Rise Now.

Good morning Devis (that means brilliant ones).


I won’t be here long with you, as I am wrapping up final preparations for a retreat. Women are already journeying in my direction (a sleepy little pueblo about 30 minutes from Zihuatenejo)….. I, myself, am sitting between a parking lot lined with palm trees and a swimming pool… wrapping up the last of my preparations for my retreat at my favorite little $30/night hotel with nothing but a bed, a desk, a cold shower, and a little porch (sort of).

I come to you — this morning — to remind you of a few key points… points that will be the “milk and honey” of our retreat this week.

I share them now, as I feel they are key in our healing… our evolution… our prosperity, vitality and ultimately, our peace.

Perhaps you have a moment to take a deep breath and simply allow yourself to take these in…. and if I might be so bold… read each one out loud, and then take a FULL, LONG breath, before moving on to the next….

Alrighty. Here we go:

  1. You need not do this life “alone” or “fiercely” or always “upright” :: you, and I, can walk interdependently — calling upon one another and serving one another to both help us see and to nourish our every step.

  2. When we see that we are ALL ONE… and that divinity (whatever you may call it) is not separate from humanity — but woven together in a rich and colorful tapestry, we find an incredible peace — and power.

  3. Life is not only sacrifice… It includes a potent practice of learning to RECEIVE.

  4. Surrendering is not weakness. It is an openness to see ourselves as the same, equal, and servants of Love.

  5. You can compete — as if this universe is a limited place (which is a little absurd, given it is expanding faster than we can explore the cosmos and count the stars)…. or, Dear Ones… you can COLLABORATE. Where everything is available to all of us — all the time, and we are never, ever alone.

  6. You can celebrate your victories, Yes. And there is something magical about bowing one’s head in humility and uttering silently… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…. and knowing that what you have just “accomplished” is not “yours”.

  7. You can “pull the trigger” on your decisions and never look back — or you can remember that this life is WILDLY uncertain (always) and that everything is unknown — and THAT is the beautify of it ALL.

  8. You can fight aging, death, loss… causing your body to live in a perpetual state of the fight or flight… or you can “die willingly” in every moment — and embrace this life-death-life cycle as part of the beauty and magic of being alive.

  9. You can be self-serving… disguising your actions as “for others” (btw :: just not true)… or you can serve this cosmic, magical, mysterious hologram in which we all are living, growing and being given countless opportunities to evolve, and rise.

Rise Now, Dear Ones.

This week I will be with a small, devoted group of women… holding space for all of us to Rise. Planting seeds of healing, so they can bring the wisdom of the mother cultures back to their families, communities, and tribes and help us all remember just how very beautiful we are.

I love you. You are Love.