Pulse of Her.

Om Dear Ones…

Sometimes, when I think of you, I long to take you into my arms and bring you where I am… into my heart… back home to your heart… and into the heart of the One.


You see, when I listen, it happens. This time it happened as I sat on the beach, marinading in the richness of the previous week shared with 8 wonderful women from across the globe. When we listen, it happens. And so, I found myself remembering… who we are, as women, as sisters, as lamp holders. And I remembered the power of connection and nature, the ocean and the wind.

I am wild.  

Dirty feet 

I go barefoot on beach and jungle floor

Open sky

boundaryless horizon

secret waters

Alone, and never alone

The sound of my breath and waves

roaring in my ears 

I am wild.  

Wind-knotted hair

sun-kissed skin

I dance with moon and gull and breeze   

Leaves, tiny feathers and flowers

hitch rides on me  

I am wild.  

Stars call out to me

beckoning my heart to beat with nature

To the pulse of the reason

I was born into this world  

That which I swallowed

so many years ago

is birthed on song 

To drum beat

circling fire

In prayer

as Offering

My sisters’ stories, tears and laughter   

My essence, my purpose,

my connection to her -

all of Her - reclaimed

The infinite sky

forever changing

never ending

Lifts me up and carries me home   

And there I am

Home again 




And ever


It doesn’t matter what calls you. What matters is knowing and trusting that you are called — that you can’t NOT be called… because we are all called….. just like the ocean always and inevitably calls the waves back to her own belly….

You are called.

And what matters even more is that you heed the call. To the ocean, to the mountains, to the moon. GO where you are called, and let nothing — no limited thinking, no perception of lack, nothing stand between you and that which longs to speak through you.


Because, if I dare say it out loud. It doesn’t matter if your daughter plays soccer. It doesn’t matter what college she goes to or if you approve of her boyfriend or set a curfew. And it doesn’t matter if he joins a fraternity, gets the lead part in the play or is the captain of the tennis team. What matters is that you HEED the CALL as a woman, a mother, a lover of life… and that in your actions you teach what is most important — not your words - they teach nothing. They carry no weight at all if you are striving and pushing and pulling and hanging your sail on their vessel. Teach them to listen, my Dear. Teach them to reMEMBER. Teach them that life need not be pressed down in to tidy little packages but instead lived graciously, potently, powerfully connected…. Teach them this and you, and they, and their children’s children will know Love and know what it means to be connected and free.