Scraps & Screw-Ups: When Bad Things Go Terribly RIGHT

When a screw-up goes really, really right.

Yep.  You read that right.  

So here's what's been happening.  

I have two sweet friends / students/ devotees of Love that do a ton for me.  Gratitude reigns: They come to the farm regularly and share their life force to garden, tend to the critters, and keep me on track with the visions I have for sharing yoga--both on and off the mat--with you.  They are yoga teachers, moms, and seekers of truth.  Earlier this week, one of those sweet souls came my way for a "slumber party".  As part of our adventures on the farm, I have been hankering to set up my creative work space in the beautiful "church-like" attic we have in our home.  There are big gothic church windows (selected because I had always wanted to live in a church since I was little), and it has high ceilings for me to inspire, aspire,  breathe and create.  I can hear the creek and the critters, and to say it "feels good" is an understatement. 

So, about 8 pm Monday, we decided to make this attic into a creative heaven!  And we did just that....

Here's how it happened... Creative space?  We need a desk.  I don't have a desk.  So, I started to conspire with the ethers, "Hey... what about that glass from the front door that our carpenters ordered 20+ inches too long because he read the tape measure backwards?.... Could that work?"  -- Get it out of the shed, and use it as a table top?...   We kept conspiring, "What about legs?  We need legs."   I remembered I had a metal table frame in storage, so pulled that out and tried it. Yuck.  It didn't suit me at all.  The glass was wobbly, and  I felt funny when I sat in a chair -- I wanted to cross my legs.  

This isn't it.   I wanted to be on the earth.

I wanted to be sitting on the floor as I worked.    I love sitting on the floor, feeling grounded and upward reaching, and I know in my bones that THIS is the best position for me to create all sorts of magic.  

And so, we ventured out to the "wood pile" and found a left-over post from when building our barn.  It was a little rotten (but in a pretty sort of way).  My husband worked his chainsaw magic, and within an hour -- just barely beating the darkness -- we had legs for the perfect table -- 10 inches off the floor.  And I am in full on heaven.

Here's a sneak peak:

And ALL THIS MAGIC CAME FROM unwanted items and left overs.  

Here's the word:  Don't think you know what's best.  Most of the time we simply DON'T KNOW.  And Don't fret when screw-ups happen. Don't think that just because you don't have the perfect place to practice that practice isn't worth it.  Or because your kitchen isn't pretty or because  your stove is electric and not gas that you can't make the most amazingly magical nourishment in that space.  

And even bigger than THAT?   Don't think that just because you "screw up" that it is bad.   It isn't.  There is always something in there for you -- something awaiting your creative perspective.  You aren't bullshitting yourself.  You are seeing that you are part of a much larger, mystical, magical, wonderful, integrated world -- of which you can only see what you have known, and what you have experienced.  And in the BIG picture, what we know is so very small.

How about THIS:  When something gets stolen?  Blessing.  When something gets broken?  Blessing.  When someone does you wrong.  Hear.Me.Say. BLESSING.  

You gotta shift your perspective, Love.  I'm telling you.  EVERYTHING IS BLESSING.  There is nothing wrong.  If you think something is "wrong" with you, another, the world, or God... then you, my dear, sweet ill-informed One, are what is wrong.... Shift your internal perspective.  

And if you can't seem to do it... bring it all back to the least common denominator:  THE BREATH.  All you gotta do is breathe:  Let the exhale tap you into LEAST RESISTANCE to anything and everything... and connect your inhale to the HIGHEST HONOR you can muster for everything and anything.  

Do this again. and again. and again.  

And, in time, you'll know that what I say is true.  ♥