].  Again, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 45 minutes.  Just start.

So, why did I cry?  Because of this.... The experience that these women give VOICE to? THIS IS THE PRESENCE OF AYOGA -- the opposite of Yoga.  The DISintegration of our understanding that we are whole, holy, enough.  And when we see this when we close our eyes, when we look in the eyes of our loved ones and of strangers -- whether they are laughing or holding a gun pointed our way -- we see LOVE.    

I know this is a STRETCH.  

But friends.... STRETCH is my middle name.  

And it is yours TOO.

So watch this... five minutes.  Then go on with your day.  And ABHYASA.  Practice...

I love you.  You know that? 


Want to learn more?  Want to do this with me?

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