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Sometimes I feel like I am such the "naysayer". The one who says, usually with her 'inside voice'.... "yyyyeahhhhh... but that isn't the WHOLE story."

So, I wanna talk Kondo, because I don't actually think it's "all that and the cat's pajamas"...  I mean, I think it's fine and all.  I've done it myself, years ago -- read the book... pre-kondo-netflix-rage, and it served its purpose, but it faded...  

And, in time, I forgot all about it, bought more stuff, and there I was again, in a sort of different but largely similar place. 

Why?  Because Kondo-as-kool-as-it-is STILL isn't dealing with the root issue.  Put it this way: just because you take all the stuff out of a hoarder's house, doesn't mean you take the hoarder out of the house -- comprende?

Kondo is all about "stuff"  
And YOU, my dear,
are not your STUFF  
You are WAY more
than your STUFF 

And so...I can't help but ask...
How you do GO DEEPER?
DEEPER than your STUFF?


You, dear One, ARE that which you cannot see.  
You are the ONE who came here -- without any stuff at all
without an education
without a single pair of shoes
...and without....
(you ready for this)  
without even your name.

YOU are the ONE who was happy (for no reason),
snuggled into your mama's womb.
You ARE the subtle, the mystery...
and when you know that,

you don't want all that stuff
you don't need all that stuff
and you no longer get worked up about all sorts of "stuff".  

You are not "sparked by joy"
You are the FREAKIN' JOY!

In the vedic tradition, we say, your natural state is happiness without reason... not because you fold your t-shirts a certain way, not because you up-cycled or recycled, but because when you JUST breathe... there you find yourself, and you are pure, true, clear happiness. 

You see -- through the lens of the mystery, the spiritual, the unseen, the potential of all that is, the subtle... you can do a guhzillion things to improve your life, but there simply is NOTHING more powerful than simply turning your attention inward, and going h{OM}e to the heart of who you are. 

I am not here to give advice.
I am only here to share what works for me.
What works for me is simple:  
I press PAUSE on my life

And this means, most frequently, that I pack a bag, and I head off somewhere -- somewhere I cannot be distracted by my habits, my patterns, and my ways of being.  Now, it doesn't have to be forever.  It doesn't have to be a million miles away.  But it cannot be "business as usual".  I sneak off to a cabin.  I book a flight and go on a retreat (not just a wine & yoga retreat, but an "I'm going in and going deep" kind of retreat), sometimes alone, sometimes with others, sometimes with a teacher.  The important part is that I GO.   


Because if you are not waking up -- every single morning-- saying, albeit quietly, serenely, to your sweet lil' self, "I love this life"...  

Then, I am here to say -- you do not have to do it this way.   There is another way... And this way is your way... and this way is the BEST way for you to walk, to live, to teach, to reach in and to share your life force, your gifts, your energy with every single person with whom you interact.

You see, I'm just here to give you choices, to hold a mirror and then offer up some alternatives, a possibility, perhaps, that I know in my bones makes a deep and lasting difference for those who have taken it.... not for just seven days, but for weeks, and months, and years to come.  

One week is a fraction of a lifetime.  And from where I sit, I've learned that I can't not do this sort of thing when it comes calling my name.

So, if it's not this retreat... this time...  I am sooo good with that.  I'm simply here to say, if it is...  if you feel the pull of the sea and the sisterhood and your soul... and if you've got the time, the miles, and the heart to pack your bag and board that plane... then, don't turn your eyes away from what is calling for you.

You are WAY bigger than that.